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A very busy and exhausting month…

Okay.. I finally have a free moment to breathe, and maybe report a little bit on all the stuff I’ve been doing. Trouble is, you get so busy doing things, that there’s no time for PR. Then everybody thinks you’ve … Continue reading

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She’s packing quite a raygun!

Say hello to the evil Queen Xxxandixia from Galaxy Excexsex! But she might enslave your people and give them a life of sweet bondage. Or something like that! Today I’m playing cinematographer and shooting all of Xxxandixia’s bridge shots, during … Continue reading

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Queen Xxxandixia’s command center!

Well, here’s the fruits of my labor, the bridge, or “command center” of the main villainess of Uranus Needs Shemales”, the evil Queen Xxxandixia! After spending like a week building this set, my brain is a little fried from all … Continue reading

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UNS production continues

Since I have a big shooting date with another actress next week, I’m on a big push this month to get some reshoots out of the way. Here’s a little behind the scenes Video of some difficult shots I set … Continue reading

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Bigger is better, but damn, that’s an awful lot of work I’m setting myself up for…

So, anyway as I posted my newest set, “Cotton Candyass”, I sorta came to a nice comfortable picture size, of roughly 1200 x 1600 pixels.  Any larger and it’s basically a waste of pixels even on the largest of screens. … Continue reading

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New shoot “Cotton Candyass”!

Well, I just wrapped up a few days of editing my newest shoot.  The working title of this outfit was “Whore of Whoville”, but I sensibly settled on the more simple “Cotton Candyass” This outfit sort of happened totally by … Continue reading

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