I almost forgot “Blow-Up Doll”

Yes, there was another shoot I did after “Tractor Tramp”, but it went up before it (because I was holding back Tractor Tramp for a month or so..).  It’s a nice set in an old pink latex dress that never really “popped” in any previous shoots I did with it.   But with the pink lolita hair, and my nice new big tits, I can say that it really does “pop” now. As in “popping” right out of it!

And I do pull out all the pink and black toys I have, and went with a few familiar background elements, the pink and black steamer trunk I have, and pink polkadots for the backdropA little inflatable dildo action here, in preparation for that HUUUGE “3 rumps for your butt” (I kid you not, that’s what it’s called) sex toy that’s in the left of the picture..

Oh, did my tits just finally burst my buckles?

So, yeah, this was an easy set, sorta the calm before the storm of whatever HUGE complicated shoot it next.  I did two brand new (and very intricate) outfits for Montreal Fetish Weekend that will of course, have equally complicated shoots as well, so it’s good to do some simple ones “thrown together” in the meantime.



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A sneak peek at “Tractor Tramp”

Yep, I did a shoot on my lawn tractor.  Uh huh.

With my nice new titties, the new shoots keep a coming.  Like the micro-mini-nano-bikini top?  I think I should whip up some more of these and wear them to the beach, or just around town <wink>.

But like all good, sexy slutty outfits, they’re desiged to not cover much, isn’t that true? So eventually something slips out…
.. and something slips in.  I think this nice thick, wide dildo is my favorite one at the moment..

But fully nude (well, just a hat) is where it’s all leading.  I don’t think we’re going to get much yard work done today.

So yeah haw!  Y’all get your dicks hard for a good old fashioned garage sale whore like me!  The whole set (looks like roughly 150 pictures), will go up by mid next week!



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One before, one after…

Hello everyone!  I’ve been away from my blog and my website for the last few weeks as I’ve healed up from my beautiful breast augmentation.

I’ve also been extremely busy getting back to work as an exotic dancer at The Satin Doll, which started a new 3-nights-a-week Erotic TS Revue.  The club is in Providence, RI, and more information can be found at their website.   I’ll talk a bit more about my new night time occupation later, but for now I want to tell everyone that I’ve just finished my first shoot with my new implants, and whoa, they’re big and beautiful, aren’t they?

Yes, I know, I’ve gotten a LOT of mileage out of this hat, but then again, I am the reigning queen of trans-steampunk-victorian-costume porn, aren’t I?  But the pink hair is new, and ahh, the pink breasts too.

For contrast, I did whip out a quick shoot the night before I went in for surgery.  It was a shoot with the fucking machine I made, for a scene for Uranus Needs Shemales.   I’m not entirely sure I’m going to use this shoot as a shoot on it’s own, or just pictures for the UNS box.  I sorta have a better idea for a gold steampunk outfit that will go better with the fucking machine, so I might do that instead…

So yeah, I’m not super certain that this purple PVC catsuit really goes with the fucking machine, but it was what was in the movie, so I had to use this outfit for continuity.  But I think I can get a better shoot with a better outfit with the set, since of course, it’s still up.

But anyway, back to that shoot with the new tits…

..the power of big boobies…

..though a nice delicious ass of course is nothing to be ashamed of…

So yes.. I’m very very very excited to get the new shoot up on my site, and to do more shoots as well.  With these new enhancements, I might even go back in to some old concepts and give them a new, more silicone filled twist…

Well, I’m off to work now, tonight in Providence at the Satin Doll..  I’ll be there most Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays this month, though I might take a Saturday off for the Sinomatic fetish night in Boston, and I will be in Montreal on Labor Day weekend for  Montreal Fetish Weekend, which will be the big grand opening for the new, improved Tara Emory 2.0!

I will be working on getting at least the newer of these shoots up on my site very soon, and to get the wheels in motion for the next ones.  Sorry for the long, long wait, but great things are on their way!!


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Working up to the last minute..

Remember how I said in a previous post that I get so busy that I often don’t have the time to report on my projects, making some people think I’m lazy or slacking off?

Well, first off, fuck those people. Anyone who ever accuses me of being lazy will promptly get their asses handed to them.

So, how busy you say? For the entire week up to the night before my breast augmentation, I was frantically working on what could be best called a “steampunk fucking machine”, the reason which it was made is because it features prominently in a scene in Uranus Needs Shemales.., for probably the grand total of less than a minute.

Since I already had shot some footage years ago that takes place after this scene, I really got myself motivated to get the needed footage done with the old boobs and the purple PVC catsuit I was wearing in the scene. This catsuit here.


And the fucking machine (referred to in the script as the “Stimul-8″). Oh, just this thing I whipped up with PVC pipe and gears and pulleys and more gears and lots of gold paint and an actual “fucking machine” that I basically ripped the guts out of and added steampunk things to.


And a few more shots..



Oh and did I mention it actually fucks?

Your browser does not support the video tag

Now I will fess up and say that the big wheels in each side (wheelchair wheels), just spin on their own. And all the gears on there are just for decoration. They’re basically screwed on with drywall screws, Since like I said, its only in the movie for a minute, it didn’t need to be perfect nor amazingly functional. Despite looking like brass, oh, it’s mostly plastic and pretty flimsy.

Here’s some in progress shots..




But you say- did I get a photo shoot out of this? Well yes and no.

I did manage to self shoot about 100 pix of me saddled down into the Stimul-8, but in the purple PVC catsuit. The problem is that the purple PVC catsuit was something I made out of purple PVC back in like 2008, and even then, that PVC was like 5 years old. PVC fabric that’s over a decade old can be a disaster, and will often separate and shed bits of the PVC. Some good quality PVC vinyl can last, but it all deteriorates after a while. I’m not sure if its heat, light or just age, but this costume was waaaaaay beyond its last legs, and of course, look at it, every bit if fabric is unique, so making a new one was out of the question. So there it sits now, melted into a little pile, its work is done.

But I might only use the photos I took of me in the purple suit in the Stimul-8 just for the UNS box/DVD/extras/promo material anyway, because I did make an even better (and gleaming gold) costume which will fit the steampunk aesthetic better anyway. Back when i first made the catsuit, the prop was going to be more futuristic but then, of course, ideas change in mid stream…

And I got all my video shot for this, wrapped up my photos and only 9 hours later (after not sleeping particularly well), I was in the car getting a ride to the plastic surgeon!


I had actually thought about making a pre and post boob job video where I’d snap my fingers and then BOOBS would appear, but I think you’ll all agree that there was enough on my plate already!!


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Hello Titties!

So even though I’ve posted some pix here and there on tumblr, here’s a few (finally) on my WordPress blog!

As you can see, one is still a little bruised, but they’re a good shape, they extend past the width of my torso, and when I start wearing push up bras again, oh watch out! You’ll poke your eye out with these!


The one that bruised seems to still bleed a little bit from the incision. I’m really shocked at how small of an incision the doctor made, considering that the new ones are silicone and if course, go into the body fully inflated!

Here’s a shot with some clothes on.


They really do push that stretchy red polkadot dress (best Garment District find EVER) to the limit, but I’m not one for limits, am I.

I have yet to see how any of my signature outfits look with these boobs. You can expect that I will be revisiting some of them in future shoots.

Right now because of some light bruising I’m avoiding any corsets or super right clothing. That’s sorta the way its gonna be for a while still.


Like my Hello Kitty band aids? I think I might just keep those on for a whole but eventually I guess I’ll switch over to some kind if scar reducing pads.

The stretching of my skin had a very fortunate side effect. Although you can see my old scars, (which are now halfway up the new tits), they bumpiness of those scars went away with the stretching. Which means come photo shoot time, they’ll be easier to cover up with a little Dermablend, unless you body mod folks are into scars and all that!


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Got bra sized for the first time today…

Victorias Secret came up with “36DD”.  Was kind of disappointed that they didn’t have the Bombshell bra in anything larger than a “D cup”  (though I can sorta make up for it by trying a “38D”).

Of course, this was a little Victoria’s Secret in a suburban mall in nowhere, so maybe I’ll have better luck in a bigger store.

All I know is that none of my old C cup’s fit, though curiously a few of them and a few B cups work strangely as demi cups now.   Real demi cups, where the nipples are barely covered, are hard to find.

I’m still a little bruised on the right side, and it seems like the incision is taking forever to heal up properly.  I hope it’s just a temporary situation, otherwise I’m going to have to go in to my surgeon and make sure it’s not an issue.

They look nice and straight, and the size suits me very very well.  the old, smaller ones had this weird way of making my arms look too thick or muscular.   Having these new ones as a bit wider (and being wider than my torso), work SO much better I can’t wait until that first photo shoot.

But… It likely won’t be in a corset, since the brusing has a weird way of not just being on the boobs, but also on other parts of the torso (they told me that gravity will make the blood from the bruises settle)..

But I’ll see if there’s a lingerie shoot I can whip up soon (assuming any of my lingerie still fits!)


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Yes, I’m always “Goal Oriented”

Geez, in all the craziness leading up to my boob job (which I will post about in another post), I completely forgot to make an entry about my World Cup themed shoot.

Which I actually got out pretty much in the nick of time.  And though I am only reporting on it now, a few weeks later (it totally slipped my mind), I hope no one looks at this shoot and says “Oh, that’s not topical, it’s clearly not worthy of wanking to”

So…. unless you’re one of those guys, let me present a few samples of “Goal Oriented”…

Believe it or not, this shoot sorta came about because I had bought a super girly pink and white soccer ball years ago.

Sadly, when I was getting ready to do the shoot, the ball actually exploded from the heat (over inflation) and I actually had to make repairs to it before I could shoot with it.

Yeah, talk about my weird life, there I am hours before my shoot frantically taking a bike patch kit to a soccer ball in a vain attempt to make it hold enough air so it didn’t look like well, a flat ball (and so I could sit on it in some shots).   The logic being that the shoot needed to happen THAT day and like RIGHT NOW, because if I remember correctly, the weather was nice, and there was about 3 days of horrible thunderstorms on the way so yeah,  me out in the backyard fixing a soccer ball.  And no, there was no time to locate a replacement – a quick look in Target or Walmart of wherever showed no soccer balls exactly like that one, and seriously, I had based the entire color scheme of this outfit specifically on this ball, because, well, wouldn’t you? (ok, so maybe this explains my obsessive attention to detail)..

The other noteworthy thing about this shoot was the fact that I basically wove that net myself.  Rather than sneak onto a real soccer field and well, get arrested, I decided to find a patch of grass in my backyard (admittedly not the nicest lawn, but I had to work with what I have) and make a mock up of a goal.   But I didn’t want to spend the money on some $40 dinky kids hockey goal that in the end would only be about 2 and a half feet high, I got about $7 of thick yarn and used a bunch of PVC pipe (of which I’ve inherited enough to reach the moon and back – you may soon start to notice just how many of my projects involve PVC pipe..)  to make a fairly passable section of net.  Actually it was sufficient to fill the background with enough elements to make the set interesting and convincing.

So even though the World Cup officially ended oh.. only a couple of hours after I got the set up (like I’ve said time and time again, it takes hours to do a shoot, and like 4 or 5 days to edit the pictures), it’s a nice shoot, and a companion piece to “Hole In One”.

Anyway-  expect a boob job update post coming very, very soon, I promise!  And some news about Uranus Needs Shemales, because even the night before my boob job I awas frantically working on a scene for that.  Since that movie is being shot out of sequence, I didn’t want my boobs to get bigger in one scene, and then smaller in the next scene.

I’ve actually been so busy immediately before, and subsequently after the boob job that posting to my wordpress blog sorta got put on the back burner and then fell off the back of the stove.  I’ve mostly been posting more to my tumblr, but wordpress blogs and tumblr blogs are constructed in different ways, and there are advantages and disadvantages to each one.  I can update both from my phone, but making a wordpress blog post from a iphone is really tricky.  On the other hand, posting more than one picture to tumblr from my iphone isn’t possible, unless you shunt the pix over to my ipad, and then post from that.  Sometimes new tech manages to suck and then you realize that it’s just easier to do either one from your decade old computer, except the “instant photos” are on the iphone..

Anyway, Let me gather my thoughts (and some pictures) of my new boob job and I will see you soon!


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2 weeks until my boob re-job!

So many things I gotta do that have to be done before that!!!

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“As American as..”

That’s my 4th of July shoot, here’s some samples…




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To those of you trying still to convince me like, not get my tits redone…

To this day, after raising roughly $7k for my new boob job, I still get people trying to dissuade me from getting them done. And they need to drink a cup of STFU.

Better yet, think of it this way.  You know how old my current implants are? Well I got them in january 2002 which probably means they were made in the fall of 2001.

Yes, my boobs could very likely be “pre 9-11″

For all we know, my current implants could have been sitting in a box on the 35th floor, at the Mentor Implant corporate offices, waiting to be shipped off to my plastic surgeon, who is probably retired today

A lot of my tumblr followers were in preschool in 2001.

And these bozos were still making new episodes..

Back in 2001, we thought a blue iMac with a CRT tube in it was still pretty much cutting edge.

A case where bigger isn't really better.


What kind of cel phone were you using in 2001? Probably one of those blue Nokia things with a black and white 1 inch screen. I had one.  Texting was a nightmare on it so you didn’t even bother.

It's not even a flip phone, Wait till those come out! Flip phones are the FUTURE!

Most of you wouldn’t drive a used car older than model year 2001 or 2002, would you? (well, personally I would but that’s just me). Like seriously, what piece of crap were they still making in 2002?

The Ford Escort, that’s right.

All it needs is ball joints. And tires. And an alternator. And the belts squeal. And the seats are ripped. Oh, and it needs a new transmission. Oh wait, you're already having trouble finding parts because they've all been crushed.

Do you seriously expect me to continue driving a high mileage 2002 Ford Escort when I could have a brand new, state of the art 2015 Tesla Model S or something? Which has been mostly paid for by the generous donations of my fans?

I didn’t think so.  So go back into your rusty Ford Escort with no a/c that doesn’t run, and furiously take 20 minutes texting your angry response to this post, which you may or may not have been able to view in Netscape on your imac at home, which takes up 2 feet of space on your desk.

While you’re watching Chandler and Joey on Friends.  Hey, Must See TV is tonight!!

Argument over. It really is time to upgrade my boobs.

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