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My end of March shoot – “Class and Distinction”

This is my Polymorphe Red and Black marbled latex sorta suit.  Just tweaked a bit better and pushed a little further.  And I didn’t know what to call the shoot, so I sorta just went with the working title I … Continue reading

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I’m a kinky, pervy, multi-faceted cosplaying porn star.. that just happens to be transgender.

Uh oh, here comes the floodwaters as the dam bursts and I talk a bit about my own experiences, and where I fit in with regards to transgender activism and all that. Let me put it this way.  Anything a … Continue reading

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You young transgender kids have it so easy…

When I was growing up in the 70s and 80’s, there was _quite_literally_no_such_thing_ as a transgender teenager in middle or high school. And when I mean it “didnt exist”, I’m not saying that it didn’t technically exist, I’m saying that … Continue reading

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“Sweet Lolita” now up.

My next photo shoot pretty much speaks for itself.  Since it’s late at night and I’ve been working very hard to get the photos up within a day and a half of shooting them, I’ll just post some samples and … Continue reading

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All Praise The Goddess Half-or!

It’s Spring Cleaning time here, and I’m going to see if I can basically cut in half my various collections of stuff. Growing up a child of a hoarder, I was taught that I could really collect and have anything … Continue reading

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And I would have wanted to have been Columbia anyway…

So I’ve been wanting to write a bit about my experience at Arisia ’14, which is pretty much your standard sci-fi-comics-anime convention in Boston.  For me mostly, it was an opportuity do a bit of cosplay and show off, which … Continue reading

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