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Sneak Peek at my Krampus shoot!

Here’s 4 of them, hot off the presses- um, hard drive! I’ll  be editing them Sunday evening, so they should go up then or sometime on Monday. I might also even squeeze in a more traditional holiday shoot too. But … Continue reading

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Jingle half the way..

So, my Breast Implant fundraiser on brought in $3,525 of my goal of $6,500.  So pretty much half the way. And I want to thank everyone who contributed.   It’s too bad we did not reach my goal, but I … Continue reading

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Oh Tara, I love you Just the Way You Are…

… in your carefully selected and retouched photos! (note – this originally started out as a post on HungAngels, but I’ve decided to expand upon it in a blog post, because the point bear repeating) I’m really tired of the … Continue reading

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Something every fan of mine needs to read..

My fans. I love them and they make my career possible, but I have to say, sometimes they don’t seem to get it. Take my breast implant fundraiser for example, which I devised as a way to allow those who … Continue reading

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The hunt for wild.. whatever, part 4

.. And I swear I won’t bore you to death any more with all this. So anyway, I went on a wild goose chase to find some clothes I liked, and then when I got home it hit me. If … Continue reading

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The hunt for wild Dabuwawa, part 3…

So, my serach came up totally empty handed.  I mean, not even one example.  Which can mean a lot of things. It could mean that these styles haven’t penetrated the market, or they’re boutique items only.  Or simply that I’m … Continue reading

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The hunt for wild Dabuwawa -part 2

Well, so far I’m striking out. It might just be that this mall is too conservative, but I asked at a few boutiquey stores and they all say the same thing. Haven’t heard of the brand And when I show … Continue reading

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The hunt for wild Dabuwawa – part 1

So. It’s true. I am OCD. Usually about the wrong things, or the things I’m not supposed to be doing. “Not doing something I’m supposed to do. Doing something I’m not supposed to do”, a lyric from an obscure Violent … Continue reading

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“Feathers Galore” , my new shoot

So my next shoot we’ve actually seen a glimpse of.  A while back I had done some masquerade themed nude shots for a club night flyer (in which I performed burlesque- my report of which will follow later on).   … Continue reading

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