I’m locking myself in my studio this week

And not emerging until I have something amazing to show!  Well, that is, except I’m going to be on cam a lot this week.  I’ll be filling in more dates very soon, I want to have a nice solid schedule for live shows with my site revamp

This all goes hand in hand with my new site image overhaul, which I’m still deep in thought about, but I’m writing some good promo stuff, and it’s making my think a lot about how I want to rebrand myself.  I’m coming up with  stuff like “She’s a slice of Americana” and -this is a quote from a blogger – “She’s the Martha Stewart of Trans Porn”.

As for the Trans All Star Party last Sunday, that went very well!  I did very good business and I didn’t even stress myself out over a huge performance!   My first outfit was very much in keeping with the Burlesque Showgirl image I’ve got, amongst many of my personas.

I had the best night stripping and dancing than I ever had before, and the little windfall gave me some breathing room this week to really try to wrap up some projects having to do with upcoming shoots.  So I’m currently cleaning and planning, and even finding that even  my workshop is so photogenic, that maybe I need to do a steampunk – cycle mechanic shoot and use it as a backdrop!

Yes I know,  unfinished space ship there…

Anyway normally I wouldn’t have thought about using that area in a shoot, but now I’m enjoying sharing more of everything that  makes me Me, with my fans, and in my art.  It’s kinda silly I’m sorta sitting on a lot of great locations and props, I should be shooting in front of vintage cars and bikes and old computers and video games all the time.

What you see here is the beginning of an idea for an early 80′s vintage video game console- themed shoot.   I’m putting together a very 80′s den area, I can almost picture the sideswept feathered hair..

Heck, I found this old railroad bridge nearby, it’s just asking for a Old West Saloon Girl tied to the railroad tracks shoot.  If I don’t get the chance to do that this fall, hopefully the location will still be there in the spring!

So stay tuned to my site this week!  Things are happening behind the scenes and I’m very motovated to make something amazing happen this week!


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Calm before the “Tara Emory 3.0″ Graphics Package Storm!

So, other than this upcoming Sunday night Stripper extravaganza, you might think I’m being lazy, but I’m not.  I’m working on a whole new round of introduction pages, guest area and an entirely different sales pitch for my site.
I’ve been long overdue to update this part of the site, as it’s nearly the most important part as it’s the part that entices people to join my site by telling them what to expect on the site!

I guess you could call it a “graphics package”, and though I’ve worked up a few pages so far, I don’t want to put the whole update online until all the bits are done.  I don’t want to get in the situation I’ve been in a while where bits of it date back to 2009 and somehow I hadn’t replaced them when I replaced other pages.

Tara Emory 3.0 indeed!  So I gotta tighten up the sales pitch a bit, but you can see I’m pushing the whole Victorian Steampunk Candyland themes, but I’ll also mention my vast back catalog of content too.  I’ve been working on this all week and I don’t want to release any of it till it’s all done and the interface works well.  I may even change a few of the ideas you see here.

In any event, it’s what’s next on my site.




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Come see me at the Trans All Star Party Nov 20th in Provdence!

This coming Sunday Nov 20th come see me at Club Ego for some good old fashioned lap dancing ‘n’ stripping!

Also featuring  TS Foxxy, Morgain Bailey, Tiffany Starr, Natassia Dreams, Chanel Santini and 20 sexy ts dancers.  Lap Dances and Private Rooms available.

For more details and Advance Ticket sales, visit www.tgirlevents.com or email info@tgirlevents.com call or text 917-426-7121

I hope to see a lot of my MA/RI/New England fans there!


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So the Tentacle shoot is taking a bit longer to set up, so I moved over the Goldicocks, which presented itself with multiple challenges

So I’m about halfway through editing this set, which has me getting very cozy with Papa Bear.  Too big?  Not quite big enough!

Papa Bear looks like a hung, horny teddy bear!  I think maybe Goldicocks wanted Papa Bear to catch her eating their porridge!

So it’ll be a few more days to slog through this set, then it’ll be going up on my site as soon as I can!  See you soon, I just wanted you to know that something was in the pipeline!



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Upcoming ambitious shoots in progress…

So I’ve been meaning to do a new shoot in this purple latex catsuit for quite a while, but cranked up a few notches.  Certainly more than when I did this the first time.

I danced around with the idea of adding pink to it, and I bought some material to match it and some shoes I have that are pink and purple striped.

Unfortunately, that color scheme has now morphed into a Cheshire Cat sort of outfit, and the idea of making gloves, a tail and leggings didn’t work over the translucent purple latex catsuit, leaving me back to the drawing board with what to do this the latex.  This often happens with my designs, where one design will actually branch out into two concepts, and I end up having to differentiate them from each other.

Anyway, somehow I stumbled across the one local store in the area that still had those foam pool noodles, in a hot pink color.

And the latex catsuit, I’m thinking of wearing that pink anime- style wig and push the hentai look of my outfit with just adding a bow, collar and some other little bits.   Possibly cat ears too.  And right now I’m attaching all the pink and purple dildos I can find to the foam noodles and the result will be something like this:
And then to sit/lay on, I’m going to make a bench/platform using these pink upholstered dots I have had forever since they were the Captain’s chair for Uranus Needs Shemales, but I might spray paint them a little darker.

And set this all up against this wall…
(It’s a shame about the blue carpet- it’s out of place in the color scheme- but that’s fairly easy to just tweak to purple in Photoshop..)

And the end result would look like something like this!
Or this, if I can somehow engineer it to have some slimy cummy goo all over me (which might be impossible if I’m going to self shoot..

So yeah, I’m going to attempt to reenact some kind of tentacle rape hentai!  So that’s one shoot I’m painstakingly setting up.  The other one is “Goldicocks”

I have the table set where I’m going to be open legged over the porridge..

Plus here’s papa bear.  He’s TOO BIG, but Goldicocks soon figures out that “Just Right” isn’t big enough.

Yes, Papa bear himself is very big too.  That yellow thing next to him is a vacuum cleaner, and though it’s a little further away, he is a life size stuffed bear.

So yeah, I’m going for the weird porn this month!  Plushie porn and tentacle rape porn!  I just know these two shoots are very ambitious so I want to take the right amount of time setting them up so the lighting and props work perfectly!  Or at least don’t fall apart.  The last thing I need to do while I’m covered in alien tentacle monster cum, is be like repairing dildos on ends of tentacles.

I don’ t know when I’ll shoot them, I was planning on it two days ago and then the latex catsuit concept went from just sitting on this:

to like, nah – go for the whole hentai thing all the way.  I can’t wait to take all these in me!, but I’m going to have to put wire in them, and I’m debating whether I try to paint up the noodles to look more realistic or something.

I’ve been looking at so much tentacle hentai, I’m totally turned on by this!

But tonight I gotta get a bit dirty, painting stuff and making props.  So I won’t be doing any camming tonight, sorry.  If these shoots are taking longer to set up, I might try an easy one to tie you over till then, we’ll see.



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It seems like I’ve been inactive for about a week now.   Which is kind of true.   I don’t really like reporting about nothing on social media unless I have something to report.  I’m a little old fashioned in that I really don’t want to talk about things unless I have something fantastic to show.  I guess this is what annoys me about kids these days, they will post any stupid old thing and they don’t really do anything.  That pisses me off, just as much as when people say “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.  Damn, I want to punch people who say that in the face.

Anyway, after I got “Down the Rabbit Hole” out, I had a little party at my studio, and took several days to recover from that.  Ever wonder what my studio looks like when it’s set up for entertaining guests?  It’s actually quite cool. That’s why people in the local fetish scene call it “The Wonderland”.

Of course, I could just whip up any old shoot here and there in my studio, but I’m this relentless perfectionist and I hate just slapping things together, especially if the set pieces don’t ‘quite match up (though I have to say it worked fine for Down the Rabbit Hole).

But yeah, I’m lazy – I should do that, regardless of the results.  Interesting fact- it usually takes about 3 days to edit a photo set, while it only takes an afternoon or an evening to shoot a set?

Anyway, then it got really chilly out this week, and it’s difficult to heat my studio.  So I’ve been ensconced in my little computer editing suite room polishing up the finishing touches on what may be the DVD’s “Transsexual Pinups #5 and #6″ – though I’m thinking I might just start a new series that’s more like “Tara Emory, Flesh and Blood Futanari Fuckdoll, #1 and #2″.

These two DVDs are 90% finished in production.  They were held up by a lack of music, but someone came forward and donated some music to the cause.

However, some clips are going up on the site ASAP.

This update contains two scenes I did with Christian XXX earlier this year, as well as new videos of “Pearls and Polkadots” and “Strawberries and Cream”, which will be on the new DVDs.  Of course, you may wonder why I even bother with making physical DVDs, but to be honest, they still sell!  The Transformation magazine guys send me an order every couple of weeks so people out there still buy them, and they have a decent profit margin when I burn them myself.

Mainly I do need to get these two DVDs out the door, becuase they’ve been looming over my head, sucking up space on my computers too.

I haven’t cammed much this week.  You know, sometimes you just don’t feel like it, and this week I really didn’t.  The thing is, I have no idea when inspiration will strike, and sometimes I worry that maybe I won’t ever  be inspired to do shoots again.  I could use a little encouragement, and really, not from the same 4 guys who always comment on everything.

I’m a few steps closer to my “Goldicocks” shoot, which is next in line.  I got a hold of a really big teddy bear who I will be doing unspeakable things to. Oh my!

And if you’re wondering, I’m not doing anything special for Halloween.  Maybe I’m a snob, you know thinking that it’s amateur night or something. Simply, I just don’t feel like going out to any clubs or parties I’ve been to so many times before.  If I get invited to a party, sure, I’ll go. I guess I can pick any of my outfits at random.   I think there’s also another reason I sorta dislike Halloween.  I recall a few years back someone saying something to the effect of  “Wow, you make a really convincing woman”, which is sort of a backhanded compliment, like they’re suggesting that this is something I only do once a year.  Fuuuuck them.

Honestly, I’d rather just work on my next costume for my next shoot, or  make a fantastic cosplay for an upcoming comic convention. I hear there’s RI Comic Con coming up in November, maybe I can shoot for that.  Everyone keeps telling me I should do Moxxi from Borderlands, but I feel weird doing a cosplay without ever playing the game,  Like I’ve got time for video games these days… I don’t even own anything newer than a PS2 and that gets used as a DVD player more than anything..


Anyway, back to work.



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Tara goes back “Down the Rabbit Hole”!

So I had planned to shoot “Goldicocks” as my next outfit, but I haven’t quite settled on the set yet.  I then turned my attention to making a few new bits to go with my purple latex catsuit, but that itself started to evolve into a Cheshire Cat outfit, so it went from a simple project to a much more involved one.

Then I was looking around at video and it turns out that ages ago when I shot this “Alice in Wonderland” themed shoot – “Drink Me”, I shot a bunch of video that I had been saving for a fairy-tale themed DVD that never happened.    I’ll probably throw that footage onto a forthcoming DVD, but it seemed like now might be nice to revisit this outfit since it had been a while.   But it was falling apart (the pvc was flaking off) so this is probably going to be the last time it gets used.

However, I did “sluttify” it a bit, by making the front of it open, and adding blue and white lace trim which I already had.  Add some white posterboard squares to my black back wall of my studio, and instant Alice in Wonderland shoot!
Since the first time I did this shoot, my breasts are much larger, and so is my capacity to take very large toys – all improvements!  And as much as I love the concept of “Drink Me” I think you can say in general my skills at posing and lighting have improved a lot as well.

So I’m still editing the set- looks like the gallery will top out around 200 pictures total!  Curiouser and curiouser!  So – what do you think about more trips to Wonderland?
And as something of a bonus, the last third of the photoset has a bit of an up-do instead, for some variety!


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Live simulcast camshows coming up!

I took about a week off from scheduled camshows but going to do some this week!

Wednesday October 12th, 7pm and 10 pm EST  (well, let’s just say that I might be camming solidly from 7 to 11pm, but i’ll probably do a costume change sometime in there somewhere)

… and Friday October 14th 5pm / 11pm

See you then!


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Candystripe Superstar (?), a sequel to “Sugar Rush”

So I think I’ve gone about as far as I want to ever go with the whole pink and white striped theme.  On the other hand, perhaps this is pink and white perfection…
I had planned this shoot a while back when I did “Sex on Wheels” but at that point the set pieces (pink and white setee, chair and vanity) were ready but the outfit wasn’t.

You may notice this is an alteration and development of the old “Sugar Rush” costume.  What happened was the maribou trim hadn’t worn well, so I took it off and added some other trim, added a little hat and a bolero jacket in the same material, and viola!  It’s a new candystripe thing, without most of the Christmas connotaions.
So I haven’t figured out a name for this shoot yet, but as usual, the names usually come while I’m deep in the editing process, which generally takes 3 or 4 days.  “Cansystripe Superstar?”  “Peppermint -something?”.  It’ll come to me.

Thankfully on this shoot I spent a bit of time getting the lighting right, so the touch up I have to do is pretty minimal.  I didn’t take too many pictures, nor so few that I have dip into the rejects just to have enough for a full shoot.  The final count will be somewhere just below 200 shots I think.  After that, will I retire this pink and white wall?  Perhaps.  I do have a number of other walls of my studio that need to be seen more, so maybe we won’t see it for a while, maybe it will get painted over.  I’d like to experiment with some radically different color schemes.   As much as this shoot is the logical progression of the pink and white striped theme, are you all sick of it already?

You’ll also notice my new favorite sex toy makes an appearance here.  I think I’m going to get it in purple too as I’m thinking purple needs to be a color scheme I play around with next.


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Settling down into a live camshow schedule, and well, “more of the same”

So hey, I’ve made making a few tweaks to my site, basically trying to come up with the best way to let my members know when my next live camshow would be.  One thing is that I embedded my twitter feed on to my site (It’d be nice to get the widget going here as well), and the other is that I got a little 2-week ahead calendar graphic that is visible on my main splash page.  Something like this:

I’m not quite sure yet if that’s the best way but we’ll see.  Every time I do a camshow I have a few of my members watching, but it’s nowhere near the total amount of members I have, so I’m not certain yet how to get them all to tune in.  I guess not everyone can just show up to a scheduled show.

A while back, I asked one of my fans what I should be doing for new shoots, since I tended to be slow bringing out my newest and most original ideas.  Well, they said they liked what I did and really just wanted “more of the same”.  And I know that doesn’t sound very inspiring, but it also makes me realize that I really should just be banging out the shoots left and right and going with whatever I come up with.

As I was researching some hentai I found some artwork of pink-haired dolly French maids, so I decided it might be nice to ramp up things with my pre-existing French maid uniform.  Perhaps I got the background too busy, but I decided to release this photo shoot anyway. I think the total amount of pictures in this set will be around 125-150.

I think I can keep dipping back into old outfits and cranking the cartoony sexdoll factor up a few notches and then it becomes something new.  I still have big plans for “Goldicocks” but I really want the set and background and props to be perfect for that one, so I’m taking my time getting the details right.

Hmm, I’m not certain about this maid shoot.  Maybe less would have been more (well, less going on in the background).  Still, I think people would rather see it than not.  I know somewhere on my computer are a few shoots I haven’t released at all because they didn’t come out as good as I expected,  but this one is fine.


In any event, I’m working to get this one on my site ASAP, as my memberships are sorta way down from a few weeks of relative inactivity and laying low on webcam.  But the next camshow is for Friday September 16th.  Starting at approximately 5pm EST till whenever.  Maybe a few hours, maybe all night depending on how many people are watching or if I want to switch it over to mostly streamate customers.

See you tomorrow!  Oh wait that’s technically today..



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