2 weeks until my boob re-job!

So many things I gotta do that have to be done before that!!!

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“As American as..”

That’s my 4th of July shoot, here’s some samples…




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To those of you trying still to convince me like, not get my tits redone…

To this day, after raising roughly $7k for my new boob job, I still get people trying to dissuade me from getting them done. And they need to drink a cup of STFU.

Better yet, think of it this way.  You know how old my current implants are? Well I got them in january 2002 which probably means they were made in the fall of 2001.

Yes, my boobs could very likely be “pre 9-11″

For all we know, my current implants could have been sitting in a box on the 35th floor, at the Mentor Implant corporate offices, waiting to be shipped off to my plastic surgeon, who is probably retired today

A lot of my tumblr followers were in preschool in 2001.

And these bozos were still making new episodes..

Back in 2001, we thought a blue iMac with a CRT tube in it was still pretty much cutting edge.

A case where bigger isn't really better.


What kind of cel phone were you using in 2001? Probably one of those blue Nokia things with a black and white 1 inch screen. I had one.  Texting was a nightmare on it so you didn’t even bother.

It's not even a flip phone, Wait till those come out! Flip phones are the FUTURE!

Most of you wouldn’t drive a used car older than model year 2001 or 2002, would you? (well, personally I would but that’s just me). Like seriously, what piece of crap were they still making in 2002?

The Ford Escort, that’s right.

All it needs is ball joints. And tires. And an alternator. And the belts squeal. And the seats are ripped. Oh, and it needs a new transmission. Oh wait, you're already having trouble finding parts because they've all been crushed.

Do you seriously expect me to continue driving a high mileage 2002 Ford Escort when I could have a brand new, state of the art 2015 Tesla Model S or something? Which has been mostly paid for by the generous donations of my fans?

I didn’t think so.  So go back into your rusty Ford Escort with no a/c that doesn’t run, and furiously take 20 minutes texting your angry response to this post, which you may or may not have been able to view in Netscape on your imac at home, which takes up 2 feet of space on your desk.

While you’re watching Chandler and Joey on Friends.  Hey, Must See TV is tonight!!

Argument over. It really is time to upgrade my boobs.

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New breasts are on their way!

It’s coming up sooner than you think!

I found a local surgeon to do it for a better price than Revis in Florida.

Plus, its local, so I don’t have much for travel expenses really..

I still have to finance the remainder of the balance, but with any luck my productivity will go way WAY up with new boobs, bringing in new and repeat customers to my website!

Plus if this dancing gig works out it’ll bring in a steady stream..

But by far the best news is that this doctor has quite a few openings in his schedule. So far the tentative date is July 17th!

I’m so excited!!


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Added the second part to “Channeling Marilyn”

.. bringing the total amount up to 153, which is a more respectable size for a photo set.

Here’s a few samples from the second half of the set.

I had looked at what I edited and said, “Hmm, not enough ass shots and horizontal  shots”.   So I did some more.


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Under the weather

I’ve been a bit sick and very tired since the weekend. I’ve got what I shot of the new set all edited and ready to go, but I want to shoot a few more pictures in the same outfit and on the same set since what I have is a bit on the light side.

However, I’ve been feeling a bit feverish and hard to shoot when I feel like ick. So hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and I’ll do it then

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I’m Channeling Marilyn in my newest shoot.

Well, I’ve been pretty busy with other springtime projects but I’ve found the time to crank out a new set.  And I think in this set I’m channeling Marilyn Monroe, which could quite likely be what this set will be called.

This set actually features quite a lot of things I had given to me.  The lingerie with pink bows was recently bought for me off my Amazon wish list by a fan, and the scallopped negligee robe came from a fan years ago.
The two piece sofa is a recent acquisition as well and makes a lovely addition to my boudoir.

This set shows my love of flashy jewelry, hats, black lace and polka dot stockings.  And all topped off with a jewelled butt plug too!

I been through about half the set so far, and am going back into the studio to shoot some more this weekend.  I has some issues with the lighting so the first shooting session this week only produced about 75 good pictures.  (I like to have about 150 in a set).

You could say that diamond anal toys are a girls best friend!   I’ll be working on the rest of the pictures this weekend, and the set will go up by Monday or Tuesday.   Then I actually have a few outdoor shoots planned and some hush hush stuff in the works!


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Sorry I’ve been off the radar the last week or so..

I’ve just been doing gardening and enjoying the spring weather. I know that’s not particularly exciting for the production of porn, but I’ll be jumping back into shoots in a few days.

I’ll also be working on the perk fulfillment for my indiegogo boob job fundraiser. The kickstarter fell a bit short of what I needed, but it’s sitting in the bank now and will take me to that halfway point where I can set up the appointment and finance the rest, so it WILL happen this summer sometime.


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Been doing laundry all weekend, yet I’ve got “Nothing To Wear”.

So in order to keep my hand from cramping up while making zillions of little rivet-ish dents in my spaceship, I decided this weekend to take it easy and do a shoot.  And then have my eyeballs burst into flames from sitting at the computer for 2 days straight.

Here is the result, called “Nothing To Wear”

Oh that trophy housewife you won, she how domestic she is doing all her laundry while ironing and gabbing on the phone at the same time!  You’re surprised this bimbo can do three things at once!

Dry clean?  That’s only a suggestion.  And watch out if she irons your shirts, you might get a perefect iron-shaped scorch mark on your sleeve!

A girl who does housework in high heels? That’s a talent all in itself!

“Nothing to Wear”, will grace my member’s site this coming week, as soon as I can get them out.  Then it’s back to the spaceship and on to the next shoot!


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Where have I been? – In space!!

Hello all, I know I haven’t been active here for a while, but trust me, I’ve been active.  I’ve sort of been so active on projects that I barely have time to report on them, so here’s a little report on some progress on my movie made over the last couple of weeks.

This winter, I was supposed to work on the spaceship models and special fx shots for Uranus Needs Shemales, but it was so damn cold and hard to heat my studio enough for painting and all that (yes, I know, the solution would’ve been to build an enclosed,  heatable painting room).  Suffice to say that the general nastiness of winter was what was keeping me down.  But now it’s May, perfect weather again for spray painting sets and props, and even working outside.

I am planning a quick shoot that I’ll bang out in a few days, but I have made considerable progress on the model of “The Viberator” – the scout ship of my character In UNS.

Here’s a sketch of it, from a few years back. Of course, the design isn’t set in stone, and as I worked on it, it morphed into something else, which was fine.


As you can see, it is a penis shaped spaceship. I mean, of course it is!
Since this movie has been going on for a few years now, I had thought of a few ways to make the fuselage of the rocket, but didn’t want to settle for a simple cylinder.  I wanted something more bulbous and curvy.  I searched high and low for any existing item that I could modify that already had that candlepin bowling pin shape.  The closest I found was a lamp at IKEA but I’d have to put two of them together and they were expensive.  So I ended up going with the cheapest, but most time consuming option.  But it was one that offered complete control over the shape.  I chose to make it from pink hard foam and that “Great Stuff” spray foam, built over a PVC pipe, set on a threaded rod.

Here’s some of the materials all laid out. I cut a long notch in the pipe to run a piece of junk masonite as a base for the wing shape, which would come later.


The fact that it could rotate on it’s bow/stern axis meant that I had the added benefit of an already built jig when it came to shooting shots of the ship making barrel rolls.  There are a few shots in the space battle where its “spinning out of control”, so was going to come in handy.  The rod was also so that I could jig it onto this monstrosity seen below.

Of all the crazy junk that my dad had, he had this metal lathe which inexplicably escaped the metal drives of World War II.  It’s massive, and must weigh 12 billion pounds.  It’s in the cellar of my mom’s house, and completely pre-dates any safety regulations at all.  Safety first?  More like safety last!

What is even scarier about this is that the electric motor on it needs a little running start to get it going, so you have to grab that pulley on the upper left there, and give it a spin as you turn it on, and you see the lights of the house dim.  All I could think about was “Gee, and they wondered how I got my start in amputee porn.”


But anyway, back to the basic mass of the ship. I cut elongated “D” sections and then hot glued them to the pvc pipe, and then in between the pink foam, sprayed that”Great Stuff” spray foam, which of course made a horrible mess, and looked not unlike some sort of gourd.


But this was a good way to get that tapered zeppelin-like shape



Back to mom’s house last week to use the lathe to try to make it somewhat smooth and uniform.  I wasn’t super successful, but for the most part I got a decent shape.  And I didn’t lose any limbs, or get my hair caught in something awful, so I’m going to call it a win.


Back to home, where I slathered joint compound (basically plaster) all over it to try to smooth it out.  This stuff did not dry out in one day, so there was two days where I couldn’t work on it, and just waited…


Sadly the joint compound caused additional unforseen problems.  Since it shrunk when it dried it compressed all the great stuff foam, which was softer and less dense than the pink stuff.  So I ended up with a not very smooth rocketship.  Back to the lathe to try to sand it smooth, then realizing it was pretty messed up and no amount of sanding was going to get it to a place where it was smooth.   I mean, it looked ok, but it wasn’t going to look like it was made out of metal.

This actually ended up being a happy accident, since it forced me to try something else.  After some experimenting with glues, I then decided to skin the entire spaceship in silver painted pieces of shiny posterboard painted with that chrome spray paint.

Then I took a small finishing nail and held it with tiny vise grips, and with a small hammer, made little rivet marks in each panel, and the result is.. well, they speak for themselves.


Now, I hadn’t really decided to do a silver 50′s style spaceship, but it sorta just happened that way.  Originally I was going to go with a gray/white sort of detailed look like the original Star Wars, but I’m happier with this, as it’s clearly in the same universe as the testostrobots.  I don’t know yet if the silver will make it difficult to light, or reflect some of the green screen, so whether it stays silver or not I’m not sure yet.


And of course if  you’re going to build a spaceship out of household things, there’s really only one thing that already looks like a rocket engine funnel.



Today the wings went on, and I’ve also perfected my “riveting” method.  I’m also using the softness of the pink foam to my advantage which makes the rivets really pop.  I have yet to finalize what if any other colors of paint will go on this, but for now I just want to get it all covered in riveted panels.  There will probably be some windows on it somewhere, as well as in the cockpit area, which of course is in the -ahem- mushroom head.


So today I got as far as getting most of one wing all done, and I’m still experimenting with some techniques.  There will be some landing gear, and some “Outer Rim Patrol” logos on the wings.  But I just want to let everyone know that I’m been super busy with getting this movie all finished by the end of the summer.  I certainly want to have anything else I need to shoot, done before I get new implants, because I don’t want my boobs getting bigger in one scene, and then they’re smaller again in the next scene!


There is also _another_  pretty epic prop that I’m also in the process of building.  Think brass steampunk fucking machine, and you’ll get an idea.  Of course, when I have something to show on that one, I’ll make a post about it.

So a few more days of this, and then I can’t wait to have it ready for some lighting tests and to take some beautiful photos of just the ship itself.  But tomorrow I’m going to see if there’s a quick photo shoot I can come up with to tie over the website until the next over-the-top shoot comes around.  Now that the weather is nice again, I have some outdoor shoot ideas that I want to try.


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