“Blooming Harlot”, “Floral Bonnet”, and other news.

So I have gotten a few shoots done lately.  The second one “Floral Bonnet” was a new outfit made for the Fetish Fleamarket event in February, but I was waiting for matching shoes to arrive before taking the pictures.  In the meantime, I whipped up a variation of an old outfit and came up with this one, which I named “Blooming Harlot”.

Actually this particular corset goes waaay back, and first appeared in like 2004, but as you can see, my body really has changed.

Its made a few appearances over the years, being called “Polkadots and Cream” and “Bondage Bunny”
But I do think this new variation is a huge improvement. Anyway it goes to show you that I can whip up a shoot out of nothing pretty quickly if I really need to.
Actually the progression of this outfit over the years is quite stunning. I really do fill out this corset much better than I did back in 2004.

So the shoes came, and I cleared off the other side of the same room (my pink room, aka the “sewing room”), which is a room I do my sewing in and lots of my camshows too.  It may be recognizable as the same room, but it’s a different nook in it, so you’d never know if I hadn’t have told you.

I’m happy with this set, though I think the background ended up being a little busy for some of the shoot.  I did change it up a bit and got that nice variety of shots I needed.  I uploaded the first non-bottom-nudity (otherwise just called “lewd shots) early to my Patreon supporters.  I will discuss in more detail what I want to do with Patreon in a later blog post.  It’s a bit tricky because I don’t want Patreon to compete too much with my members site, but it also has the potential to get my body of work to a much much bigger audience.

So yes I’m overall happy with these two sets and the shoes were indeed worth the weight.  However, I may take a break from the pink (or who knows, maybe double down on it) and try to switch it up with some more, shall we say, slinky styles.  I guess it all depends on how the fan reaction is.


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Where was I? Part 5: The Central Nexelon…

All right, now I can finally get along with what’s been taking so much time in November/December.  Who knew that even posting a blog post about the big project would end up being such a big project.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned somewhere else, I’m losing my studio space, a 30,000 square foot warehouse that in a more financially secure universe, I would be buying up in an instant.  I’m not sure how much detail I’ve gone through in describing the situation, but suffice to say, the end of 2018 was a frantic race to “use up” the space as best as I can. The owners of the building are putting it on the market in January, and though I don’t think it will sell any time soon, I have to basically treat every day forward as a bonus, and be prepared to leave in an instant.

So I basically had also fallen into this trap of “Have a big building? Let’s fill it chock full of projects and future projects and things that might be projects…”  In this case, I had at some point in the late 00’s fallen under the spell of Free CRT Televisions!  So I had something like 10 extra TVs which all worked, and the idea was to use them in a scene for my ongoing sci fi trans space porn, “Up Uranus” (once upon a time called “Uranus Needs Shemales”).

Got TVs? Just stack them on top of each other! Heck, I remember my college back in the day made such a big deal about having a “video wall” which was like 16 CRTs stacked in a square. Who knew that 15- 20 years later, everyone could have their own video wall and it wouldn’t cost you a dime! In fact, it will only cost you to get rid of the CRTs! No really, I could go on and on about just how bad electronic waste is, and how probably 90% of what we get rid of is in perfect working condition, but for the purposes of this, I had these TVs that were going to be built into something cool, that’s what.

Add to this all the corrugated /dryer/vacuum cleaner hose that I have (seriously, I need to stick in a line somewhere in this movie that “these aliens have reached a Class 5 Dryer Hose technology level!”) and well, what else can I add to the mix?  Howabout leftover slightly used chromakey green paper and some aluminum pie plates?
Anyway, the set is for a character in the movie that’s some sort of central computer that controls all the sex robots in the distant retro future of 1997.  Call it the “Central Nexelon”, and as you can see, the set kind of grew organically from Whatever I had Laying Around, to make something that had a pretty clear silver/black/green circuit board theme.

I added my old St Andrews cross to the mix (it’s set for getting taken apart, because it’s super janky and further down the road I’ll build a better one) and just decorated the whole thing with whatever I could find.  Old VHS tapes made into sparkly streams of whateverthefuck?  Yeah, throw that in too.
Later on I stumbled across the idea to take all the junk motherboards (old PC’s some Mac Power PCs and G3’s that didn’t work) and make a cool “tunnel” that could be set up as a foreground element to make the whole background look like it was inside a computer.
So this is coming along all in mid-November, keeping in mind that all this stuffs gotta be out of here by the end of the year.  I just needed someone to play this “Central Nexelon” character and then I could shoot it all and basically everything could go away.
So I called upon the talents of an old friend in the Boston scene, Lilith Astaroth.    Actually, I had her specifically in mind for this part years ago when I wrote the script.     Lilith agreed it would be a neat cameo, but we had to make our schedules line up.     We attempted to shoot the scene in mid December but it ended up that I wasn’t ready, and hadn’t worked out all the bugs with whatever exactly was going to appear on the CRTs.

I had grand plans of shooting  my own little vignettes of close ups of cocks, boobs and dildos going into holes, but in the end had to settle for making a few VHS mix tapes of some fast-playing media overload of shots from my movies.  Ok, so I do play a character in this film, and it’s a little weird that I’m also the “subliminal sexual suggestions” that the Nexelon is seeing, but we won’t think too hard about the continuity in this universe, will we?

The costume Lilith wore for the shoot was pretty simple.   Essentially circuit board bits hot glued to gloves and  USB cables attached to pieces and parts of colorful car wiring harnesses.  Mostly the costume was going to be body paint and making the costume bits complicated was just going to be asking for trouble, so I kept it simple.

So as it turned out, we weren’t able to actually shoot the footage until the end of December.  Which was a cutting it a bit close with my self-imposed deadline of the end of the year.  The worst situation I wanted to be in would be where I didn’t get to shoot with it and somehow had to take it all down and all that work would go to waste.

So we shot the footage I needed at that time, and yes, the stills look really cool.  And I know exactly what you’re going to say.  Why didn’t I shoot a photo shoot with this?  Well, this set isn’t for a photo shoot for my site.  I didn’t want to steal any thunder from the project it was meant for.  Also,  there’s not a lot of good poses that you can shoot for a porn shoot on a set where you can only stand.  Yep. You get a few standing poses, but unless I like sat on the floor or built something else to sit on, there’s not a lot of variety you can get.  So this cool set wouldn’t have have worked well for that.  Lastly, since casting myself as this character for a photo shoot would have meant that I’d have to cover myself in silver body paint, which means silver body paint on EVERYTHING.

Also, it was getting cold and we really squeaked by doing this project before the deep cold of winter finally set in.  We got our one chance to wrap up this project and the results, well, the results will grace the final movie in like well, 37 seconds of footage in 3 scenes.  That’s how it always works.  You spend a month building something that will be seen for 37 seconds on screen.

So it looked really nice for the shoot, but the evening after the video shoot, it all came down, and then I had that satisfaction of getting rid of stuff.  That in itself is sometimes a greater accomplishment, not having the stuff cluttering up the place.  I found a friend who does video art who took away most of the tvs, and the paper and pie plates went in the recycling.  The mannequins were kept, but most everything else went into the trash

Oh smashy smashy!  But that’s how it goes.

So that’s it for what I did over the fall, and whats going on this winter?  Well, stay tuned.


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Where was I? Part 4: Oh No! Tara Emory discovers snap filters and nothing will ever be the same!

Ok, so this isn’t really my next “big project” (leave that for part 5), but it’s worth mentioning.

So I have been trying a few other places to show my pictures, and Onlyfans seems to be a good place to put up some exclusive content.   And yes – I know – my memberships for www.tara-ts.com are currently in the crapper.  Right now membership site business models don’t work very well, and my  site needs, hmm.. how shall we say it… some better mobile/tablet connectivity.

That is all being worked on, once I get some other crap out of my way first.  Oh, you can read all about the other crap in the other 4 or 5 installments of the “Where was I?” series.

But in the meantime, I had some fun uploading some selfies to my OnlyFans page. and oh what selfies they are, because I have finally succumbed to the temptation of using those in-camera filters to -ahem- really add to that distorted hentai reality.Actually these are just shots I banged out as I did Chaturbate shows this autumn, and somehow I love them even more than some of the stuff I produce for my website.
Sure, the filters make me look positively ageless, but that’s part of the appeal.  I’m still tweaking the settings, but it seems that if you start off with a brightly colored, amazing outfit and overdone makeup, what the filters do to it really works better, than if you just applied those filters on someone with  no makeup wearing normal clothes.
A lot of this is just trying “looks” for future shoot, as all the other crap in my life seems to creep up when you least expect it.

Oh crap, how’d that picture sneak in? Is that a pile of fucking car parts I need to sift through while I’m cleaning out my studio?  Oh geez, how’d I end up with all that shit?  Better go back inside and just lose myself in Candyland instead.  Excuse me…

Ah yes, much better, but I think I can go a bit dumber.  What do they call this face again?

So even though these pictures are part of my Onlyfans content, I think a collection of them might hit the members site as some sort of update.

There’s plenty of them, but it’s annoying that they work best on a phone-based website and it’s kind of hard to wrap around my head that there’s quite a few people willing to buy this content separately even though for sheer volume of content, my site has Onlyfans beat.

If there is one huge drawback to taking these selfies, it’s that I’m limited by how far away I can reach, unless I get some sort of selfie-stick.  These are sort of a quickie way to let people know that I’m going live on cam.  However, with demise of tumblr as an adult platform (more on that later), I’m not sure where else you will see these pictures, except onlyfans and my site…

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Where was I? Part 3: Renovation Hell.

Yeah, most of my energy this autumn was sucked up by my renovation projects.  I think I probably stated it in a previous post that I had changed homeowners insurance companies and my new company had an impossible litany of things they required to have done, in order to, I guess, keep me on as a customer.  Ha! I thought, I’ll just take my business somewhere else, right?  Alas, no.  Even when I tried that, any new prospective companies asked if the work had been done, ( I guess it was on my permanent file or something).

As it turned out, this was terrible timing.  I own my fixer upper 250 year old house and its nearby garage and shed, but I rent out my studio, which belongs to the same folks I bought the house lot from.   Those people, in turn, wanted me to put in an offer on the studio.  But because of zoning and the economic downturn in general, what they wanted for the studio was just too much, and I came to the conclusion that for whatever a downpayment on it would be, just that in itself would make a halfway decent, brand new studio in my own yard.  And as it turned, out, I was being railroaded into doing thousands of dollars of work on my own property, so I wouldn’t have ever afforded it anyway.

Plus, the banks all laughed at me.  Even they told me it would be a stupid idea to buy the studio.  So I was left with this plan.  Make my repairs to my outbuildings, and then use that for storage for whatever crap I had accumulated in the studio.  And oh, what crap that was!

You see, I fell into the trap of having a big studio space and just filling it full of stuff for future projects.  So now the race was on, as I had to not only clean and throw away tons of stuff, I had to let go of projects, try to “use up” everything I wanted to do something with, and at the same time, spend every goddamn penny on my own buildings, hoping to fuck that it would shut up the insurance company.  Anyway, I think I did ok, but I’m still not really out of the studio yet (more on that later)

So first off, I have a little shed, and it needed to be finished up a bit at least so I can store stuff in it.  Here’s some photos.  Not very exciting stuff, but anyway..

Don’t worry, between that stage where it looks like something from the architectural firm of Sanford And Sons with that hodgepodge of plywood bits, to the finished shingles, there’s like Tyvek and all that.   The insurance company wasn’t really making me finish my shed, but I was sorta looking for some instant gratification, and well, it does make a cute little Tiny House.

But truth was, I was kicking the can down the road with what truly needed to happen on the garage.  This year was very rough on it, and the roof hadn’t been redone in 40 years and was so rotted, it leaked badly and you couldn’t walk on it.

And yes, this is a 150 year old carriage house that sits on loose fieldstones.  Nothing about it is “up to code” whatsoever.  It is what it is. It also turns out that one wall of it is also the border between me and the neighbors, which means its seriously  grandfathered in regards to the whole you-can’t-do-new-construction-16-feet-from-the-property-line.

Suffice to say, most contractors wouldn’t touch this thing, period, and all the advice I was given said this:  If you knock it down, you can’t put another garage there.  As this is at the end of my driveway, I don’t not want a garage there.  Also, if you did hire someone to repair it, the costs would be somewhere in the untold tens of thousands of dollars to fix it, so the best option was to slowly repair what I could, and just work on it a little bit at a time.

So there was rip off the roof little by little and add in new rafters and planks.  This was where I learned all about a wonderful place called a sawmill, where you can buy 2x6s that are actually 2 x 6!
A rotted corner was knocked out, and replaced with some salvage wood.
Once that whole side was solid (and it’s like stupid solid now-, 2×6 studs but then the outer wall is an inch thick on top of that), the whole wall was sheathed with that OSB stuff, adding another 1/2 inch or so to it.
Then a zillion cedar shingles later  the end result looks pretty sweet.
The roof was a LOT of work to get it super solid, and I replaced about half the wood and added extra rafters and its about as good as it can possibly get.
And yeah, I know, there are professionals who do this, but I know this whole thing would’ve cost me like $30,000 if I had to hire a band of bozos to do it, and no, you couldn’t just do the roof without doing the walls.  the walls needed to be solid enough to have  a solid enough floor above so that you could stand on something to work on the roof.   Instead of spending $30k (which I don’t have, and I doubt any bank would have given me anyway), I only maxed out my credit cards which only really had hundreds of dollars of room left on them.

Actually, I wanted to work on this all year, but the weather this whole summer and fall has been like rain 2 days, sunny one day, and nothing ever dried out.  Everything came to head the 3rd week of December when we actually had a sunny, but cold stretch of days.    By the end, all I could see when I closed my eyes was this:

And all my joints ached and hurt.  People sometimes notice how fit I am and think I go to a gym.  I’m always puzzled by that. Go to a gym?  You’re fucking kidding me. I actually WORK and do things.

So my renovations are mostly done, for now. There were other things on their list but I told them I’m not making holes in my house in the middle of winter.  Plus, I’m really exhausted.  I can only write about it a few weeks later because the fog is lifting now.

Is it perfect? No.  But then again, on an old building like this, it’s like as Kitty Foreman from That 70’s Show said, “Choose Your Battles”  If someone bitches about me not using the proper nails or not having a vapor barrier or proper venting in my roof, well go look at my foundation where you can grab a stone out of it and wiggle it free. It’s not like the whole building is gonna come down.

Yeah…. I know y’all out there think I’m some delicate flower because half of the time, I tend to look like this…

…but yeah…. I’m a bit more hardcore New Englander that you think.    Add to this that I’m barely supporting myself off my art, and well, this was the situation I had to resolve before getting on with whatever the next thing is…

Which is??… Stay tuned for part 4…

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Where was I? Part 2: Video updates

So “Polkadot Perfection” hit the site in November, (October? I don’t recall), and that’s when the proverbial shit hit the proverbial fan with the whole I’m-losing-my-studio-and-have-to-get-tons-of-crap-done situation.   I had lots of video shoots in the can, so between November and well, today, January 6th, I had something like 6 new videos hit the site.  “Scarlet Fever”, “Dripping Latex Doll”, “Flamingo Fuckdoll”, “Bitch Skool”, and “Trophy Blonde” were all videos that are new.  Some of them were shot 8 months ago, and some shot in like September.

Actually, despite “Trophy Blonde:The photoshoot” coming out a year or so ago, the video shoot was a re-mount using all the props I had while I still had them all.

And because I’m lazy and don’t want to drag up pictures from these video shoots, here’s some seizure-inducing gifs instead…

But back to the cleanup.  As my followers may or may not know,  I’m going to lose my studio by the end of the year.  So I needed to get any video work I wanted to do, and that’s why this rather large backlog got built up.  In the process of cleaning, I had to let go of quite a lot of props from past shoot, including this thing, whatever this thing actually is.  It’ not really a bomb or a torpedo, but that didn’t stop it from playing one in a porno.

The idea behind “Bitch Skool” is that I had this nice laminate floor in an office room I built in my studio, so it was nice to use up that area too, and turn it into a school room. Once the shoot and the video were done, the room itself came down, and the desk itself also went into the scrap metal pile

I did however, rescue that yellow 50’s tanker desk, but I had to get it apart to put in storage.  The reason for keeping all the building materials is that I was under something of a deadline to to some work on a garage and a shed at my  house.  As it turns out, the garage and shed needed to be finished anyway so that I’d have storage space for my lots and lots of stuff.  So a lot of November and December was spent doing siding and roofing, and all this climaxed a few weeks before Christmas, and I will say it was exhausting work.  But I will leave those details for Part 3 of this update series.

But now I’m fresh out of videos, and I had hoped to make more before my January 1st deadline.  But as it is, it turns out I pretty much have access to my studio until.. well.. until the owners sell it to someone else, and I can’t imagine that will be any time soon.  That day might come in a week, or in 6 months.  But for now, let’s move along to show you what has really been taking up all my time and energy this fall..



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Where was I? Part 1: Polkadot Perfection

Hey all.  It’s been a rough couple of months.  I’m not sure where to start, but seeing as I haven’t made a blog post since mid-October, I guess I’ll start with what I have gotten done since then, instead of lamenting about whatever I would have liked to have gotten done  by now.

First off, somehow it escaped my blog that I had a new shoot, “Polkadot Perfection”.

This outfit is rather standard fare for me.  Yadda yadda, we’ve seen this sort of stuff before, but then again, a lot of my fans are like “MORE!” and even if that’s more of the same, well, it is a good shoot.
The set for “Polkadot Perfection” was thrown together with whatever I had, and some red polkdots for the background (which I had to spray paint red too).    So now that I’m done, the red dots can go in the bin, and then someone took back their inversion table (that thingy on the left which ended up too complicated to even use in a shoot, unless I was like getting dominated or something).

The St Andrews cross, however, would live on a little longer for the next big project…




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Nothing natural about me, I’m “Artificially Flavored”!


AcCan’t get enough Red Dye #5 and Yellow Dye #3 in your diet?  Than rot- I mean, – sink your teeth into my new shoot, “Artificially Flavored”!

Actually  this outfit has been done for about a year but I hadn’t put all the set pieces together to make a background I liked enough to go with it.

  For a change I used natural lighting (as opposed to strobes/flashes) because I had a lamp in the background that I wanted to show up as lit.  Usually when you use strobes they lind out any other hot lights you have on the set.  Anyway, the results were sorta of mixed, with some graininess to the photos I’m not too happy with.  Mostly they’re ok though.
Originally this shoot had 182 pictures that I shot with my regular cameras, but an experiment I also self-shot a bunch on my iphone with some pretty heavy fog/beautifying filters.  Granted, yes, they are blurry and a bit lower resolution, but have an amazing atmosphere and sense of spontaneity to them.  That bring the full total for this set up to a whopping 219 pictures.
As usual, and even moreso since the clock is ticking on my studio space (I have it till the end of the year, after which I only have my house to shoot in), I’m very busy cranking out a big backlog of content.  But “Artificially Flavored” is a shoot that I shot in my house, which goes to show you that, as it’s been said – “All you need to shoot porn is a warm room”.

Which means studio or no studio, I’ll manage either way.

Enjoy this new set.  The next one will be up in about a week!


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“Steam Doll”, plus some new videos

Heya.  Things have been going a little slow here at my studio, but cooler temperatures have arrived and it’s finally the ideal time to crank out a bunch of content.

A while back I mentioned somewhere on social media that I wanted to do a sequel to “National Pornographic” and so this is the result.  “Steam Doll”.  Actually, I had some different plans that used more of the original outfit bits (the full corset and puffy white sleeves), but for some reason I went with this new open bra and garter belt set as a different enough version.  If there’s one thing people notice about my shoots is that if I shoot in the same outfit, I do like to change it up a bit.

So the main different bit is that hat of course, which I can admit was something I  bought at Savers (!) and hot glued some gears on it.  Yep, it’s not really that much more difficult than that.  Actually, now that Halloween is approaching, it does remind me that there are things available in stores that might be harder to find at the rest of the year, so time to stock up for future concepts!

So I just posted the full set up on my site, which came out to 182 pictures.  And since I was thinking of making another variation on this, I might see if there’s another steampunk-y sort of thing I can do while this set is up.

Also included in this update, are the videos for “Diamond Disco” and “Red Domina”.  I have several more videos in the can that I haven’t edited yet, but will be doing soon.  And I also have another shoot planned for this week, so I will be getting back to more frequent updates!



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“Flamingo Fuckdoll” and “Bitch Skool”

“Once more, into the breach!”  Well more like “Once more, into the pink and white striped background! ”      Okay, well with added green polkadots that is.
This costume is a new spin on the old “Pinwheel Pasties” outfit from waaaay back in 2012  This variation adds pink and white stripes, a collar, more pinwheels and just an overall amplification on the pink over-the-top hentai look.

Yeah, I know, it’s a look that I’ve done a zillion times before, but this is a nice spin on it and moving from the direction from reality to fantasy (the best way I can describe the main difference between the ’12 and ’18 version).

This shoot went up today, Aug 18th and there is also some video shot that’s being edited right now (It will be a upcoming update with videos of “Red Domina” and “Scarlet Fever”).  Not every shoot will be like this,  so if it’s not your taste, just wait a little while, maybe the next one is to your liking..
So I think I might have mentioned that I had been trying to get ahead of the game, as I’m not sure if I am going to lose my available studio space before securing/building a new space.  The best thing for me to do now is to crank out as much content.  Hence an early sneak peek at my back-to-school shoot “Bitch Skool”.

Okay okay, so it does have pink hair and some hentai overtones, but it’s still very different from “Flamingo Fuckdoll”.
I think this shoot came out excellent and it will come out either in the end of August or the beginning of September.  There may or may not be another shoot that comes out this week before it.  Depends on how I feel, but at the very least it is nice to be ahead of schedule for once.
See you soon and keep watch for my next video update which will contain videos of (at least) “Red Domina” “Scarlet Fever” and “Flamingo Fuckdoll”.



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Workin’ Hard. “Dripping Latex Doll” and “Scarlet Fever”

So, I’m trying not to think too hard about my current predicament with my studio, come what may.  Perhaps I can pull a Hail Mary in my career and manage to buy it, or perhaps it’s far easier and better overall to just build my own backyard garage/studio that I can build perfectly to suit me.  Either way right now the best and most important thing I can do and should do is throw myself into my work.   So that means that every potential shoot I want to do out in my studio, I should do NOW as if I’m going to lose the utility of the building in a matter of weeks or months.  So here’s the first result.

We’ve actually seen this catsuit before, but I’ve dressed it up with some pink latex polkadots and really ramped up the candyland bimbo look and all that.  This catsuit started out life over 10 years ago as something that arrived off a wish list, and it I haven’t thanked whoever it was that got it for me, it was only because the paper trail to figure out who got it for me was extremely hard to follow.  Whomever you are/were I do thank you if that thanks was 10 years too late!

I ended up calling this shoot “Dripping Latex Doll” not just because of the wet look of the latex, but also because I was sweating a lot under those hot lights.  Thankfully you can’t tell from the photos, but I won’t forget that it was hot.

So that outfit actually had been done for a while, but sadly during the shoot I tore a bad gash in the leg of the catsuit.  The latex wasn’t deteriorated or anything, it was just one of those situations where the sweat of my body actually made the latex stick to my skin more than float on top of it.  I should have used a proper lube between my skin and the latex, but I didn’t and that meant that while kneeling for some shots, I stressed it out and ripped it.

The tear in the leg happened  about 1/3 of the way through the shoot, but it didn’t wreck the whole shoot. I just did my best to hide it and in the pictures where it was visible, a little photoshop fixed that up.  You’d never know there was a tear in it if I hadn’t told you.

However, I wanted to wear the outfit out to some club later that night so I managed a quick repair job.. It won’t quite be the same, but it’s fine enough for me.  Considering that adding the pink stripes and polkadots gave a new lease on life to a decade old catsuit, I can’t complain.  While I was out, I did give the people at the gas station something to gawk at.  People were like “Where are YOU going off to???”. To which I replied “A kinky party!”

“Dripping Latex Doll”  went up the last week of July, and as I said, I’m throwing myself into my work.   I’m trying to bang out as much content as I can, while I can, and if I’m lucky that might even mean some weird things might happen like I get my Christmas shoot in the can months before it need to be released.

It actually takes a lot less time to shoot a photoshoot than it does to edit the pictures.  So if I get sets and outfits all ready to go, I can make like maybe 5 to 10 shoots a week if I’m just really efficient about it and don’t get bogged down in worrying about editing them yet.

Technically you’d think that would also mean that I shouldn’t be making any brand new outfits from scratch.  For some reason, that didn’t happen with this next shoot, which I ended up calling “Scarlet Fever”,  And I’m really happy with the results, even if I hadn’t really wanted to make a brand new outfit and brand new hat (probably my 7th or 8th HUGE hat that I so far made).

I had set up some furniture out in the studio in front of my pink/maroon damask wall (its looks like wallpaper but it’s actually a stencil) and found myself unhappy trying to make any existing outfits match it.

I do have this pink and yellow outfit I haven’t done a shoot with, but felt that it wasn’t right for the background.  Something like this needs a background that’s more whimsical and less Victorian, don’t you agree?

Since yellow/pink didn’t feel right, I just made a new outfit from scratch, although much of the raw material I had kicking around for a while.  Most of the flowers I had bought previously, and this pink satin with red polkadots had been waiting around in my pile of fabric for the perfect outfit to come along.


So everything kind of came together because if you can probably tell, I’m not the sort of person who would settle for a few random mis-matched pieces of lingerie and make a shoot out of it without paying any attention to the colors in the background or the colors I was wearing.

In fact, the only thing that was out of place on this shoot was that in reality, the oriental rug was mostly blue.  Actually it’s the same rug I used in “Harlequin Romance”

You’d never guess from looking at the pictures, but I just tweaked out all the blue of the rug and pushed it over to a less obtrusive greeny/brown.  If you saw the originals with a blue rug you’d probably agree that that clashed horribly.

Once I got them all done I was unsure of the title for it, as I like to come up with names that instantly remind me of which outfit it was.  I do this because often I use the same patterns for various outfits, and in this case, I believe the corset is the same pattern I used for “Daisy Dick” and “Strawberries and Cream”.  When I think of those names, I know exactly what outfit I’m taking about.  So I could have called this “Red Polkadots” but I’ve done sooooo many outfits with polkadots it would be hard to remember which one.

“Scarlet Fever” was a suggestion from a fan and at first I wasn’t enamored by the name (as yep, it’s a hideous disease with a rash”, I kind of warmed to it eventually,    And I guess this outfit is red spots all over my body so that’s sort of the same thing, right?   In any event, the name stuck and now I can’t think of calling this shoot anything else.  Certainly if I just called it “Slutty Cumdump” I would never know which outfit I was referring to.

That’s sort of the thing about my names for photoshoots.  I actually have a big list of awesome names that immediately conjure up completely different ideas, so many of those names are being saved for future shoots.

Both these shoots came out on my site a good 10 days apart, and I’m trying to stick to a update schedule of 3 updates per month, and sometimes one of those will be an update of videos.   Getting this out in time actually puts me on schedule, and now it’s on to the next batch.  Actually now that I’m caught up, I’m thinking already of my autumn shoots and now it’s time to get ahead of the game!

Because really the best thing for me to do is get ahead and overproduce content in case I don’t have a studio a few months down the road.


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