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Where have I been Part 1: Tranny Trouble! (AKA the Montreal Fetish Weekend Report)

Hey, I’ve been away.  I know.   No, I’m not dead, but I have been going through unfortunate stuff that had negative implications to my career. So, I might have mentioned here and there earlier this year that I had been … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day fiasco, “Mistress of Submission”, Trans All-Star party and the Fetish Flea

Ah, what’s going on, you might ask?  Well.  Lets see, I do have a lot to cover here because I haven’t updated this blog since early February, or was that still January? First off, I did work super hard on … Continue reading

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New high-resolution galleries are coming… slowwwwwly

So I decided to start on the massive project of taking everything that I’ve shot in the past, oh, 13 years or so, and working straight from the originals to make new high-res finals of them.  For everything that I’ve … Continue reading

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Low energy..

I’ve sorta been under the weather this week, so instead of working on something new, I’ve been making some updates based on whatever I haven’t uploaded up to my site yet. So I put up this shoot (which appeared on … Continue reading

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Tara’s FFS chronicle, part 1..

Whew.  This post is going to be a mouthful because I have a lot to report over what’s happened in the last few days.  Let’s see, it’s now Saturday, 4/16 and I had the procedure on Tuesday 4/12. Where to … Continue reading

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The Calm before the Storm

So it’s probably been noticeable that I’ve sorta been on a lazy side since I got back from Vegas.   I don’t really have any excuse for it though, as I can’t say that I’m hampered by the shitty winter or … Continue reading

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And then a light bulb went on over my head.

So this year has been pretty rough for me, though at the end of it I’m feeling more confident about my career. I admit, that over the past couple of  years I mighta sorta kinda dropped the ball on my … Continue reading

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Not exactly catching me at my best, but progress nonetheless.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who helped me out financially over the last month or so. It’s given me a little bit of wiggle room and so I can actually work on the next batch of shoots … Continue reading

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Gathering my nuts.

Like a squirrel, for the winter that is.  Geez you people, your mind is in the gutter! So you probably haven’t heard from me in a while, and it wasn’t supposed to be like this, but I’ve had a bunch … Continue reading

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You know, if we just called it a “gearbox” from now on, that would solve a lot of problems…

So every day as a transwoman, you go through life thinking we’ve made great strides in aceptance by society, and then you get walloped back by reality, and what the status quo really is. As some of you may know, … Continue reading

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