Glory, Glory Hole-Elujah!

My my, I’ve been a naughty slut, haven’t I?  Serviceing all those hung guys in that filthy bathroom stall in the rest area off US Rt 69…

I’m such a cum dumpster at heart!

What a trashy tramp!

All those guys!  Good thing they used protection when they fucked me!  I’m such a filthy slut!!

I never said I wasn’t going to slurp it up, anyway?

So tra la la.   This shoot came out pretty good.. Very dirty.   I may have gone a bit far in some places, like maybe a tad bit overboard with the cum-filled condoms, but this is an erotic vignette after all.  I’m really pushing the hentai angle, so hey, might as well push it all the way.

Enjoy the new set, it just went up on the site tonight.  The other sets and shoot are still in progress.  I might have to switch gears over the next couple of days for my preperation for AVN, which basically snuck up on me quicker than I realized.  Oh well, at the very least, I’ll just throw a bunch of outfits in my bags and work with that.  Whether I go to the awards or not is still up in the air, but I’m going to try to be prepared if I can manage to go, becuase I know there’s a red carpet and a great opporunity for pubilcity.  But I got like 2 days left to make things unless I end up bringing outfits ot finish.  Uh oh, I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those sort of trips..




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The Tara Emory 3.0 Graphics Package is Up! (mostly)

My big site Graphics Package Overhaul is finally up and running, for the most part. Now my site is finally Tara Emory 3.0!  For the splash page, I kept a similar theme, but from my newer shoot “Pastel Pet

Come check out the new (aka 

You see, the “portal”, or “free area” of my site hadn’t been updated for a while, and it really needed an upgrade.    Hopefully it better represents the goodies within, and how versatile a fantasy merchant I am.

I had been working on sets lately, but was just full of ideas for the site, and I wanted to get it out the door.  I had been working these graphics over the last 6 months, so I wanted to release them before I changed my mind (again) at how to sell myself.  So instead of picking a theme and running with it, I went with about 3 themes, and just decided to run with it.  From Steampunk to Candyland to my Garden to..  well..  Stuff like this.

Yeah I know, some of it sounds ridiculous, ” A slice of Americana Pie”  And yes, someone once called me “The Martha Stewart of Tranny Porn”  .

You know, because there’s the product called “Tara Emory”, and well, then there’s me, Tara.   Maybe what I wrote tells  you all more about myself than I thought..

So check it out, and tell me if you like it.

I think a lot of it sound nuts, but it’s so well written, I was like I can’t cut this, this is great!  But I’ve removed the bio page that was there (it was getting on 10 years old!)  and if you click on the links, you’ll be taken on a little tour.  I have to say, I’ve been enjoying this whole laying down text captions down on photos.  Maybe I’ll do a whole shoot where I caption it, like the old porn magazines did..

The big parts I haven’t redone yet are the Store section and the Social Media hub.  I did incorporate my twitter feed in this part of the site, and even though it’s the same video from before, it is formatted bigger and you can find the buttons.

The Social Media page will sort of be a sort of Grand Central Station for contacting me, whether its for customer support, or booking me for an event.

But for now I’ve got the first part up.  I really have gone domestic, haven’t I?  But I think that’s what people want to see more of, and I’m opening up a lot to all of you!

In any event, it’s going to be a super busy month, with AVN coming up and another shoot with Christian XXX.  My new shoots coming up and my new career image!  It’s nice to feel invested in my career again!


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Going for four!

So I’ve had a couple of very productive days since the turn of the new year, but as usual have been too busy to report on anything!

So I have a separate studio that, even though it has it’s own heat, can be a bit tough to heat when it’s really cold outside (like single digit F).  We haven’t quite had those temps yet so I want to cram in as many shoots as I can in my studio and do them within the next week.

This way, I’ll also have a good backlog of shoots to edit when I just want to stay in pj’s all day and edit stuff on the computer.

So I made a list of 25 concepts for shoots (yes, 25!) and I’m concentrating on four.

I’ve been wanting to do a new interpretation of “Cherry Pie”, with the working title of simple “Another Slice of Cherrie Pie” (not sure why I spelled it differently, possible just to keep it distinct).

I think I’m getting sick of the pink and white wall, but want to squeeze one more use out of it before I repaint it.

I’ve got a lot still to do, but think “diner”.  Now whether that works with the existing old Cherry Pie costume, I’m not sure.  I’m also debating roller skates to this.   More on this shoot later..  I’m quite proud of my chrome spray painted pieces of $0.33 poster board.  Much easier to bend than if I made them with metal.

The second shoot was just something dungeon-y, so I set up all my equipment (of which I seem to have accumulated a lot) in one area.
But the more I looked at it, the more the boring black wall bothered me.  It just needed a little class, so I did this.
So I just quickly ruled out some vertical lines and painted it complete freehand with a small roller.  I didn’t spend hours on it with masking tape and all that.  Just freehand.   Which has now made me not feel too guilty about painting over any other striped wall, as it can be repainted really quickly.  It’s not perfect, but it is consistent with itself, and it gives the dungeon set just a little more class.

The third shoot I don’t quite have an outfit figured out for, but as you can see, it’s going to be a glory hole bathroom stall!

The pink toilet is vintage and is actually I got from a bathroom demolition was doing. It’s going to go into a bathroom renovation I’m doing this year, so its nice to also use it in a shoot.  The tiles were something that I had that I’m never going to use.  However, I did decide that the graffiti back wall was too busy so right now I’m trying this color, though I might switch to a pink and light blue scheme, to bring the floor and the porcelain together.

Yeah I know, not too exciting right now.  But still, I was painting one set, and then while it was drying, painting another set. It was warm enough today that I could get away with spraying paint outdoors.  When you get these rare warm winter days, you need to take advantage of them.  It was helpful painting these pieces of poster board.  Yeah, you heard that right, pretty much all my sets are held together with scotch tape and posterboard.  They’re invariably designed to only last the duration of the shoot, and maybe at the most, a video shoot too.

And the fourth set was just something classy and purple, though I need to make the outfit to go with this.    I think it’s going to be my big “Flowering Tara” hat, but the outfit is going to be very minimalist, and maybe an honest attempt to take a shot at making some real delicate lingerie.  This super frilly comforter was something that someone got me from my amazon wish list!  Thank you very much whomever that was!  So yeah, I’m just going to whip up an outfit that compliments the pink and purple.

So the plan is that once the four sets are ready (2 are already good to go), I’ll do a double shoot two nights in a row and then I’ve pretty much got all my January shoots in the can.  I just have to hope it’s not going to get Arctic out there!  I think I have a few more days!  By tomorrow I expect all the sets to be basically ready to go.

So I’m inspired and motivated!

Oh, I’m also going to AVN and shooting with Christian XXX in a few weeks, but I’m not thinking about that yet, just want to get these 4 shoots done first.

Probably for AVN I’m going to pick 2 outfits I’ve designed from the list that best represent where I’m taking my art.  I want to make a real impression on everyone so I have to think what’s going to really grab them.  Cosplay/pink/bimbo/hentai/futanari let’s see what I come up with!




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Here comes Bimbo Claus right down Bimbo Claus Lane..

Whose that working until the wee hours of the morning making pictures for all the bad little girls and boys that belong to my site?  Well that’s be me!

When Santa's away, Mrs Claus will play with all the elves!

So enjoy your Christmas present!  Oh, by the way, I did manage to do a little  bit of camming right after taking these photos, late into the night of the 23rd/into the 24th..  And it was moderately successful so I guess the camshow Tarathon worked out ok.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of us!

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New high-resolution galleries are coming… slowwwwwly

So I decided to start on the massive project of taking everything that I’ve shot in the past, oh, 13 years or so, and working straight from the originals to make new high-res finals of them.  For everything that I’ve shot since 2006, this means I can do roughly 1500 x 2000 pixels (or maybe I should just go straight for the maximum that I can do?  which is like 2000 x 3000 but that’s only if I don’t crop the shots…)  Anything that I shot before 2003 is on pretty bad quality equipment, and the stuff from 2003-2006 I think the highest res I can get away with is 1500 x 2000 and that’s a stretch.  But in general,  the jump in resolution on anything I shot between 2003 and 2007/8 should be very noticable.

This is of course, a HUGE job since it’s basically doing the most time consuming part of my photo taking process all over again.  I was thinking that I’d start with some old Christmas galleries, and going through these old pictures is bittersweet.

When I look at myself today, I don’t see the years so much, and often times, I can get the lighting perfect on a new shoot that not a lot of photoshop is needed.  When I look at these old shoots, it’s remarkable how little touch up I need to do.  Really just a blemish here or there, and some filters just to make the contrast pop.  But it’s bittersweet because it’s reminidng me of a much happier time.  I had my own apartment and I was living within my means, and chaos had yet to spiral out of control. I was making pretty good money and travelling all over the world for events and stuff.  I was dating a beautiful model and we were going to fetish events together.  These were GOOD years, and I see it looking at the raw pictures I shot.   And I know these were GOOD pictures too, even though it seems like I always had a horrible time with white balance on that particular camera.

Oh, new logo too!

The ulitamately tricky thing about going through all the trouble of these high res versions, is that it begs the question, will people notice the difference?  If you’re looking through the galleries and you have the pictues “scaled to fit”,  you’re probably not going to notice unless your screen is a 4k or 5k screen.  My own personal computer equipment is not that sophisitcated so I only notice the difference if they’re not scaled to fit.  Please, my fans  let me know what your monitor resolutions are so that I can get some feedback.

not for all of them- I actually switched logos part way through editing this set

My entire backlog of photo shoots is a great asset and one that should be made as marketable and as good looking as possible.   I’m not sure you could say that about a lot of other models.  Sadly, this is not as simple to do as taking my existing shoots and running them through Lightroom or pre-stored Photoshop actions.  I really do have to go back to the originals and work from them.    That “zoom in and enhance!” is only a trope you see on tv and in movies.  Software and pixels don’t work that way.

Anyway, Merry Christmas all. I’m still debating as to wether I try to whip up a new shoot for Xmas or what.


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Taking a break from the Camshow Tarathon to make some refinements..

So I’m not sure what happened but Tuesday was sort of a slow day webcamming. I’m not sure if I just got on too late or what, but I went to bed pretty upset about the whole thing.

I was kind of thinking of doing this outfit up for a new shoot, and maybe tweaking the blonde to silver in photoshop, so I’d really be Mrs Claus!

I only get upset with my career when I feel like things aren’t getting the attention they deserve.  Well, actually, that sounds awful.  I should rephrase that.  I get very jittery and nervous whenever I feel that my future is threatened.

I don’t often stop to think about what I have accomplished. Sometimes I just get caught up in the flaws.  But I know that I had been working really hard to make my camshow “Tarathon” a pretty big event, though I guess I hadn’t really gotten the knack of how best to rope in my own members to see my show.  I figured if I was looser and announced my shows shortly before going on, that it would be better than the old system of setting rigid start and stop times like a week in advance.

Tuesday night's outfit. It must be cold outside, I sorta got a red nose!


So maybe the idea of a non-stop camming marathon doesn’t really work.  When things are slow, I can’t escape feeling that I’m wasting my time looking into my webcam trying to rope the occasional traveler on streamate into a show.  The first couple of nights were good, but Tuesday sorta blew, and when I got up Wednesday, I didn’t really know what to do.

Add to this the extra stress of not really having done any of my Christmas shopping yet and I actually have something of a phobia regarding gift giving.  You see, years and years ago I once made a gift for a girl I was seeing, and I got slammed about it because it was “too personal”, so after that, I tried to never make gifts for people.  Then growing up in a hoarder house I have this thing where I hate giving or receiving something that the recipient won’t use.  I’m like the worst Secret Santa if there is ever is one.

So I sorta needed to do some of my shopping today, so I could at least get some of that out of the way.  And usually that means I end up going home in defeat after visiting 12 stores and not finding exactly what I need.

Anyway so I’m under a lot of stress. Maybe the week before the holiday is the worst time to do a holiday themed camshow marathon. Maybe I should have picked the week after Christmas and before New Year?

So I had to take today off.  Like I said, the worst feeling is sitting there in front of my laptop coaxing customers and the occasional member.  But what shocked me is that not a lot of my members were even aware that live webcam shows were going on.. And I plastered notifications all over my site (well, on the gallery pages ), though maybe that’s going to need something a bit more obvious perhaps.  If I can come up with a way of having a “ding dong” sound and an alert come up so that anyone, anywhere is on my site knows that I’m in fact online and on cam- that would be great!

But the worst thing about a slow night is the feeling that I could or should be doing something better, and not being able to do it.  My camming computer is my laptop, which isn’t the same as my main Photoshop computer. There’s not enough screen to be able to do both at once unless I bring my laptop into the office room and use both computers, but my office isn’t really set up so well to cam.   When I try that, it ends up being a compromise, and people complain that I seem distracted.  Wasn’t it Chief Miles O’Brian that said if you try to do two things at once you end up doing neither very well?

Camming last night while watching the tumbleweeds blow by and not being able to work on the site was very frustrating, so I needed this break today to at least get some bits to the site finessed.  I may have also been a bit snippy to my fans too.

Anyway, what work did I do?  Well, I am still working on the biggest parts of the graphics package update on the part of the site that a person might see if they had yet to join (this is the most important bit and needs to be perfect, so I’m not uploading it piecemeal), but I added some extra flourishes to Galleries ’16. ’15 and ’14.  It kind of looks like I took the existing pages and added some fancy tablecloths and doilies underneath the buttons for each shoot.   So if you’re a member, check them out and let me know how you like them.

When I look at the older galleries, I know they’ll need all new buttons (I like the rectangular ones with the hard edges- I don’t know what my fascination was with buttons with edges fading to white), and when I look at the finals of these pictures, they may need to be re-processed from the originals to make them bigger.

Whenever I embark on that huge project, I’ll probably start with some of the much older galleries and work my way up the calendar.  The biggest improvement will be on the pictures shot from 2003-2009.  And anything I’ve shot since “birthday Girl” in 2006 is on the same camera that I use today.   Actually, if you want a good example of my old final size vs my new final size, check out “Birthday Girl” shot in ’06 but I recently upscaled, and compare it to the shots right after.  You can see the improvement.  But going through all those galleries is a huge project, something to tackle when my income has stabilized a bit and when the memberships get back up to a better level.  It’s possible that photoshop work is something I cam do while I’m cam, since I’ve done that sort of thing so many times.

Sunday night's outfit, jingle bells!

The other thing is that I may actually want to try to squeeze in a new holiday themed shoot.  Perhaps a new shoot in an old Christmas themed outfit.  Since I dragged everything out for the camshow I found a few pieces that can easily be tarted up for a new spin on them.

Unwrap Bimbo Claus! Monday's outfit

Tuesday night's outfit. It was wearing the tartan corset from "Santa Baby", but it came off pretty quickly


So I’ll be back live on cam the evening of Thursday the 22nd.   Maybe if I really have my act together I’ll be camming at the same time as taking new pictures, though that’s always juggling too many things!  I’m not sure I’ll be whipping out some of my crazier Christmas ones (Krampus, Smutcracker), it’s just a matter of them being pretty restrictive to cam in.  “Chicks with Dickens” might get a new whirl though.  Sadly I don’t have the old sleigh and that set kicking around.  I’ve done quite a lot of Christmas shoots over the years!

See you tomorrow!


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Don’t miss the “Tara Emory Holiday Camshow Tarathon”! (and some other news)

- Which is a fancy name to basically say that the week before Christmas, I’m going to webcam as much as possible!
I’ll be pulling out many of my classic holiday outfits!  So let’s get cozy with me the week before Santa comes!  Christmas is always super special in my Erotic Candyland!

I’m not going to set a super rigid schedule, just keep tuned into my tweets to see when I pop on and off.

I may have to have a break of a few hours here and there to do shopping or other things, but I plan to be on cam more often than I’m not, and I have cleared my calendar of any other things.  Call it my Christmas gift to my fans!  Tune in at or as always, members of my website get full access!  You can also call it my own gift to myself, as I really need to give my income one last push before the end of the year.

In other news, I’ve gone and fixed a bunch of links in the galleries.  Apparently there weren’t buttons for the 2013 through 2015 galleries if you were in some of the older galleries, you might have totally missed a few years worth of hot photo sets.  So if you’re a new member, you might want to check back and make sure you didn’t miss them.

So I went and fixed those links, and I’ve also been thinking a lot about making it easier to find my live cam page when you’re deep into my site.  All these changes are but a very small part of all the glitches and bad paths I need to fix on the site.  I’m still not quite done with the full graphics packge that I was talking about, but as I work on it, I find all sorts of weird nooks to my site that haven’t been updated in a while as well.

I’m not sure what I’m doing for a Christmas shoot, it’s possible that one might happen at the same time as the camshow tarathon.  I had been working out in my studio this week but it got Very Cold, Very Fast, and for the next few days we have single digit Fahrenheit  to contend with.  When it gets that cold, it’s really tough to heat my studio, so on those days I work in the house as much as possible.  They say that all you need to make porn is have a warm room, and if you don’t have a warm room, it’s not very fun to make porn!

So my Camshow Tarathon starts this coming Sunday, December 18th and runs to the 23rd.  Just every moment I can be on cam that week, I will be!

Hope to see all my website members!



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I’ve gone full hentai catgirl in “Pastel Pet”

My next shoot is an assault to the eyeballs!  Not from the subject matter, but from the pink and blue striped color theme!
All that hot pink and electric blue! Ouch! My eyeballs hurt already and perhaps your monitor won’t be able to handle the colors! My eyeballs hurt already and perhaps your monitor won’t be able to handle the colors!   I haven’t come up with the name for this shoot, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something, as I’m pushing a lot of hentai/catgirl buttons.  I’m working on several shoots at once and this was the first one and easiest to do.  It’s like “Minty Fresh” but more overtly hentai influenced.

So it’ll still be a few more days before this shoot hits the site.  I’m still working on the “graphics package” as well. I actually want to incrporate some of this shoot in the new site graphics, as well as a few ones in the works.  So my focus has been on putting shoot together.   Sometimes that means that you’re spending weeks setting up many shoots, and then once they’re set up, spending a few days shooting them in a marathon session.. there’s more to come!


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I’m locking myself in my studio this week

And not emerging until I have something amazing to show!  Well, that is, except I’m going to be on cam a lot this week.  I’ll be filling in more dates very soon, I want to have a nice solid schedule for live shows with my site revamp

This all goes hand in hand with my new site image overhaul, which I’m still deep in thought about, but I’m writing some good promo stuff, and it’s making my think a lot about how I want to rebrand myself.  I’m coming up with  stuff like “She’s a slice of Americana” and -this is a quote from a blogger – “She’s the Martha Stewart of Trans Porn”.

As for the Trans All Star Party last Sunday, that went very well!  I did very good business and I didn’t even stress myself out over a huge performance!   My first outfit was very much in keeping with the Burlesque Showgirl image I’ve got, amongst many of my personas.

I had the best night stripping and dancing than I ever had before, and the little windfall gave me some breathing room this week to really try to wrap up some projects having to do with upcoming shoots.  So I’m currently cleaning and planning, and even finding that even  my workshop is so photogenic, that maybe I need to do a steampunk – cycle mechanic shoot and use it as a backdrop!

Yes I know,  unfinished space ship there…

Anyway normally I wouldn’t have thought about using that area in a shoot, but now I’m enjoying sharing more of everything that  makes me Me, with my fans, and in my art.  It’s kinda silly I’m sorta sitting on a lot of great locations and props, I should be shooting in front of vintage cars and bikes and old computers and video games all the time.

What you see here is the beginning of an idea for an early 80′s vintage video game console- themed shoot.   I’m putting together a very 80′s den area, I can almost picture the sideswept feathered hair..

Heck, I found this old railroad bridge nearby, it’s just asking for a Old West Saloon Girl tied to the railroad tracks shoot.  If I don’t get the chance to do that this fall, hopefully the location will still be there in the spring!

So stay tuned to my site this week!  Things are happening behind the scenes and I’m very motovated to make something amazing happen this week!


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Calm before the “Tara Emory 3.0″ Graphics Package Storm!

So, other than this upcoming Sunday night Stripper extravaganza, you might think I’m being lazy, but I’m not.  I’m working on a whole new round of introduction pages, guest area and an entirely different sales pitch for my site.
I’ve been long overdue to update this part of the site, as it’s nearly the most important part as it’s the part that entices people to join my site by telling them what to expect on the site!

I guess you could call it a “graphics package”, and though I’ve worked up a few pages so far, I don’t want to put the whole update online until all the bits are done.  I don’t want to get in the situation I’ve been in a while where bits of it date back to 2009 and somehow I hadn’t replaced them when I replaced other pages.

Tara Emory 3.0 indeed!  So I gotta tighten up the sales pitch a bit, but you can see I’m pushing the whole Victorian Steampunk Candyland themes, but I’ll also mention my vast back catalog of content too.  I’ve been working on this all week and I don’t want to release any of it till it’s all done and the interface works well.  I may even change a few of the ideas you see here.

In any event, it’s what’s next on my site.




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