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Back in form: “Flamenco” and “Heidi Ho”

Yay, there’s new stuff on my site.  First off I finally did a shoot in that Flamenco outfit, and for better or worse, I decided the background just needed to be a nicely appointed room. It was one of those … Continue reading

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More new stuff, call it “Burlesque or Bust”

New shoot, called “Burlesque or Bust” which just went up on my site. Blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Jibber jabber, Tara, tara, tara.  Talk about self. Talkity talkity something something something. Something something, whoa!  Cock in the air,  blah … Continue reading

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What’s colorful, plastic and hung like a horse??

Okay, so harumph, I got some shoots done.  First off, there’s this one, which I’m calling “Carousel Rider”. It’s not quite red, white and blue (for the 4th of July), but its pink white and blue (and a few purples … Continue reading

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Two shoots done- “Black Swan” and “Blossoming Bouquet”- more to come!

So, yes, I’ve gotten two shoots done this week, though the black strappy outfit shoot (Black Swan) happened in two bursts over a week long period while I was working on other sets and getting other outfits ready. What happened … Continue reading

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Better Late than Never, it’s “Valentine’s Day Every Day”!

So hey, I did it! I had a couple of issues that delayed this shoot, but I got through them, and considered that since I had done most of the work, not to abandon it. I had hot-glued the roses … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day fiasco, “Mistress of Submission”, Trans All-Star party and the Fetish Flea

Ah, what’s going on, you might ask?  Well.  Lets see, I do have a lot to cover here because I haven’t updated this blog since early February, or was that still January? First off, I did work super hard on … Continue reading

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I’ve gone full hentai catgirl in “Pastel Pet”

My next shoot is an assault to the eyeballs!  Not from the subject matter, but from the pink and blue striped color theme! All that hot pink and electric blue! Ouch! My eyeballs hurt already and perhaps your monitor won’t … Continue reading

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Upcoming ambitious shoots in progress…

So I’ve been meaning to do a new shoot in this purple latex catsuit for quite a while, but cranked up a few notches.  Certainly more than when I did this the first time. I danced around with the idea … Continue reading

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Tara goes back “Down the Rabbit Hole”!

So I had planned to shoot “Goldicocks” as my next outfit, but I haven’t quite settled on the set yet.  I then turned my attention to making a few new bits to go with my purple latex catsuit, but that … Continue reading

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Settling down into a live camshow schedule, and well, “more of the same”

So hey, I’ve made making a few tweaks to my site, basically trying to come up with the best way to let my members know when my next live camshow would be.  One thing is that I embedded my twitter … Continue reading

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