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Sorry I’ve been off the radar the last week or so..

I’ve just been doing gardening and enjoying the spring weather. I know that’s not particularly exciting for the production of porn, but I’ll be jumping back into shoots in a few days. I’ll also be working on the perk fulfillment … Continue reading

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Been doing laundry all weekend, yet I’ve got “Nothing To Wear”.

So in order to keep my hand from cramping up while making zillions of little rivet-ish dents in my spaceship, I decided this weekend to take it easy and do a shoot.  And then have my eyeballs burst into flames … Continue reading

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Where have I been? – In space!!

Hello all, I know I haven’t been active here for a while, but trust me, I’ve been active.  I’ve sort of been so active on projects that I barely have time to report on them, so here’s a little report … Continue reading

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