“Strawberries and Cream” is delicious with Tara Emory!

So this outfit has been waiting in the wings since Montreal Fetish Weekend.  I decided that my kitchen would be a suitable background for it, since it has such a dollhouse look.

Actually, a friend of mine was over at my place and commented on how much my house was like a dollhouse, and I guess that’s true.  I’m also becoming more and more doll-like myself.  I like to look good and surround myself with pretty things and cozy, homey spaces.

So the other part of this shoot is that it got very messy indeed.  Vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and well, cream
Maybe actually too messy, but hey, you all know I tend to get as nasty and perverted as I can (in contrast to the beautiful outfit), which is sort of my thing.  Fantastic outfits, and buckets of cum!
135 pictures of “Strawberries and Cream” just went up on my member’s area , and I’m editing the next shoot, “Bordello” right now


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“XXX Marks the Spot!”

Land Ho!

In my last post, I talked a little bit about easy shoots vs complicated shoots.  Well, I think I can throw that logic out the window now, as even the simplest shoots turn into huge productions.  This was supposed to be an easy shoot to better do justice to a great outfit, and I think the results speak for themselves.

Not only has my makeup skills improved, (and my tits have grown), but I can say with certainty that I've lost some weight too.

Years ago, I had someone get this great pirate outfit for me from Trashy Lingerie.  I make a point of mentioning that I did not create this outfit, because people tend to say things like “Tara make ALL her own outfits”.  And though that is mostly true, every so often there’s an exception to this rule.  I  brought the outfit to Jamacia and even painted a few toy plastic pirate pistols to look realistic, and went to Kink in the Caribbean (2006?) with the hope that a great location would turn up.

Ah, Hedonism III- sadly a resort no longer with us..

Well, even though my toy guns were seized in customs (you can’t even bring a bright green water pistol into the country), I still managed to find a good location but I don’t think the pictures ever were as good as I had hoped.  Taking dirty pictures around a clothing optional resort would seem not to be a problem, but yeah, if you were masturbating in public sooner or later security would come and ask you to please stop.  So the “Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Cum” shoot was decent, if not debaucherous.

So I always wanted to make a pirate ship set or something and go to town with this outfit and well, dig deep for buried treasure.

Or not quite so buried..

I have this whole section of my house that has this awful 60s knotty pine motif going on, and well, it’s slated for renovation, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to get a bunch of shoots out of it!  I took everything I owned that was even remotely pirate-y, or somewhat nautical, made a Jolly Roger and a treasure map, and the results are so damn good, I’m starting to not hate this ugly part of my house.

So with two pirate chests, tons of candles (and yes, during the shoot I had a fire extinguisher handy because I knew at some point my hat might catch on fire), some great wall art, and the family silverware, voila! instant pirate ship cabin set!  The low ceilings and the stairway nearby added to the effect, and in this case I was using the claustrophobic area to enhance the coziness.

Oh hey. Cat.

I’m really happy with the results.  Almost so happy with the set I was beginning to wonder if the not-made-by-me outfit would bring down the shoot, but hey, maybe before I renovate this area, I’ll make an original pirate outfit and do another pirate shoot later.

In any event I had a tricky time lighting this with studio lights because I needed to dim them down (and not use strobes) so that the camera would pick up the candlelight too.

Generally I try to shoot with as much light as possible so I can set the camera to a high shutter speed and use the lowest ISO rating available (usually 50).  In this case in order to make it work I had to resort to ISO 100 and a shutter speed of around 1/8 second.  Which means of course, tripod shots and holding really really still.  I think for the most part the pictures were came out ok technically.

But the overall atmosphere and ramped up overtness makes this a lot better than the previous incarnation.  Plus the bimbo blonde hair makes it better, because well, blondes have more fun, of course.

So the idea was to have this up for Halloween, but it might take another day or two to chug through the entire set of photos.  I shot about 300, but since there were uneven lighting issues, the editing is a bit time consuming.

By the end of the shoot, I even manage to self- shoot these photos while wearing stocks!

Hang on, is that an electrical outlet right below my underarm? I think it is..

Would you make this pirate walk the plank?  I think not!  The entire set of around 190 pictures goes up on my site ASAP!


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Geek Chic

Don't let the glasses fool you..

Even with my new job working at the strip club, I’ve been keeping as busy as I can with my new shoots.  Sometimes I do easy shoots, and sometimes they turn into big productions.  “Geek Chic” is intended to be an easy shoot.

An easy shoot is fine by me. It’s always satisfying to take an existing outfit, existing set pieces, exiting sex toys, and throw them all together and make something new and fresh.  So in this set, I’m sporting my favorite glasses (which are just sunglasses with the lenses popped out of them, but I may take the frames in for real prescription lesnes some day).

But don’t love me for my perceived intellegence. I may be brainy, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want someone to fuck my brains out!

Okay, okay, if you want to love me for my mind, that’s ok too.

My filthy, filthy mind, that is…

The full set, of approx 144 pictures, went up on my members area recently.


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But wait! There’s more!!

Yes, I banged (bung?) out quite a few shoots over the last couple of days, frantically playing catch up.  Here’s some samples of what pink assault on the eyes I was able to come up with.
One would call this an “easy” shoot as all the bits were there in other outfits.  This was the old pink bow-tie and tails corset from the “Birthday Girl” shoot (where I popped out of a birthday cake).  I think that was the first shoot where I embraced my inner Barbie, though only now have I pushed it decidedly into Barbie territory.

Plastic Barbie with a delicious surprise, of course.

I’m not certain what I will call this shoot yet.  Coming up with names for shoots sometimes is an agonizing process.  At the moment the working title is “Barbie Birthday”, but that’s just so I know which outfit and which aesthetic it is.  I don’t think the name is going to stick (since the birthday theme isn’t there anymore).

Pink pink pink pink. Yeah, I love pink.

Big hats, feathers, pink sex toys, more pink, more pink.  Even more pink. Pink cock, pink nipples, pink makeup.  Pink pink pink.  In any event, I’m sure I’ll pink of a name for this shoot.


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Now that’s more like it!

A while ago I expressed dissatisfaction with the shoot I did with the Jules Verne-ish fucking machine.  Well, here’s the result of the re-shoot.

Will you join me as we go on a journey deep into.. well, .. you know..

It’s almost two shoots in one as this is quite an elaborate Victorian get up over another outfit, the revised and tweaked “Brocade Burlesque” corset and hat from way back.
But of course, the piece de’ resistance is the steampunk fucking machine, in all it’s brass and gold glory.  And yes, it works (though the gears are for show, sadly they don’t all turn when it’s in motion.  Can you imagine how horribly dangerous that would be, with nothing preventing my dress, or anything else from getting jammed in the machinery!)

“Oh, my word!  That incredible contraption of the Professor has gotten my loins in such a tizzy!

Talk about a Grand Exposition!   I’m dilligently chugging away at making these delightful photo-graphs available for your viewing, and this should be the next shoot to grace my wonderful inter-net mono-opticon.

With God’s grace they should be hot enough to get your steam engine -a-boiling!


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Sometimes these things take time..

So today I spent pretty much all day sorting out and organizing many of my outfits. Quite a few of these used to live in hat boxes deep in a closet, out if sight and out of mind, and since bits of outfits were getting separated from other bits, it was turning into a nightmare if I needed to find an outfit for some reason. I actually spent about an hour trying to find one crucial piece to a costume (i needed it for the strip club), which inexplicably was nowhere near the rest of the bits.



As you can see, drawers with dividers, making narrow cubbies the perfect size for corsets.

Now, you ask, what does this have to do with anything? In fact, a few of you are all peeved that I haven’t had a new shoot in a while, and oh, it’s just Tara wasting her time sorting shit out.   Actually, this is very important because it’s been a while since I’ve been this organized, and organization leads to results!

In the process of organizing, I did find a few outfits I had nearly forgotten about that are begging for new shoots with them. Like, for example, my old “Birthday girl” pink on pin satin corset, with cuffs and tails.   But it takes some experimenting so I spent some time playing dress up and came with a few possibilities..


And as you can see I was if course, enjoying myself too.  And the reason I’m all done up is that I was also testing out some new makeup techniques. (I doubled up some already doubled up lashes, tried something different with my lips…).  Sometimes you need to do a dry run just to see how all the bits are going to fall into place.

I haven’t quite decided on which color hair I’ll use but I’m probably going to do something with the baby pink and the hat, even though I used the hat recently in an outdoor shoot.  But it works well with this outfit too..


If you're wondering what that mark is, I got a hot glue gun burn on my breast. Ouch.


But the real surprise tonight was that I solved my problem about what to wear for my “Steampunk Fucking Machine” shoot.  If you recall I was less than enthusiastic about what I had shot already in a purple PVC catsuit on what is a decidely Jules Verne-ish prop. Well, I stumbled across an old outfit used in a shoot called “Brocade Burlesque”. I think with the proper gothy Victorian tweaks, its going to work quite nicely.

Black hair usually doesn’t work on me, but its working so far on the experiments I’m doing..


Add glasses and some more dark Victorian overtones and I think this will nail it.  Maybe the bigger Victorian hat too, for some of the shoot.


And I’m thinking the shoot will start out with this very elaborate Victorian dress and hat which works with the color scheme (I made this for a performance but had yet to shoot in it).  I’m going to spend tomorrow making the necessary tweaks to bring the outfits in line with each other.

And I might as well take the fucking machine prop and have the background be more like what we saw in “National Pornographic” than the simple black background. (Though it can’t be super-busy).  Again, I will have to see what works, but with any luck the result will be pretty good.


So, what I guess I’m saying is that these things take time, and hopefully they are worth the weight.  If I get everything done and I’m not too tired by the end of the day, I’ll do both shoots tomorrow night.


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the next shoot? …meh…

Oh hey, I guess you haven’t seen much of me in a while?  I’ve been busy, mostly with well, being a stripper (yes, I do embrace that word) at a gentlemen’s club in Providence, the Satin Doll.  You can see me there most Thrusday, Friday and Saturday nights (though occasionally I take one of those nights off).

But yeah.. Photo shoots?  What’s up with those?  If you recall, a while back I made a rather steampunk looking fucking machine.  Specifically it was made for a scene for Uranus Needs Shemales, a scene in which I’m wearing a purple pvc catsuit.  I did snap a few pictures of me in the outfit on the set, literally I think the night before I had my boob job.

But I’m sorta “meh” about the photos.  The catsuit itself was made from this PVC material which had been sitting around for 5 years before I made the outfit.  And I made the outfit 5  or 6 years ago, when I started production on UNS.  Which means that by now this material is a good decade old, and really falling apart.  And of course, I went in a totally different direction with the fucking machine set, so I’m not sure it even fits the outfit that well.  However, I was shooting this scene (in video) to match footage shot a while ago, so I had to use this outfit for continuity’s sake.  And I shot a bunch of pictures just in case I got in a bind a needed a new shoot for my site (back when I feared I might be out of comission for more than a month, which wasn’t the case).

Except, I’m sorta “meh” about the photos.  They were the last shoot shot with my old boobs, and boy, I can tell now how small and misshapen they are.  So even trying to edit/process the shoot, I was less than thrilled about it all.  So they’ve sat.  And sat, and sat.  And now I think I want to scrap the whole shoot (I think it’s best to just include a few of these shots on the UNS cover somewhere, maybe), and try a different outfit, but with the same, very awesome fucking machine set.  Because, sometimes the weaknesses of a shoot pulls down the strengths, right?

I don't think I've found a single picture from this set where my tits don't look wonky in some way...

I did have an outfit in mind though. Something more apt, and a bit more glimmering with the glint of gold.   Maybe this one, though perhaps I’m not 100% sure.

You see, this was a steampunk-ish outfit, but it had a very goddess/valkyrie angle going to it, with this whole helmet thing.. It’s a bit of an oddity as far as my outfits go, maybe it’s right for the fucking machine set, but maybe something closer to the explorer-ish “National Pornographic” outfit is more appropriate.

This is what sucks about being a perfectionist with ADD.  The story of my life is crippling indecision over little details, and then I end up throwing away things I did shit-tons of work on, because I can’t get them quite exactly right.

So, while I’m waffling on what to do about that, I’m going to see if I can put together some new interpertations on some old outfits, now that I have some glorious DD boobs to show off.  Don’t worry, all my effort on the fucking machine will not be in vain, and all the effort into the golden valkyrie whatchamacallit will not be in vain. It may even be that I spin them off into 2 shoots instead of one, but I don’t think the purple catsuit ones really make the grade (maybe I’ll tack them onto the end of whatever set I end up doing with the fucking machine).

I did have other grand plans for something at the end of this summer, but I got fucked over by the weather.    Back in late July while I was recovering from my implant surgery, but strong enough to do so, I rented a bobcat and did a bit of landscaping on my backyard.  The idea was that I was going to work on some nice secluded nooks where I could do some outdoor shoots.  I’ve got a few locations, but like everything I do, I don’t like to repeat backgrounds and locations that much, so I want more.  So I spent a day moving dirt around and it was actually quite a bit of fun getting stuff done.

And after I was done leveling the yard and planting grass seed, it proceeded to not rain nearly at all for two months.  My backyard is – sadly – a dust bowl and I’m depressed about the whole thing.  And the few times it’s rained, it’s barely been enough to penetrate the hard, dry ground.  It’s like the ground is so dry, it resists water itself.

Yeah, I know I could be out there watering my lawn every day or installing sprinklers, but it could also just rain goddammit.  I swear, when there’s thunderstorms, literally every other town gets some rain and not us.  Though I bet if I go and remove my roof or paint my house, then it will rain…

So those plans have been put on hold, though my outdoor shooting window is shrinking since the lack of rain means that while it’s only a few days after the equinox, the trees around here have already given up, and the leaves have started to turn.  So, looks like some autumn themed shoots then.

So early this coming week I’ll get something done in the studio and I’ll keep the blog posted on that.


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I almost forgot “Blow-Up Doll”

Yes, there was another shoot I did after “Tractor Tramp”, but it went up before it (because I was holding back Tractor Tramp for a month or so..).  It’s a nice set in an old pink latex dress that never really “popped” in any previous shoots I did with it.   But with the pink lolita hair, and my nice new big tits, I can say that it really does “pop” now. As in “popping” right out of it!

And I do pull out all the pink and black toys I have, and went with a few familiar background elements, the pink and black steamer trunk I have, and pink polkadots for the backdropA little inflatable dildo action here, in preparation for that HUUUGE “3 rumps for your butt” (I kid you not, that’s what it’s called) sex toy that’s in the left of the picture..

Oh, did my tits just finally burst my buckles?

So, yeah, this was an easy set, sorta the calm before the storm of whatever HUGE complicated shoot it next.  I did two brand new (and very intricate) outfits for Montreal Fetish Weekend that will of course, have equally complicated shoots as well, so it’s good to do some simple ones “thrown together” in the meantime.



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A sneak peek at “Tractor Tramp”

Yep, I did a shoot on my lawn tractor.  Uh huh.

With my nice new titties, the new shoots keep a coming.  Like the micro-mini-nano-bikini top?  I think I should whip up some more of these and wear them to the beach, or just around town <wink>.

But like all good, sexy slutty outfits, they’re desiged to not cover much, isn’t that true? So eventually something slips out…
.. and something slips in.  I think this nice thick, wide dildo is my favorite one at the moment..

But fully nude (well, just a hat) is where it’s all leading.  I don’t think we’re going to get much yard work done today.

So yeah haw!  Y’all get your dicks hard for a good old fashioned garage sale whore like me!  The whole set (looks like roughly 150 pictures), will go up by mid next week!



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One before, one after…

Hello everyone!  I’ve been away from my blog and my website for the last few weeks as I’ve healed up from my beautiful breast augmentation.

I’ve also been extremely busy getting back to work as an exotic dancer at The Satin Doll, which started a new 3-nights-a-week Erotic TS Revue.  The club is in Providence, RI, and more information can be found at their website.   I’ll talk a bit more about my new night time occupation later, but for now I want to tell everyone that I’ve just finished my first shoot with my new implants, and whoa, they’re big and beautiful, aren’t they?

Yes, I know, I’ve gotten a LOT of mileage out of this hat, but then again, I am the reigning queen of trans-steampunk-victorian-costume porn, aren’t I?  But the pink hair is new, and ahh, the pink breasts too.

For contrast, I did whip out a quick shoot the night before I went in for surgery.  It was a shoot with the fucking machine I made, for a scene for Uranus Needs Shemales.   I’m not entirely sure I’m going to use this shoot as a shoot on it’s own, or just pictures for the UNS box.  I sorta have a better idea for a gold steampunk outfit that will go better with the fucking machine, so I might do that instead…

So yeah, I’m not super certain that this purple PVC catsuit really goes with the fucking machine, but it was what was in the movie, so I had to use this outfit for continuity.  But I think I can get a better shoot with a better outfit with the set, since of course, it’s still up.

But anyway, back to that shoot with the new tits…

..the power of big boobies…

..though a nice delicious ass of course is nothing to be ashamed of…

So yes.. I’m very very very excited to get the new shoot up on my site, and to do more shoots as well.  With these new enhancements, I might even go back in to some old concepts and give them a new, more silicone filled twist…

Well, I’m off to work now, tonight in Providence at the Satin Doll..  I’ll be there most Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays this month, though I might take a Saturday off for the Sinomatic fetish night in Boston, and I will be in Montreal on Labor Day weekend for  Montreal Fetish Weekend, which will be the big grand opening for the new, improved Tara Emory 2.0!

I will be working on getting at least the newer of these shoots up on my site very soon, and to get the wheels in motion for the next ones.  Sorry for the long, long wait, but great things are on their way!!


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