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Where have I been Part 1: Tranny Trouble! (AKA the Montreal Fetish Weekend Report)

Hey, I’ve been away.  I know.   No, I’m not dead, but I have been going through unfortunate stuff that had negative implications to my career. So, I might have mentioned here and there earlier this year that I had been … Continue reading

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And I’m more or less off to Fetish Factory in Florida!! Yay!!

So, I’ve been super busy the last few days, getting ready for Florida. I do apologize for not getting video update up.  I have two videos already edited that are in the can, and a further two videos that I … Continue reading

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Where have I been? Well super busy prepping for Montreal Fetish Weekend.

So, I sorta vanished off the face of the earth there for about a week.  It wasn’t because I stopped doing things – on the contrary – I was so busy sewing things and making outfits that I barely had … Continue reading

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Tara’s FFS chronicle, part 1..

Whew.  This post is going to be a mouthful because I have a lot to report over what’s happened in the last few days.  Let’s see, it’s now Saturday, 4/16 and I had the procedure on Tuesday 4/12. Where to … Continue reading

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Not one, not two, not three, but yes, four.

Four whats? I got FOUR SHOOTS done in two days and the backgrounds are all ready to go for a 5th and a 6th shoot as well, plus two locations have secured for a 7th and 8th shoot. Wha wha … Continue reading

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Go Big or Go Home.

What happened?  I was on top of the world there for a week, climaxing in my appearance at New York City’s “The Tranny Strip”, and then all of a sudden, silence. Well, I got sick.  Really sick.  Really, really, really … Continue reading

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I survived Montreal Fetish Weekend

Next stop, Montreal Fetish Weekend!  Maybe I’ll find those sheep down here somewhere.. Well, I’m back from Montreal Fetish Weekend, and I’m barely alive because of it.  I guess I can still say that I’m glad I went, but somehow … Continue reading

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My official Tranny Awards report!

So I’m back home again, and have had some time to let my whole 5 days in LA sink in. My experience at the Tranny Awards wasn’t really what I expected it to be, or maybe it was what I … Continue reading

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Tranny Awards show done!

Here’s a couple shots of my outfit for the night of the show I’ll post again as some shots of the show itself come in

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“Break a leg!” they told me! – My Miss Fetish Queen of the Universe Pageant report

I’m recovering from my week in Jamaica competing in the 2012 “Miss Fetish Queen of the Universe Pageant”.  That’s the best way to put it. This week long competition was my last big project of the summer after a busy … Continue reading

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