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Bad Ballerina with Jade Vixen..

Why, who is that ringing my doorbell?  Why it’s none other than Penthouse Pet and Latex fetish model Jade Vixen, coming round to teach Tara this bad ballerina not to play with her dolls, and to play with something else … Continue reading

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Cetting Caught up on Video

So,  yeah.  I know it looks like I’ve been switched to the “off” position, with not much new stuff happening, I’m taking this opportunity to get caught up on releasing some video that has otherwise been unseen.  Today I uploaded … Continue reading

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Concepts and progress on upcoming shoots: Part 1

So I have been busy busy busy working on several shoots and outfits, but sadly, I’m not quite there yet with all the construction.  But since people seem to think I’m lazy, or dead, (or both), I thought I’d show … Continue reading

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression, Creepy Vibesters? Make that Zero chances..

So, yeah, I’m on that facebook thing, and I enjoy it quite a bit.  But I’m using it in the way that works best for me, and not as a promotional tool (though I’ve spun off a fan/celebrity page that … Continue reading

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