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Nothing natural about me, I’m “Artificially Flavored”!

  AcCan’t get enough Red Dye #5 and Yellow Dye #3 in your diet?  Than rot- I mean, – sink your teeth into my new shoot, “Artificially Flavored”! Actually  this outfit has been done for about a year but I … Continue reading

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“Steam Doll”, plus some new videos

Heya.  Things have been going a little slow here at my studio, but cooler temperatures have arrived and it’s finally the ideal time to crank out a bunch of content. A while back I mentioned somewhere on social media that … Continue reading

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“Flamingo Fuckdoll” and “Bitch Skool”

“Once more, into the breach!”  Well more like “Once more, into the pink and white striped background! ”      Okay, well with added green polkadots that is. This costume is a new spin on the old “Pinwheel Pasties” outfit from … Continue reading

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Workin’ Hard. “Dripping Latex Doll” and “Scarlet Fever”

So, I’m trying not to think too hard about my current predicament with my studio, come what may.  Perhaps I can pull a Hail Mary in my career and manage to buy it, or perhaps it’s far easier and better … Continue reading

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Out of the woods, back in the woods…

Where do I start?  I’m not doing well? I’m doing fine?  I’m energized to do things, but damn I’m tired?  Uhhhh….  I guess I’ll start off in some sort of chronological order here. So I edited a bunch of video … Continue reading

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“Red Domina” and 4 new videos.

Hey new stuff!  I called this set “Red Domina” although I’m not all that dominant looking in the photos. Its a pretty hot shoot, though I guess I did have a red and black color scheme on my mind from … Continue reading

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You win some, you lose some. (“Harlequin Romance” and… ?)

Well, I had a little spurt of activity lately, where I did a shoot and a half last week.  Or maybe just one shoot because my attempt at a second shoot really didn’t produce anything worthwhile and I’m not even … Continue reading

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The next Big Thing… “Tentacle Grape” (?)

Heeeeey.. and it’s a new shoot.  It’s the hentai tentcle shoot I’ve been planning forever.. Annnnd…   the results are… well… allright I guess. So a little background first.  I have been planning this shoot for more than a year (actually … Continue reading

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Periwinkle and Pink

Which about sums up my newest upcoming shoot.   Something simple to tie you over until the next Big Thing comes down the pike.  It seems like it’s taken forever for Spring to come but now that it’s warmed up, I’m … Continue reading

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Been feeling cruddy since Easter, but still updating video though!

So round the Monday after Easter I guess I caught the cold or flu that had been going around.  Why is it that it’s always at the tail end of the season when it starts to warm up, you get … Continue reading

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