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No more bullshit. I’m back.

Last night I could tell I was getting over the worst of my cold.  Oh the joy of being able to think logically and not be some sort of zombie! So this morning when I got up, I was still … Continue reading

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Lost Weekend.

I know my brain is playing tricks on me, but I guess I’m going to make a blog post anyway. Well, my last post was about my long and protracted experience with my housemate moving out and reclaiming her room … Continue reading

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Moving day

Never before in the history of like, ever, has a moving day been so anticipated and the freedom gained from it so rewarding. After some hemming and hawing for what seemed like an eternity, the housemate has spread her wings … Continue reading

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The light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully not an oncoming train!

So a while back- a few years ago in fact-  my life just turned into an unmanageable mess.  There’s pretty much no other way to describe it. And partially it was because I went through an emotionally devastating divorce and … Continue reading

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UNS sneak peeks up on my website!

My latest website update is a few short sneak peeks into the world of “Uranus Needs Shemales”- my ongoing and so far unfinished tranny science fiction epic porno. It occurred to me that I had been sitting on quite a … Continue reading

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“Aviatrix” set in progress.

So like forever and a day now, my WW2 bomber outfit “Aviatrix” (the one with the literal “bomb bra”) was going to be the next shoot. But I had ambitions of what I wanted to do for the set, and … Continue reading

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