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Sneak Peek at a double dose of blonde bimbo goodness!

I just wrapped up a couple of new shoots!  One is a golf-themed argyle and plaid fantasy called “Hole in One”… I got the idea when I found the clubs and golf bag at a thrift store, and later found … Continue reading

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5 reasons why I’m not super keen about Halloween…

5.  Everyone just assumes I’m into it. Just assuming that I like something doesn’t mean that I do.  People seem to have crazy ideas about what I like and don’t like.  Based on what, I don’t know, things that happen … Continue reading

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I’ve started a crowdfunding campaign for my new breast implants!

I’ve started a crowdfunding campaign for new breast implants on indiegogo! Currently I have been living with 360cc-400 cc saline implants I’ve had since 2002 (I think they overfilled 360’s to 400) . For most of my photos I’ve used … Continue reading

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I’m simply a “Slave to Fashion!”

So for a while I’d been sitting on this fabulous shoot, but it just took a while to edit the shots to where I wanted them.  Kind of says “fashionista fetish”, doesn’t it? So, this corset and cuffs set- handmade … Continue reading

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