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New Videos, upgraded videos, and unreleased videos to come!

So yeah, I know, things have been quiet on the new shoot front, but that’s ok, I’ve been working a lot on adding videos to the videos section, and also to my clips4sale store, which had been sadly neglected for … Continue reading

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Where have I been Part 2: I’m back with a new shoot, “Caravan Girl”

So hey! I’m back, with a new shoot! I suppose that’s the short version of the story, but if you’re here, you’re a glutton for punishment, and you probably enjoy my long-winded rambling stream-of-conciousness type of writing, right?  But until … Continue reading

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Where have I been Part 1: Tranny Trouble! (AKA the Montreal Fetish Weekend Report)

Hey, I’ve been away.  I know.   No, I’m not dead, but I have been going through unfortunate stuff that had negative implications to my career. So, I might have mentioned here and there earlier this year that I had been … Continue reading

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Ok, so that was a disaster…

So what can I say? That didn’t go very well! (Editor’s note:  I wrote the bulk of this  blog post on August 26th, but did not post it till today, Sept 9th) Last night after many technical difficulties I attempted … Continue reading

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Tara Emory vs the Sex Machine Live Camshow August 25th!

Hey I know this is rather short notice, but I’ve got this lovely lovely steampunk fucking machine that I hardly ever use, so I figured, why not use it in a live show and hype it up a bit? Okay … Continue reading

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“Courting Boat” Redux on it’s way…

Hey!  So I’m back, partially.  I’ve been working more than a week or so on my variation on the old “Courting Boat” outfit.  I had spent a heck of a lot of effort on this outfit, years back, but always … Continue reading

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Goodbye Leonidas

  So I’ve tried to write this blog post a few times.  Wrote something.  Deleted it.  wrote something again.  Let it sit for a week, deleted it too. I lost one of my most beloved kitties last week.  July 25th. … Continue reading

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Crisis of Confidence.

This little troth I’m in is taking a bit longer to get out of. I may be backtracking a little bit here, but after I came back from Florida at the end of May, I was a little disillusioned with … Continue reading

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Lazy? No, just taking a break…

Heeeey, Y’all probably have noticed you I’ve been pretty dormant the 2 weeks since I’ve been back from Florida.  I just sorta needed a break from the adult business to pursue other projects.  And actually, the other projects I worked … Continue reading

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And I’m more or less off to Fetish Factory in Florida!! Yay!!

So, I’ve been super busy the last few days, getting ready for Florida. I do apologize for not getting video update up.  I have two videos already edited that are in the can, and a further two videos that I … Continue reading

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