Not one, not two, not three, but yes, four.

Four whats?

I got FOUR SHOOTS done in two days and the backgrounds are all ready to go for a 5th and a 6th shoot as well, plus two locations have secured for a 7th and 8th shoot.

Wha wha wha what?  Yes, well, technically if I get 8 shoots done in  a week, that’s almost nearly enough photo shoots to slowly release and last me all the way into 2016.  It probably won’t come to that, but I did make a giant leap forward and a whole 180 degree about face from the mire of inactivity that had been going on here.  How did this happen?

Well, first off, I met a photographer (and I don’t know yet if he wants to be identified, so lets’ just keep him anonymous) who asked if I’d like to shoot in a nice house.  We met up and threw some ideas around, ‘(and yes- the house has air conditioning), so I was like “Can we shoot in here asap, I really need content like, yesterday”.  I’m sorta getting sick of my own house’s locations and haven’t switched up any backgrounds in my studio either, so having ANYTHING different is good.  (I think I just quoted Groundhog Day)

And so we got 3 shoots done in a day, and at the moment I have only worked up some test examples from two of the shoots.  Now, not only was this shot with better equipment than what I usually shoot with, these test shots are just my own processing, so they’ll probably look even better once the photographer gets to work some uber-professional magic on them.  I’ve got no idea what titles I will come up with for these shoots, but the one with the flowery dress and hat seems to be going by a working title of “Music Room”

So that was the first of three shoots, and then we moved on to a simple blue and gold lingerie set, which even though I’ve shot in this outfit, it’s pretty much a whole different character in this hairstyle and setting.

So yeah.  These are smoking hot Playboy Magazine quality shots, and these tests (which I just sorta picked at random) will probably even look more amazing when he works some magic on them.  We shot about 200 of each set, so there’s a huge selection when the finals come out.

We did a third shoot as well but I haven’t seen how that one came out yet.  In any event, nice, classy lingerie shots fill a nice slot in my monthly website output. A while back I made a goal to streamline my shoots so that each month, I would do one new over-the-top “Tara Emory Signature Outfit”,  one shoot that might be a reimagination of an old classic outfit, and then one classy lingerie shoot in something that may be considered more mainstream.  Because doing three over-the-top original outfits and sets a month is very hard to do, so limiting that to one, and doing two “easy” shoots makes it easier to crank out content more regularly.

Now I didn’t really stick to that religiously, and in some cases, the “reimagining of the old outfit” shoot became the big shoot.

So yeah, you never know what you’re going to get with my shoots, but I think we can all agree that professional photographer shoots are a very good direction for me to go in, as I can’t do everything all the time.

So the next day I had another shoot planned with someone else, but it ws full of unknowns.  I was invited to go sailing on a boat in nearby Rhode Island.  I said I’d love to, and hey, would you mind if we did a photo shoot of me at the same time?

I had some ideas for a tattoed bimbo incarnation of me, and this was planned to be the first of several of them.  If you all remember, I spent a lot of time making up some really cool artwork for temporary tattoos which I wore in Florida.  The jist of the whole thing is that you print on special paper, that you turn into waterslide decals, not unlike the decals that you stuck on plastic 1:24 scale car models as a kid.

I made up a bunch of them for Fetish Factory in Florida, and they came out nice, and I also had done this whole pink and zebra microbikini outfit that goes with heart shaped sunglasses.  It was a whole “look” I was going for, and having both sleeves done and a new heart with wings chestpiece was what I was planning for.This was supposed to instead of the “Silicone Fairie” piece of art I did last spring, which I felt didn’t really sit as nice over my boobs, since it didn’t span as much of an area.

I guess this as good of a place to answer the question on everybody’s mind.  “Tara, would you get real tattoos?”.

And I guess the answer to that is “yes”, but with a very important caveat.

So I’ve applied these tats before, and yes, they’re fake, and I probably understand that a lot of real tattoo culture people would frown upon that (you wuss – you didn’t endure any pain, and you don’t have to live with that forever!), but a well-inked lfriend of mine said that regardless, it’s still body art.  And I guess that’s the thing that bugs me.

I’d love to have real tattoos.  But I wouldn’t want them to look like something drawn by a 12 year old.  I’m going to take a wild guess and say that tattoo artists are probably paid very well depending on their skills, and the best ones get paid the best.

So if money was no object, you betcha that I would have both sleeves done in pin-up girls providing that it was exactly the tats I wanted, and not just something generic picked out of a book. Because that’s the other problem.  I’m a good artist.  I probably would have an hard time accepting something inferior to my own renderings on my own skin.  So yeah, I’d have to find the perfect tattoo artist and working relationship.  Perhaps somewhere out there is a major Tara Emory fan who is also an amazing tattoo artist?

And I also toyed with the idea of learning how to do ink myself.  Which I had a few people tell me that it would be nearly impossible to learn it all as these tatto artists devoted a lifetime to it, but those who have seen the breadth of my ink-on-paper art (and trust me, there’s a whole decade of work out there you probably haven’t seen), I know quite a lot about how to make shapes in cartoony ways that stand out from a distance, and I’ve done every technique in art school so I think it’s something I could handle.

(And to be honest, what I whipped up for the temporary tattoos was done pretty quickly, and I could’ve spent a lot more time making them look more realistic. )

So what do you think?  Another potential career path for me?  But anyway, for the purposes of being a chameleon in my shoots, it’s sure nice to be able to take them off.

I’d far more keen on having fully inked sleeves, and a chest piece is something I doubt I’d get in real life, because to be honest, when I remove them (and it’s not easy) I’m always very happy to have the chest area nice and clear.

So anyway-  back to this fourth shoot.  On a boat.  I’m ON A FUCKING BOAT.

I worked up my artwork and made some repairs to my pink bimbo bikini, and had no idea what I was in store for.  I printed up the tats on their special paper, and packed up a suitcase of everything I needed for a shoot.  For all I knew, the boat we were going to sail on was a canoe.

Well, we had to take a dinghy out to the sailboat, and my suitcase was almost bigger than the dinghy so it was a miracle we made it out to it, which ended up being a 22-foot sailboat, which is a nice, small, but not too small size.

Since I had no idea if we would end up on something with a cabin, or a yacht, or a little tugboat (I just got an invitation to shoot on a boat), I didn’t apply the temp tats until I knew I was actually going to go ahead with the shoot itself.

I applied the tats in the fairly cramped cabin, to my already hot and sweaty skin.  The tat decals themselves were being affected by the hot weather and a lot of it didn’t peel off from the backing correctly, so things were gonna be not as nice as I wanted them to be.

The two pieces of art for the sleeves had whole chunks missing from them, so it was sorta like “well, I’m not going to have another chance to shoot on a boat again, might as well use them anyway”.   With the chestpiece, I ended up winging it (no pun intended), when I cut off the wings from the heart/wings chestpiece, and added it to the silicone faerie art, which was the only piece of art to actually apply correctly to the space above my tits.

The end result was that the pictures look pretty damn good, considering that we had limited space, and had to work with available light (I brought a bounce card), and the boat owner wasn’t a professional photographer.  The tats look OK and even though I didn’t quite get the look I wanted, sometimes you gotta work with what you got.  There was some extra tats I printed up, like the “Cum Dumpster” script, which was supposed to be a tramp stamp, but since I could’nt see to apply it to my back I just stuck them under my boobs.

We also got some great shots inside the cabin of the boat, and all things considered (messy hair, sweaty skin, fake tats not perfect), I’m happy enough with the shoot the more I look at it.

And yes, I made this outfit specifically to match this suitcase ^^^, though the chances I will wear this swimsuit and carry this bag in a airport at the same time is probably nil.  But, it’s oh so Barbie doll, and zebra and pink?  I must have it.

Yeah, I know, I should’ve gotten some long fake nails, but you can’t have everything when a shoot has a thousand things that need to happen and any one of them can go wrong and I’m just happy that nobody dropped the camera in the sea, or that I didn’t fall off the boat when I got on deck in high heels.

Oh, and how was the rest of my sailing excursion?  Well, I enjoyed it quite a lot, and look forward to doing it again.  We sailed right out into the middle of Narragansett Bay, and I was shocked that the whole state wasn’t out there, it was such a peaceful place (well, that and you can just be naked on the deck of a boat out in the open and no one can see you). I really liked it a lot, and even steered the thing a little as my friend did whatever needed to be done with the sails (don’t ask me to tell you any actual sailing terms, I don’t know any).

So, “Boating Bimbo” or whatever I end up calling it, will be the next one to go on the site.  We didn’t shoot a zillion pictures, and there are quite a few duff shots (when the wind is blowing around a lot it’s tough to get good pictures), but it will be a respectable amount.  It is what it is.

I also got a few nice iphone selfies that sometimes I like better than the real pictures I shoot.

Later on when I had to actually dress a bit more practical (i.e. a swimsuit that held my junk in), I put my hair back and still it’s a nice hot mess.

And as nice as I look with tats, I look pretty nice without them too, as this “before” shot tells a whole different story about an innocent, unmarked girl.. Which is why when you get right down to it, I’d permanently do my arms before really doing the chest.  It’s sorta nice to try out different things first and see what you can work around, or if you’re embarassed that you have fairy tits drawn above your own tits.
And a few in the car on the way over..

Don’t let the glasses fool you. My brain cells are voluntarily dying, the more bimbo I get.
Oh, that hurts to use big words like in that last sentence.
And a few selfies from the day before’s shoots…  I could post these forever.  Come to think of it, I really should get into the practice of constantly posting these selfless on my twitter as they happen, instead of in one big infodump.  I should be tweeting every hour, right now I don’t think I’ve twat for months.

So, what’s the 5th and 6th shoots that had backgrounds that are all ready to go?  Well one is a rather simple background for the recent (and stylistically very busy) Valkyrie outfit:

Screw some gold-painted gears and pulleys to a wall, instant steampunk background!

And the other one is a bit of a throwaway, trying to do a pornographic version of a character from a bubbly 90′s movie, which when I get it done will make more sense.

Yeah, we’ve seen this setting before in a previous shoot “Detention”, but I figured I’d get one more shoot out of it before I permanently painted the walls another color.

The 7th and 8th shoots were shoots I wanted to do while I still had yesterday’s tattoos on, but by this morning they had gotten seriously gooey from just the fact that it’s a hot and humid summer, and seeing as they were all broken anyway I decided to remove them.   I had to spend about an hour in the bathtub rubbing them off.  They don’t come off easy, that’s for sure.  Technically they can be made to last for quite a few days, by putting baby powder on them, but I will start over from scratch with new prints when I do another tattooed girl shoot (which makes me think that maybe I should start a nickname for that incarnation of me- Tata?  Tats?).   I had to use a big bottle of GOO-GONE® just to get them to unstick from the skin, and no matter what you did (soap, bath), they remained sticky even underwater.  So in the end you have this big ball of goo that you’re using to unstick tape residue off something else that it wants to stick to even more.
It sticks to the sides of the tub,  then sticks to your hand, then sticks to the trash can, and you can’t unstick it from that unless you grab it with another hand and the whole thing sounds like a Wile.E. Coyote routine with Acme high-powered glue and oh what a mess and I’m so glad to get this shit off my skin.

(the reason my hands are all pruney is not that I’m an old crone, just I just spent an hour in the tub)

Anyway, that’s my big update, gotta back to editing pictures which I’ll get up on the site ASAP.



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Too hot to think.

I often times get lazy and then feel guilty about not getting the things done that I wanted, so I thought I’d let you know what I’m all up to, since things are in the works but I’ve had to change gears and do other things I hadn’t planned to do instead.

I’m getting better about not beating myself up with guilt if I don’t do all the things I’ve planned. I guess it just means I’ll do other things that are also productive instead.

Long story short, I had some plans to do some shoots in my studio this week but I sort of had to table them until the heat wave breaks.

Right now it’s at least  95 F and about 105 F in the direct sun here today.  My studio building is about 70 feet by 30 feet with the one largest room (where at the shooting bays are) being 30 x 45 feet.  I DO have an air conditioner in there (I don’t know how many BTU’s it has but it’s a very large window unit).  If it’s 80 F outside and cloudy, or it’s at night, that one AC is sufficient to cool it enough to be able to work in there, but when the studio itself is in the direct sunlight and it’s so hot, the best it will do is make it 80 in there, and once those hot studio lights come into play- forget it- it’s pretty much like trying to keep an ice cube intact in an oven.  In other words it’s an exercize in futility.

So I’m indoors in my house in smaller air conditioned rooms and working on my next batch of outfits, or some tweaks to my intro pages to my site, or working on that tattoo art that I’ve been planning forever for a batch of tatted girl shoots I’ve been gettng closer to doing.

I’m sorry, I wish I had more to report.  I get very worried about people leaving my website because they don’t see enough activity.  I also have two bookings with photographers this week for shoots, which quite frankly hasn’t happened in years, so that’s a very good thing too.

Be patient, please send me encouragement we will see some results soon.. I’m getting sick of unfinished 3/4 finished projects that need one or two tiny things left in order to make them happen.. It’s soooooo frustrating.  But right now the thing I don’t need is to look like shit because I try to do a shoot in the sweltering heat with sweat dripping down my forehead from hot lights or direct sunshine.  There’s nothing worse than looking like shit in a photo shoot.  Or spending 3 days longer with tedious photoshop work clone-stamping out all those sweat droplets.  Ah, the horrible terrible life of a model/photographer!

Be patient. There’s stuff in the pipeline.  I’ll post some in progress pictures on my tumblr or like on my twitter, (which I discovered I barely use).



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Pennsic and Tired.

Ugh,  ugh ugh ugh.  Where do I even start with what’s been going on the last few weeks?

So much done, so much effort put into things, so little to show you guys at the moment.  Well, I suppose I should begin at the beginning.

As you probably have gathered, I’ve had a rough couple of months, with having to re-adjust my career to not include dancing at strip clubs.  I embarked on going full speed ahead on camming sites like streamate and chaturbate, and they both have their advantages and disadvantages, and I’m still trying to find the magic combination to use  both to my benefit without each one hurting the other’s business.  I have discovered that I can always make consistently good money on streamate, but the downside is that I have to stop and start shows depending on whether I’m in paid chat or not.

The advantage to chaturbate is that I get a LOT more attention, but the money trickles in and I feel like more freeloaders are viewing me, which ultimately makes me wonder if it’s taking away potential dollars earned on streamate.  However, chaturbate is the ideal site from which I can do LIVE BROADCASTS of my shoots as they happen, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  Also, I believe you can set up private password only shows on chaturbate, which also means I can offer those shows to website members only- effectively offering webcam shows as a perk and a feature to website members.  And now more than ever, I really, really, really do need more members to my site, because my numbers are nowhere near the glory days of 2006, let me tell you.

So, I had been webcamming a lot the last few months, to make up for the shortcomings of not making the extra income I got used to getting when I stripped at Satin Doll.  And well, I was convinced into attending the Pennsic War this year, when my better judgement had told me that maybe I should sit it out and worry about making money.  But Pennsic is an event that I have regularly done with my sister for years, and it’s a great place to express my costume making talents, and it’s sort of a vacation too.  If you don’t know what this event is about,  I’ve probably described it best as this:  It’s a Ren Faire with 11,000+ people, lavish camping (if you do it right), and pretty much parties every night.  Oh, and I guess there’s a battle going on as well, but I haven’t even seen that for years.  I’ve attended like 15 of these in the last 25 years or so, ever since I was a teenager, so it’s something I’m used to doing.

I missed it last year because I was getting myself out of a financial hole, and didn’t have the money for the pre-registration when it was due, even though when the event was held, I was doing well enough to have gone.  This year the opposite was true.  I had the money to go when pre-reg was done, but by the time the event came around, things had gotten pretty tight, but the money for attendance had basically been spent, at which point it was merely a question of getting there and feeding myself once there.  And my sister had convinced me to go, back in April, because we both had been to this event separately, and realized we had more fun there when we both had someone to fall back on to hang out with.  And for those of you saying “omg Tara Emory has a sister”, well, you can stop whatever it is you’re thinking about right there.  My sister is very VERY different from me- almost quite the opposite, in regards to lifestyle (I’m far, far more outgoing and exhibitionist-  I won’t say that she’s a prude-  it’s probably more like she’s totally normal and I’m the abnormal one).

But as siblings of course we share a bond and at events like this you can kind of fall back into childhood patterns, which people often do with families.  I was actually looking forward to having a more calm, less party-ing Pennsic.  Less drinking, less sex, that sort of thing.  (which of course, didn’t happen, but I did keep the drinking in check, I never got sick or hung over).

But this year it was a tricky thing trying to go to this thing together as it meant leaving our rather frail and elderly mom alone in the house for a week.  So we had set things up so that people were going to come by every day or so and pretty much (hopefully) things were going to be on auto-pilot and no disasters would happen.  The worst thing that happened the last time we went together and left her (which was like 4 years ago) was that one of my sister’s kittens got very sick and almost died and my mom was sort of at a loss as to what to do about him.  I think really she just though he was going to die and when you’re old and live on a fixed income I don’t think she saw taking him to the vet as a high priority (plus she doesn’t drive any more so she didn’t really have a way to get there).  So my sister had to basically force her to take a cab to the vet and everything worked out alright but it certainly left some hesitation to leave her alone again.  The next 3 Pennsics my sister and I alternated but this year we were like “fuck it, we’re going, hopefully nothing bad will happen”.

So the week leading up to Pennsic (I left July 31st) was hectic.  Of course, you have a year since the last one (or in my case, 2 years, since I last went in ’13), but as it ends up happening, everything comes down to the week before, or more likely, the 2 days before you leave.  I had to alter a lot of my clothes to fit my new tits, and I had a few new/altered fetish outfits that I had done specifically for parties there.  And of course,  you always end up not making quite as much as you’d like, and any plans or chances I had to do a shoot for my website before leaving went right out the window.  Basically we had a few stupidly hot and humid days so shooting under hot lights wasn’t going to happen.  And then, to make everything worse, I foolishly gave myself a UTI.

Yep. That was dumb.  Remember how I said I was camming a lot?  Well, I was experimenting a lot with uretrhal sounding and it was a huge hit with the webcammers but I got really sloppy in sterilizing my toys.  And after an aggressive of putting things where the sun doesn’t shine, I knew something was terribly wrong.  Terribly wrong.

Kids, if you’re gonna do it, boil your toys (and wisely let them cool down), or something to keep bacteria down.  After a few days of very painful urination, I broke down and went into the ER/walk-in clinic a few days before leaving, and said “Give me antibiotics, I’m 110% certain I have a bladder infection”.

The ran some tests, and yes I was right, but of course inevitably they asked how exactly I knew, because if you have a penis, it’s uncommon to have a UTI unless it’s from an std, and I was like “it’s not an std, trust me”, and eventually I had to tell them what exactly I was doing there.  And that I was heading for a week of camping and porta-potties and being woken by HAVE TO PEE NOW and pain in a place like that is absolute HELL and something I didn’t want to deal with.  This needs to GO AWAY now, and of course, after a day of antibiotics, it did.

So yeah, maybe that was all TMI about my UTI that wasn’t and STD, but guess what?  OMG you should be glad I’m not FUBAR.

The cloud of this silver lining to the story is that my hospital co-pay is probably a huge chunk of the camming income I made doing the thing that put me in the hospital in the first place.  At the very least, I was admitted and prescribed them very quickly, so it wasn’t a huge hit in my busy pre-Pennsic schedule.

So I was all ready to go.  I didn’t get the chance to work on my tent or finish outfits too much, but hey, I’ll just wing it.  So the plan was to leave at 7am Friday morning to drive the 600 miles west to Western PA and get there while there’s still enough daylight to set up your tent and get settled.  It’s NOT the sort of event you can fly to, though some people do, and leave their campsite equipment in storage every year.  For us, it’s always a huge car load of stuff, because if you’re going to spend a week there, it’s good to do it up to the lap of luxury.

Thursday night was spent finishing up things as much as I could, though many of the details to my new outfit would have to wait till I was there.  Once  you’re there, there’s always time to kill in the afternoon, in the window of time between being too hot to be in your tent, and too dark to see what you’re doing.  The weather can vary greatly at Pennsic, sometimes it rains every day, sometimes it’s far too hot, sometimes it’s just awful.  The last year I went (2013),  it was the most amazing weather, like sunny and  low 70′s every day, which is incredibly gorgeous.  This year there had been abnormally high rainfall before the event, so there was a lot of worry that sites would be swampy, but as it turns out it was dry for a while all during the event so it wasn’t a concern at all.

Anyway, Thursday I also was “required” to do some repair work on a hole in my mom’s front porch, lest she fall into that hole into oblivion.  So amidst packing the car or my stuff, and my sister’s stuff, I also had to dedicate 2 hours to this.  Plus it was raining, and packing a car and working on a front porch in the rain isn’t any fun.


The car was packed, and it barely held everything of ours, and was dragging really close to the ground.    Any reservations I had about driving a 28 year old car with 300,000 miles on it 600 miles were pushed into the back of my mind (and as it turns out, unfounded as this is of course, a Volvo, you can’t kill them), as I went back home to try to get a few hours sleep.  I was instructed to not be a minute late in arriving to pick my sister up, because well, she gets really pissed if I’m late and whatever, I don’t want this trip to start off on the wrong foot.

So, 4 hours of not quite so much sleep, and at 6:40 am I get a call from my sister.  She hadn’t been feeling well the last few days and felt even worse right now, and decided that maybe it’s not such a good idea that she goes to Pennsic.  Well, that was information that would’ve been useful 6 HOURS BEFORE I LOADED THE CAR ALL UP WITH BOTH OF OUR CAMPING CRAP.

too much...

Of course I was pissed.  The entire reason I got convinced to go to this event is because it was something to do together.  She suggested that maybe I go alone, tomorrow, but didn’t seem to suggest that she would go at all.   I threw it out there that maybe once we got going and got there she’d feel better, but this event can really take a LOT out of  your physically and if you’re not feeling completely up to your game, it can be hell.

I also looked at the car with 900lbs of stuff in it, and the drive back to my house  after loading it up the car wasn’t happy either (the nose was sorta pointing straight up, and the whole thing was handling pretty strangely).  Plus the roof rack was a stock roof rack and on the flimsy side, and add to that the assurance that if she stayed home, I wouldn’t have to worry about mom, or having to come home early if my sister got tired, so I wasn’t angry for long.

About an hour later I had all my sister’s stuff out of the car, and the load was significantly reduced, and I was on my way.  Any fears about the car making it sorta evaporated after a few hundred miles.  About the worst thing that happened is that the temperature gauge died, but it’s a cooling fan driven my the engine, and there was no antifreeze or water pump leaks, so henceforth it could be ignored.  I’ve driven on plenty of long road trips in dodgy old jalopies, and in most cases the best way to look at it is this:  “Hmm, does this car have 1200 miles of driving back and forth to the supermarket still in it?  Why yes, I think it does!  Then in that case it’ll do 600 miles each direction if you baby it.”

So yeah, made it, got there, set up camp.  Then went into town the next day to get all the stuff that was forgotten/figured out you needed once you get there.  I also picked up my Roman arch that I made for the Blue Feather encampment, and during the event, I worked a bit on it.

I pretty much ignored the outside world for a bit, though I had access to a really nifty solar powered phone charger, which is one of the many benefits to the ever improving campsite of Clan Blue Feather (thanks papa Caleb!).   There’s plenty of people with store bought (mundane) tents, but there’s a whole lot of period tents and a recent outbreak of Mongolian yurts (which are very cool, ~literally~ cool, though I don’t know if I want one), and all my campmates are great and they always make me feel welcome, even though I tend to just do my own thing.  I did a lot of wandering at night and though I think I was more social this year than 2 years before, I was missing what was sorta intended on going with my sister- someone to default to hanging around with, if you want to go into “pennsic town” merchanting and all that.

Of course, once my sister had the weight of not being worried about feeling sick at Pennsic, she let me know she felt a lot better, and briefly considered just throwing all her stuff in her car and following the next day.  But eventually she decided she didn’t feel quite well enough and stayed home, which I guess was the best.  I advised her that the best way she’d not miss Pennsic was to pick some other activity that  you wouldn’t have normally done during that time, that way you aren’t kicking yourself for missing out, and you have another experience in it’s place.

So here’s my tent, which every year I say will be the last year I’m going to use it.  The skin is ripstop nylon that’s now nearly 30 years old (I made it from the skin and frame of two earlier homeade tents) and is no longer “rip-stop”. In fact, it’s very brittle and very rippable.  We got very lucky with not having any more rain this year than about a minute of a sprinkle, so all my work patching and waterproofing it were never put to the test.

So, outfits!  What did I make, and what do I have to show you?  Well, I made lots, but sadly I don’t have a heck of a lot to show  you right now.

The big outfit this year was that I finished up/made progress on the Valkyrie outfit I had started years back.  Years back it looked like this, just a corset, panties, collar and helmet:

But there was always going to be a LOT more to it, and like too many of my current projects, I don’t want to shoot with it until it’s really exactly where I want it to be.   Before leaving for Pennsic, I managed to get a lot more pieces done, actually so many that the corset part didn’t really work with it any more.  Like I think it works better with a bare belly.

My finishing up work at Pennsic itself consisted of gluing on details.  It’s hard to describe what sort of material this is, It’s like a super-heavy plastic/vinyl material.  It’s not impossible to sew (and I confess I jam anything I can into my poor sewing maching) but you almost have to manually spin the wheel to push the needle into the material and sort of hand-sew with a sewing machine (if that makes ANY sense).  But seeing how it’s a very non-porous plasticy smooth material, it’s actually one of the few things I’ve worked on where Super Glue works wonderfully.  Liquid (not gel) super glue likes it when two surfaces are extra smooth, and there is no air gaps.  So this stuff glues brilliantly, though it can’t take a lot of sideways stress.  So the thing to do is sew it, and then superglue another layer of gold on top, covering the stitches.

Here’s some shots of the details in progress.

Sadly, I don’t have ANY shots of me wearing this at the Blue Feather Ball at Pennsic.  Even though I had made all the individual pieces beforehand, and tried them all on seperately, having all of them on at the same time clearly revealed just how freaking uncomfortable this outfit really it.  It’s pretty much the same material I made the Dildroid outfit that Mandy Mitchell wore in UNS, and as filming for that went on, it was so uncomfortable for her, that alterations were made (cutting out parts that chafe) and eventually whole pieces of the outfit were taken off just for comfort’s sake.

Add to that I was wearing 7 or 8 inch heels, and had to walk about 1/4 mile on dirt road to the event from the campsite in them.  And then back in the dark.  So just getting my ass there was the priority, bringing a camera wasn’t, though I’m sure someone took a picture of me, and that’ll surface sooner or later.  Also, any pictures shot at Pennsic would’ve been in the dark/flash/icky lighting situations which also don’t do justice to this outfit.  I look forward to the eventually shoot I do in my studio in this, because what you see here really doesn’t show how cool it is.

Another main piece of garb I have is a dress that’s evolved over the years to become some sort of Russian princess of something, and it’s an outfit that’s benefitted from my recent experimentations with the bimbo look.  I had to alter this one to fit my new boobs but I think it looks cool.  It’s not the sort of outfit one might do a porn shoot in, so it really doesn’t get used much outside of Pennsic (though if anyone ever wants to hit King Richard’s Faire, I’m totally game).

Other outfits I tend to wear at Pennsic are little scraps of fur and general naughtyness.  For a Mardi Gras party they have there, I broke out my “Carnal Carnivale” outfit and I had a fun conversation with a much younger person about it the next day.  I’m guessing she was in her 20′s, but maybe she was even younger but damn, these kids don’t know anything.  I described to her that I was wearing a harlequin outfit the night before, and she kept reading it as “Harley Quinn”, and I kept having to repeat that it was “a harlequin outfit”, and she didn’t seem to know that there was this whole “harlequin” thing long before Batman came around.  But I digress. Kids these days don’t know anything.  For some reason this reminds me of years ago reading an article about those Saturn cars and the idiot in the article seeming to think they were named after the “Saturn V rocket” that put the Apollo capsule in orbit, when it’s pretty clear anyone looking at the Saturn car logo that it’s the goddamn planet with rings which I think pre-dates the rocket by about a zillion years (though I think the Roman god pre-dates the naming of the planet).  Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, so the harlequin outfit (which was literally like “oh, this old thing I threw on?”) was a hit, and for another party, I was something of an incursion from the medival future when I wore something decidedly Rococo.  I made some panniers and trimmed a padded bra to match the old “Masquerade” outfit and came up with this:

Again, I’m sorry for the shitty quality of the photos.  The drawback of Pennsic is that it gets pretty hot during the day, from the moment you’re basically forced awake out of your tent by the heat  (I swear sometimes you can hear the timer going off on the oven.. Bing!  Dinner’s cooked!), then you spend most of the afternoon trying to beat the heat, or just enduring it.  Then around 5pm it finally cools down and you have precious 2 or 3 hours of tolerable temperatures/indirect sunlight that you can work on stuff.  By the time it’s getting dark is when you have a small window to do make up and get ready for whatever parties are going on that night.  And by the time you’re heading out, it’s already dark.  Since I didn’t take a real camera (just the iphone camera) I didn’t really get decent nighttime photos.  So, shitty grainy selfies and crappy phone flash shots will have to do.

Yes, that’s a ship sewed into the Marie Antionette wig.  I really really want to make a Rococo tgirl porn sooner or later.

I actually censored myself my making a panel covering my usually exposed crotch area. I dunno, I must be losing my exhibitionist touch.  Either that or I’m just being more sensitive to other people’s consent issues.  It’s all fine and dandy to be an exhibitionist at the right sort of events, but sometimes other people don’t quite want to see so much skin so yeah, I guess maybe I’m a bit more grown up about it.  In any event, I was told after the fact that my Valkyrie outfit was barely keeping my junk tucked, but I had much bigger things to worry about that night I hardly noticed amidst all the poking and plastic biting and pinching me.

But after about a week of Pennsic, I was feeling pretty exhausted.  Despite wearing a gallon of sunscreen and using parasols, it’s almost inevitable that I get a bit too much of a suntan where I really don’t want it, and all that walking in the sun wears you down, not to mention feeling overextended and strung out.  The event was over by Saturday, but by Friday morning I had had enough, and my allergies were in overdrive.  Plus I knew if I could get back before Saturday afternoon, I could squeeze in a few hours of webcamming before the close of the next pay period.

So I packed up camp and blew out of there by Friday evening.  I made the 600 mile trek home back in a respectable 10 hours (nowhere near my record time in 2013, when I made it there in 8~ hours – yes that’s an average of 75~), immediately climbed right into bed, to wake up Saturday afternoon to squeeze in a few hours of webcamming.

Then back to bed and lots and lots of sleep between Sunday and now.  And lots of cleaning because my cats really aren’t doing their part to clean up the place while I’m gone (despite many failed attempts to show them how to turn on the vacuum, I mean, how hard is it?  I swear they’re just ignoring my instructions).

So now it’s Tuesday and what’s next?  Well, writing this and then figuring out what’s next. That’s what’s next.

Blagh. This is how i still feel days later.

I sorta need a vacation from the vacation…


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Two new shoots : Sneak Peek of “Bronie’s Wet Dream” and Blue Gingham/Picnic revisited

So Tuesday (7/7) when I reported last, I was nearly ready to shoot these two shoots, one outdoors and one indoors.  Wednesday it was very hot and humid and there were pretty much back to back thunderstorms in the forecast, so I didn’t think I was going to get a chance to shoot before the weekend.

So I worked on things all day Wednesday, and even with the A/C running in my studio it was barely enough to keep the place cool.  What happened unexpectedly that night is that after all day of trying to cool down the studio, it naturally got colder at night, and better still it would stay that way for Thursday before going back up into the 80′s

And on top of that, we got some breaks of sunshine, not exactly ideal conditions, but well enough that I took a stab at my new Blue Gingham outfit re-interperation  (which I don’t know what to call this shoot, yet, as it’s sorta a combination of “Bike Ride” and “Picnic”).  I polished off an old blue and white 3-speed bike I have, put tons of flowers in a basket, and even though it was clouding up, I decided to risk it.

Usually I don’t get so lucky shooting outdoors when it’s a mix of clouds and sun. Generally I like sun and blue sky more than clouds at all, but the day went along well enough that I’m happy with the lighting.  I tend to put my back to the sun, and use a reflector to light my body.
Anyway, I think these pictures came out fantastic, even though it’s not the shoot I spent quite as much time preparing for.  So I will be editing these pictures up first and putting them on the site, with “Bronie’s Wet Dream” to follow later.

So later that night it was cool enough in the studio to shoot without melting (though even with a fan running, it got hot enough under the studio lights, because it turns out that this pegacorn outfit I made has an awful lot of layers!  Not to mention leg warmers and knit stockings.  How did the shoot come out?  Well, ok.. I haven’t really sifted through all the shots yet.

For all my hard work on the wings and the horn and all that, I soon discovered that the awkwardness of the outfit and the squishiness of the white fur covered mattress made it pretty difficult to do quite as many poses as I would have liked.  I got about 100 shots done and then enough heat had built up that I had to take a break.

I knew I had forgotten something- a cutie mark!  Oh well.    So after the break I resumed the shoot without the wings or gloves just because it was too hot to work. I haven’t really gone through all the shots yet, but I took about 200, and if I can put together a set of about 150 or so, then that’s a good amount.  I guess I’m just editing the blue ones now because that’s the set I feel better about.  With some clever cropping of the other ones I’m sure it’ll be a good set, and then it’s on to whatever the next shoots are!

I dunno, maybe I need to add a few rainbows in the background or something, What do you think?


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Get your shit together, Tara.

Well, I have some good news to report, but as usual it’s going to take a little while to see results.

Over 4th of July weekend I went full speed ahead with my pegacorn costume, and decided to make new feathery wings, using the feathers from the old ones, which were over 10 years old, and falling apart.  But the feathers will still good.

I got a couple pieces of foam core and decided on a different style entirely for the new wings.  The old wings (above) were more vertical, and the new design (below) more horizontal, like outstretched.  I also went bigger, and got about to the point you see in this picture when I realized something was amiss.
The old ones were wire and posterboard, but they had some three-dimensionality to them, whereas the new ones were totally flat.  The more I worked on the new ones, the more I started to appreciate the fact that the old ones looked great from more than one angle.  The more the new ones started to look like cheap wings from the party store too.  Plus, I think I completely fucked up the shape of them, with the curve of the large feathers curving out on the bottom, instead of in.  After a while I realized that the new ones also reminded me of that graphic representation of a mustache that was popular for a while, though as graphic things go, it was something I really hated.   When you are making something that reminds you of something you loathe, that’s when it’s time to rip it up and start over.

So, I went back to the drawing board.  Since I had only ripped half of the feathers off the old ones, all the parts of that pair that needed repair were easily accessible.  I decided to just stiffen and fix the old pair,and add some extra curves to it. The result is much much better, and someday I’ll probably start from scratch but use the old pair as a guide.  Actually what would be cool would be ones that are hinged and have joints in them like real wings, but that would be for another day.  So here’s how the new-old ones came out.

As you can see, they have great curves to them, and look good from all angles, even if they aren’t outstretched like I was thinking I wanted.

I’m not sure what I was thinking with the flat new ones, and I’m glad I came to my senses and went back to what worked.  Sorta like what I went through earlier on in the same outfit with trying a zillion different colored wigs all added together until I settled on just one rainbow one.  There’s a process of trial and error and just getting everything right, and sometimes that process takes time.   I’m working on tweaking the corset, building the set and making the ears/horn for it now, but I’m going to wrap thing up as quickly as possible so I can shoot asap.

However, while I was cleaning out my sewing room so that I could subsequently get feathers everywhere, I stumbled across my old blue gingham corset, the outfit used the the old “Picnic” and “Blug Gingham” shoots way back.  I had brought it in because I ended up desperate for trim to embellish the red “Polka Hearts” outfit (see blog post here).  I needed a few more yard of a very specific trim that I had used on that outfit, and after a day of hitting many cloth stores, I gave up.  Only to discover that there was a lot of it on the blue gingham corset and it really didn’t work so well on that one.  And it also turned out that I had something better that worked with the blue/white color scheme.  So I ripped it off , used it on polka hearts (the new shoot called “Polkadots and Pearls”)  and tossed it in a pile to be fixed later.

Cleaning my room I was like, well, I should just FIX this corset now while it’s right in front of me and the trim is right here.  You know, right then and there instead of doing what I usually do, which is put it off till later.  I also took the opportunity to open up the bra cups a bit to fix my new silicone orbs.  And then tied it all together with a new long, blonde bimbo hairstyle and posed for a few selfies.

Wow.  Everything I’ve ever made looks 1000x better with huge fucking tits.  So with a little more tweaking (I had to make a hair bow and I have some buttons to sew on), I think this will be an outfit I shoot in very soon. I was thinking on a blue and white 3-speed bike with flowers in a basket, outside under the shade, and then a few sipping wine on a picnic cloth out in the grass.  I’ve got a nice back yard to film this in, provided that no assholes decide to cut through my yard at precisely that moment.

mental note: I really need to finish up my sewing room and make it more photogenic


Unfortunately, the minute you start thinking about doing shoot outdoors, -without fail- that is when the weather decides it’s going to cloud up on you, or give you that hazy sunshine which gives you crappy lighting.  I’m waiting for a crisp, sunny day, when the sky is a medium blue, and I can use the sunlight as a backlight, with a reflector as fill light.  I’ve tried shooting on cloudy days or hazy sunshine days, and a bright white sky is good for nothing, and cloudy days just make all the colors kind of dull.  So, with thunderstorms in the forecast, I’m biding my time for a nice day to shoot, otherwise I’m all ready to go.

Seriously, if you want to make it rain, the thing to do is to plan an outdoor shoot, and heck, you might as well wash your car, and take a convertible for a spin with the top down, because that seems to create some kind of low pressure vortex creating rainstorms.  I’m certain there’s a paper on this in Scientific American.  Did you also know there’s a mathematical formula for how far something bounces off the floor when you drop it?  The distance something bounces away from you when you drop is is proportional to how irreplaceable that thing is.  So If its like the one screw you need to finish something, and that screw is something you can’t get (like made out of unobtanium), if you drop it only 2 feet, it’s almost certain to bounce about 25 feet away from the point of impact.

Like I said, there’s probably a whole nobel prize winning article on this theorem somewhere…

So today I’m running a few errands, to get those last bits and pieces together for the new Blue Gingham outfit shoot, and also the Bronie’s Wet Dream shoot.  If I can really get shit together, I’ll try to have a little area in my house ready to go for a run-of-the-mill lingerie shoot too.


PS Everything looks better with boobs.




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Incremental progress.. and ups and downs.. 

June has been a rough month for me.  But it’s important that I rear my head and let everyone know what I’m up to, and that I’m still alive and that the reason I haven’t reported much is simply that I’ve been far too busy to even report on the things I’ve been up to.

First things first, of course, is that The Satin Doll closed around the first week of June.  And with it I can say goodbye to a lot of drama (ooh, stripper drama!  The best kind of drama!).  I may write a whole other blog post about that, but right now I’m content to just have nice thoughts about the place, and the experience I had there.   There’s a chance something might pop up the replace it, a few nights a week I guess.

But more importantly, the loss of my earnings at The Satin Doll is a big financial hit for me.  When it was good, you’d be making good money for the 6 or 7 hours that it took out of a few days a week.  When it was bad, it was frustrating being there, just thinking that I was wasting time that could’ve better been spent on new shoots or, well, anything else.

Up to about mid-May, I was still doing well.  After I came back from Florida (Memorial Day weekend), it was clear the well had gone dry, and I didn’t make too much at all.  On one of those dead nights I got a few pictures of me there, though I never did get any video of me pole dancing.

As a souvenir of the place I managed to score a few of their lampshades.  There was talk about me sneaking in and getting a photo shoot done at the bar, but without a partner in crime to pull it off (ok, well I did have permission), it didn’t really happen.

So with  that gone, I decided to take a few weeks off to work on other things.  I involved myself in a car project that so far hasn’t yielded much thats drivable since this particular car ended up being a LOT more work than I bargained for.  However, I did a bang-up job on the upholstery so I ever get desperate for a normal job I can always go into upholstery (more on that later).
And somewhere around mid-month I did get my other recent shoot (now called Polkadot Overdose) up and running on the site.  It’s ok, I admit it doesn’t break any new ground, but then again I think I could just re-shoot all my old outfits in my new tits and y’all would be happy with that.

But I had gone and made myself a list of unfinished projects around my yard and life that were like 75% done.  It was a big list, and I’d get distracted a lot (which is why I seem to be surrounded by unfinished projects).  I’m very flighty when it comes to projects, and I get easily bored, and then alternately overwhelmed by life and project, projects projects.

So I like to shoot porn in my backyard, which is away from the prying eyes of neighbors.  However, everyone has seemed to decide that it’s a shortcut to a convenience store and coffee shop, so I wasted so much energy on just being angry about that.  Like really, you kids (and adults who should know better), stay out of my yard.
So I spent a lot of time building fence, out of bamboo, which I’m imaging will also double as a great background for a bloodthirsty Ooga-Booga cannibal shoot someday.
So this is all bamboo harvested from my own yard, as I have a patch I try to um.. contain.. when I mow around it.  Sadly, to make my life even worse, my (ride on) lawnmower needs like a $400 repair, and when all you have to use is a push mower to mow an acre and a half (and you really don’t have the budget to hire someone to do it), suddenly life gets very hard in the heat of the summer.

So there was losing the Satin Doll gig, having to deal with fencing out the neighbors (because really, I don’t want people walking in on my nude sunbathing in the backyard), and lots of manual labor I was happy to do (the secret, I found out, is to mow your lawn at dusk, when the sun isn’t so powerful).

Somewhere in there I experienced a few days of feeling very numb, and I don’t know if I had exerted myself of I was just pushing myself too hard.  I was also having a lot of anxiety about my loss of income (though I should’ve just jumped on webcam – more on that later). I woke up one day -I think June 17th- feeling like absolute garbage.  I tend to also get dehydrated overnight but some magic horrible combination of things was making me feel like crap.  I called my doctor to ask if some recent change to my prescriptions might have caused this.  They didn’t seem to think so but said maybe I should get myself to the ER.
I got into my trusty Volvo, and drove the 6 or so miles to the nearest hospital.  Only like a mile away I started to feel very light headed, and anxious.  I somehow I knew I wasn’t going to make it, and wether I started to hyperventilate or not I don’t recall.  All I know is that I had a thought in my head that I was dying, and waking up with my head on the passenger seat, and my car off the road, in a city.

Somehow I think I knew I wasn’t going to make it and started to start to park the car, but instead I was gone fully up onto the curb and into a parking lot and the front bumper was gently up to rest against a metal post.  I regained consciousness and someone in their truck was calling the police, about my “accident”, which to him looked worse than it was because my windshield has a bunch of cracks in it (I think he thought I had hit my head).
My first though of course, after realizing that I hadn’t died, and just had fainted, was fuck, I can’t leave the car here- the last thing my sorry broke ass needs is an expensive tow/impound/insurance hike.   Wether the post had stopped me or I already had my foot on the brake I don’t know, but I backed up, and not far from where I went off, was an open parking spot.  I managed to do this before the ambulance came, and as far as anyone was concerned, there really had been no accident at all (there was no damage to my car, and the metal post had just been shifted over like 6 inched in the ground- and was so rough looking I think the thing had been hit a bunch of times anyway.
So you’d think that the hospital visit itself would be noteworthy, but all I can say is that they got me on IV fluids, I felt like shit for about 5 hours, then suddenly felt normal and back to my old self.  CT scans and all sorts of tests really didn’t reveal anything, so if anything was wrong with me past just simple exhaustion and fainting from anxiety I have no idea. And it seems like doctors don’t know either.

And apparently ambulance companies don’t know how to do their jobs because a week later, I got a $1800 bill for the half mile ambulance ride (and I’ve ridden in an ambulance before with my insurance so I know it’s not supposed to cost me this much). Somehow they had the bill written out to my old boy name, which I legally changed ages ago, so I have no idea what’s going to happen when I try to use Tara’s insurance to pay for it, because they’ll probably think I’m trying to use someone else’s insurance.
Anyway, that’s something I will deal with later.
I pretty much took it easy for a while, editing the Polkadot Overdose shoot, and figuring out how to pay my bills.  I’m a little late paying my mortgage payment for July, but I’ve been aggressively webcamming on so I know that if I put the hours into it, I can pretty much make up for the lost Satin Doll income.

So back to my list of things to do.  One of them was -finish the spaceship for UNS that I started making a year ago and it got put on the back burner and sorta fell behind the stove.

In a marathon, almost overnight session, I made some serious progress on the ship.  Why I decided to give it this much detail, well, I hope when I start shooting the spaceship flying shots, I will really make this film into something special.
The technique for all these “metal” panels is taking many many pieces of silver spray painted poster board and then using spray glue to stick them to the body of the ship, which (in order to get that compound curve bulbous V-2 rocket profile – as opposed to just a simple rocket tube), was a complicated combination of carved foam and that Good Stuff spray foam.  Then along the edges of the panels I would take a nail that was secured in a pair of tiny vise grips, hold that in one hand and gently hammer the rivet dibits.

Sadly over the course of sitting over a year and just expanding and contracting in the air, the spaceship was already starting to fall apart, and a lot of the panels were falling off.  So a lot of the panels also have tiny pins holding them in. Long story short, I need to finish this fucking thing and do all the shots with it before it falls apart completely.  Since there is a big space battle in the film (yes, there’s a lot of shots of us on the bridge lurching to the left and then to the right), it’ll work, just shoot the battle shots last, and trash the ship.
What remains to be made for it are the cockpit cowl (ahem, the mushroom head) and the rocket engine pods (the balls), and of course, some more painting (numbers, stripes, whatever), and landing gear.  The thing is built with a threaded rod running through it so I can film it doing barrel rolls and all that.

Otherwise I had it in my plans to get a few shoots done by the end of June but somehow that didn’t happen.  I still have these giant cherries in my studio waiting for the last bits I need to make that outfit come together (which are actually some more tattoos I want to do for the whole look).. In plan on doing this fairly soon.

Right now I’m working on a fetish Unicorn/Pegasus shoot that will be called…. wait for it….  ”Bronie’s Wet Dream”.  If I haven’t offended people with anything else I’ve done, well this shoot might as well do it.

I experimented with various ways of getting a rainbow look to my wigs, and something wasn’t working at all
Sometimes too much is too much, and less is more, so I chucked that idea of combing wigs together for a cheap-ass (but works so well) rainbow wig from the party store.  The outfit will be spectacular based on the outfit itself, not the stupidly big hair (I have no idea what I was thinking there) .

And the whole outfit so far.  Right now I have to re-make the angel wings because they’re over 10 years old and falling apart, also they don’t really have the shape I want.
I was going to make “hoof boots” but I think I’m just going to fine tune the look I have here and run with it. I can’t be getting myself hung up over every goddamn detail like I usually do.

I don’t quite know what I’m going to do for a background yet.   Since I’ve sorta veered away from the whole my little pony look and more towards a Lisa Frank look, I’ll come up with something, though I’ll try to keep it simple.  In any respect, I’m getting sick of the pink and white striped background I’ve been using too much the last few years (I think it’s time to paint over that wall and do something else.

So that’s where I am at now.  I’m off to get a few supplies today to wrap up this outfit, and I’ve also got a few concept for outdoorsy shoots I’ll probably set up at the same time as this  (one with roller skates sitting on this very nice park bench that I recently restored)

I’m also restoring /recovering this sofa, which will likely be in a shoot sometime.  I can totally see blond hair, purple latex catsuit…

Found another couch (this was the night of the day  spent in the hospital). I can’t resist a roadside find, as long as it’s an actual antique.  This will look fantastic in a nice apple green velvet.

And let’s see, what else did I do this month.  Oh, I replaced the clutch in my 2cv, and this was only 2 days after my hospital visit.
This is an split engine/gearbox/put clutch in/bolt it all together/what are these extra bolts for? job.  I managed to do this literally the day before heading to a car show weekend.  I think the stress of getting ready for this little mini-vacation was probably what put me in the hospital.
Oh, and this month I built a stone wall, in my never ending landscaping project…
Oh god, what else?  Did I ever mention that I also manage my mom’s property (and she’s in her 80′s), which means mowing and right now – taking care of a shit ton of invasive plant species (Ailanthus trees- millions of them, and poison ivy vines thicker than my leg).  Actually the #1 reason I haven’t done a shoot the last few weeks is that I’m recovering from poison ivy I had all over my legs.  Mental note Tara,  stay out of the fucking poison ivy.

But I do occasionally have time to pretty myself up for a camshow.  I’m sorry if what’ I’j doing is not making content for my site, but I have so many other things going on that it’s sorta taken a back seat.  Right now it’s webcamming 3 hours 4x a week just so that I can get some sort of financial cushion.  The good thing about webcamming is that I do know what I can always make money there, as long as I put the effort into it.  Now wether that will grow or dry up I have no idea.

If I look a little tired or worn out in my pictures, it might be to all the activity going on.  I’m going to try to force myself to be lazy, which is tough – and for some of the laborious things I do, get someone to help me so I can -I hate to say it- chub up a bit.  I’m feeling a bit too fit these days.  It might help me to put on a few pounds of fat, actually.

And people wonder why I’m not super social.  People who don’t know me also think I’m sitting around on my ass all day because they don’t see a lot of results.  Well, those people can basically suck a bag of dicks as far as I’m concerned.  My lack of reporting on events is more to do with being too busy and not having a free minute to report on it.  Which is the opposite of people who tweet about every little thing but don’t really do anything at all.

Yeah, and someone said I don’t have ADD?  Uhh… yeah…

So today I gotta clean the house and reorganize, because of course, the house goes to pot when all these other things are going on.  I’ll probably jump on webcam later and then tomorrow, the 4th I think I’m actually going to take the day off to actually be in the presence of other people (which doesn’t happen much).

Anyway, be patient.  As crazy as you think my life is, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  If I can ever get on top of my finances and devote some time to writing it, you’ll read about it all in my memoirs, which as you can expect, would be a graphic novel, and extremely time consuming to make…


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I’m back with two new shoots!


See, I told you’d I’d be back, and just squeezed two shoots in that I’m going to release pretty rapid fire, so they’re the “May” updates.

For all the thing going on in my life, sometimes I can cut through the crap and do two shoots in a day.  In this case I did one shoot before going in to work at the Satin Doll (though business has been so bad this past weekend I don’t know if it’s worth it for me to go in again at all), and then one shoot after leaving work.

One shoot is a vamping up of the old “Polka Hearts” shoot, with the hat from “That Red Dress”, which earlier this month I turned it from a simple big hat to one of my hat extravaganzas.

I had planned on shooting this shoot on my pink and white striped wall in my studio, but I think we’ve seen that wall enough (just as we’ve seen my pink and white striped wall too many times too).   It actually ended up working  better shooting this shoot in my living room, on my rich crimson velvet fainting couch.
The name of this shoot will be (I think), “Pearls and Polkadots”.  As you can see, I have a new fetish, which is uretrhal beads.  I’m also using pearl necklaces as anal beads too.  The whole shoot came out really well, even if it’s a bit over the top with the foofy Marilyn Monroe hair and the big hat.  But hey, it’s what you expect from me, right?
So yeah, I can totally see going into any of my old outfits and turning them into huge, bold  productions.  I have quite a wardrobe of outfits that maybe didn’t pop quite so much the first time I shot in them.
I could literally get a whole year’s worth of photo shoots just out of sprucing up some of my classics, and to be honest, I don’t think my fans would mind one bit.  So truth be told, I should just get off my ass and crank out as much new content this summer, even if I feel that I’m “repeating myself”.

My other shoot was another outfit that didn’t quite live up to it’s full potential the first time I shot in it like way back in 2008.  I think back then it was called “Valentine Boudoir”, but I decided to dust it off for a new shoot.   Turns out the white pvc was flaking off and I had used a sharpie on the inside of the pink vinyl, which bled through and made blue stains on the corset.  So perhaps this is the last hurrah for this one, but with the whole pink and blonde anime hairstyle, it works really well.

Sadly like I said, the white pvc was coming apart all over me.  And even though I have an AC unit in my studio, it barely can stand against the hot lights, so an hour into the shoot, I was pretty sweaty, and there were white flakes of pvc all over various parts of my body.

Thankfullly there’s Photoshop to take care of that.  You should all be grateful for Photoshop.  Some other studios and website would just put up the pictures without any sort of touch up whatsoever.  So this shoot will take a bit longer to get up to snuff.  And actually, if I had never told you there were problems with it, you probably would never have been the wiser.
This is another shoot featuring uretrhal beads, though these ones were actually too small, and they fell out a lot.  Oh, the things I do to my body in the name of erotic art!Another shoot that features my gaping pussy.  I guess if you’re going to be comitted to being a real life hentai futanari doll, you might as well go all the way.

So both shoots will grace my site ASAP.   I’m not sure which one will go up first, but I can tell you that it will feature polkadots and beads!



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Oh hey, I never did much of a report on my trip, did I?

Well I should have, but the iPhone version of WordPress seems to only like the pictures from the selfie facing camera
So here’s some selfies from fetish factory’s 20th anniversary event  


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Two more weekends (at the most)

So the ace had finally come down and it looks like the official closing of the Satin Doll will be the first weekend in June

I’m in for this weekend but to be honest, if tonight is a waste of time, I’m just gonna pack my locker and get on going with whatever the next thing is. I really loved dancing at this place, and it kept me out if bankruptcy for another year (a year ago things looked very bleak).

But at this time if I’m not making any money here, the it’s obvious that it’s keeping me from going the other things that will make me money ( like updating my website more often, or live camshows via streamate)

The real worry i have is that I’m going to freak out with my income getting cut in half.   And when you freak out it usually makes you more likely to be unproductive.   So I really need to stay productive to keep from freaking out

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Burnt out. But that’s ok, I’m going on vacation…

So I don’t think there will be a website update for this month.  And my message to my fans is “Tough luck, I’m burnt out”.

I’ve been doing this website for 15 years and I’m tired of it.  I’m not in a good place right now.  I seem to be surrounded by unfinished and unfinishable projects.  Most of my energies have gone to working at the Satin Doll 3 nights a week, mostly because there’s a very real threat that it won’t be in business in about a month.  It would simply be one thing if they were considering getting rid of the TS dancers because of all the problems I’ve described before, but there’s an interested buyer in the property, and long story short, if we can’t make it work, the owners will sell.  And seeing as the rats are fleeing the sinking ship, I’m guessing we got about another month and then it’s all done.

However things are not all gloom and doom.  There’s some good of fashioned nightmares to add to that.  I inexplicably decided to start working on part of my house a month ago, without really figuring out how I was going to wrap things up.  So now I’m at this point where I completely lost interest in finishing replacing the floors in what was my second bathroom.  Then on top of that it looks like I won’t have anything bigger than a pair of scissors to cut my grass with everything, even my car seems to be breaking around me and I just want to scream (well, I already have had a few screaming fits) and get the fuck out of here and away from all my problems.

It’s hard for me to see it but maybe there are some things that I really should consider victories, though to me, they just seem like not nearly enough.  I have made some incremental progress on a few outfits, but as of yet that hasn’t translated into any new shoots for my site, which is why I’m saying that I don’t think I’m going to get much done on my site this month.  If anything, I really do need a vacation.  I need to recharge my batteries and be around like minded people and rekindled my interest in fetish and costuming and all that.  I mean, working at the Satin Doll pushes certain buttons but I do admit it can be a bit degrading and I’m not relishing the idea of working there much longer anyway.  If it does close, it’s probably just about the right time for me as I’d rather do performing then sleazy lap dancing anyway.

Thankfully, that vacation I’m speaking of is coming tomorrow, though I’m stressed out just getting everything ready for it, and beating myself up for not getting done nearly the amount of stuff I wanted to do as I planned.

Fuck this, I’m off to Fort Lauderdale for Fetish Factory’s XXth Anniversary weekend.  And yeah, I’m not sure what I’m going to wear.  At the very least, I’m packing “Strawberries and Cream”, “Sugar Rush” and a new variation of “Polka Hearts”.  My biggest concern is how the hell I’m going to pack those gigantic hats safely so they don’t get destroyed in my luggage (it looks like I can, though it means bringing a old-style suitcase just for two hats and whatever squishables I can gently pack around them).

I also did make a new sort of bimbo-themed nano-bikini for the pool party which came out nicely.  I can’t tell you how much I  just want to switch off my brain and be a pretty fucktoy this coming weekend.

Sadly, though I don’t have time to do any shoots with any of these outifts before I go.  And even if I did, the editing process is a 2 day slog so it wouldn’t hit the site until after I got back.

UPDATE-  Anyway, what I wrote up to that last paragraph was on Tuesday, I was admittedly feeling strapped for time, so I actually changed my flight to arrive on Thursday instead of Wednesday.  I had actually accidentally booked my flight a day too early and it had become clear that I really needed one more day before leaving, rather than having one more day sitting around doing nothing in Florida.

And I actually feel a lot better because I got to relax and take the rest of Tuesday off.  And that left Wednesday for tying up loose ends and packing, and actually instead it turned out that I got inspired to finally make that tattoo art I’ve been meaning to make.

Allow me to backtrack a bit.  A while back I made an outfit I’m caling “Cherry Bomb”, and I reached a stopping point with the set, which was a giant set of cherries that I’m going to sit on.


And the cherries are these big exercise balls that I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to attach the stems from them or keep from from moving around while I sit on them.  They’re sitting in my studio right now.  But also I really had my heart set of having some ink on my arm when I did the shoot, even if it wasn’t really a real tattoo.
So I had bought some inkjet printer tattoo paper but hadn’t got around to doing the art I really wanted to do, which is nice because I had that extra day today and finally I was fucking inspired to do something.   I did a first version of the artwork which wasn’t working.  I think all the black outlines around the details which really didn’t need black outlines around them was killing it.
So I scrapped it, forced myself to change my style (and looked at real anime and tattoo art for inspiration), and came up with this:
I was so overjoyed with how this loooked compared to the first version I whipped up another page of smaller tattoos, including one for over the breasts.
Feeling pretty good about what I got accomplished in a day (and pretty much all from inception to completion in a day), I printed out my first sheet, only to have the black ink bleed horribly.. Turns out the paper I bought was for color copiers and laser printers.  FUCK!!  I had spent all day on something I really wanted to have ready to go for Florida and now it was all for not, unless.. Shit I thought, there’s a color copier at Staples and they close in 20 minutes and it’s a 15 minute drive.

So I made it to Staples and got my copies, but I went ahead and used the screwed up-bleeding black copies as a test and tried out some of the temporary tattoos on myself.  The results don’t look half bad, and keep in mind these were made from the messed up prints.

So yeah.. I got some amazing stuff done, but right now the priority is Fetish Factorys event this weekend, then the shoots of me as a inked beauty when I get back.

And with some of the new looks I’m doing, this really is a completely different Tara..
See in in Florida and when I get back!


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