“Minty Fresh” on it’s way.

That’s just the working title for it, so the name might change.  I planned on doing 3 shoots last night but only managed to get one in before I got pulled off to a Halloween party, which is good, I needed to get out and have contact with other people.
I did this perverted thing with a unicycle too.  Though it looked like a great idea on paper, it really wasn’t, um.. rideable in real life.  But I still incorporated it into the shoot.
I might go back into the studio tonight and finish up the other one or two outfits/sets that I want to do, or I’ll just stay in and edit these pictures so they’ll go up on the site asap.


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Not exactly catching me at my best, but progress nonetheless.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who helped me out financially over the last month or so. It’s given me a little bit of wiggle room and so I can actually work on the next batch of shoots instead of scrambling around doing webcam shows.

I have some real personality disorders concerning anxiety, depression, and a crippling sense of perfectionism that sometimes makes it impossible to just Get Shit Done.

I just don’t know if that’s me being hard on myself or not though.  Maybe I need to just chill and sit back and look at what I do with fresh eyes and I won’t see things so bleak as I usually do.

Case in point. I had a group of friends over my house and studio for a get together, and there were also a few who had never seen the studio.  Sometimes the mere act of showing off my projects and accomplishments is enough to remind me of what I have gotten done, even if most of the time when left to my own devices all I tend to see are the flaws and a sense of failure.

Today the original idea was to wrap up the set for the Dr Seuss-inspired pink shiny whatever the heck this outfit is that I showed before:
I was trying to put some background/furniture elements together what whatever bits and pieces I had leftover from previous projects.

I was trying to make lollipops or stools to sit on or something out of the striped pipe, and then maybe something from the leftover pink cushions that once were the captain’s couch from the cockpit of the UNS spaceship set.  and not sure if any of this works at all since it won’t be visible in all its splendor unless the camera is looking down.

I did make these things though, which are the red exercise balls for the Cherry Bomb shoot that hasn’t happened yet. All I did was scotch tape some feathers to them, so it’s totally reversible.
And then I decided that as nice as the stenciled damask pattern wall is coming out, it’s simply not quite right for this shoot, so I’m just going to save it for other shoots.  But the stenciling is slow going as there’s now like 30 layers of paint on the stencil itself and it’s getting trashed. I just hope it stays together enough to finish the wall.

And then there’s that lavender wall, which I’m not even sure why I painted it lavender, since I have so few outfits that would go with it (I like to limit my color palette when I do shoots). At first I thought I might cover it with this tinsel curtain, but the curtain was in worse shape than I realized, so it was back to Lowes for supplies.

Thankfully they always seem to have a great selection of mistint/”oops!” paint gallons that are marked way down, and they always seem to be in wonderfully playful saturated colors that are perfect for me, but for Sally homemaker, she gets it mixed and then is horrified at how it looks.  So yeah, bye bye lavender, hello bright fuschia!  And then I think once the second coat of that is on, I’ll  hand paint on like pink polkadots or curly cues or something whimsical but simple, since I don’t want the background TOO busy.

And the set for the minty green/pink outfit is pretty much good to go, though i might borrow some bits from this other set, and so far things sorta look like this.
I sorta had an idea to take a circus-y theme to this somehow and drew pictures of me in the outfit riding a unicycle with no seat (just a dildo) and a little umbrella.  I made the umbrella.
As for the unicycle.  Well, I can’t believe I tried to make it and of course, there’s no way to sit on it but if there’s a way I can use it in the shoot I will.

Why oh why Tara did you feel compelled to make this contraption which is surely a disaster waiting to happen??

As I was wrapping things up today I thought more about a trapeeze swing sort of thing and I don’ t know.. I can’t keep changing my damn mind every day and extending my deadline again and again.

Of course, eveything ran late and I’m all covered in paint so hardly feeling photogenic so no shoots happened today.   Whether I wrap up the other set and shoot on both or just shoot on the one completed set instead,  pictures will be taken tomorrow, dammit!

you're not exactly catching me at my best.

So it was like a full 12 hour work day here, with some sitting in traffic running errands.  Bed now, than fresh eyes tomorrow and a bit more painting.  And if I get really motivated once I’m all dolled up, I might try to do some camshows either of the new shoots happening,  or before or after, when I still have the make up on.


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Getting ready to do some shoots…

So we are in store for a few rainy but warm days coming up.  Which is wonderful because it means I can get some shoots done in my studio (which is kinda hard to heat up).

I’ve been painting some walls.  Goodbye pink and red striped wall.  Hello pink and minty aqua.

And then I’m stenciling a damask pattern on a different wall I painted pink.  It’s just taking a while to do.  Plus it was a really tricky stencil to cut out of paper with an x-acto.  Next time I think I will track down a laser cutter and cut it out of some sort of plastic.I’m not quite yet bored with my pink and white striped wall, but I think after a few more shoots with it, I will.  There’s also the entire question of that “Cherry Bomb” shoot I wanted a to do a while ago.  Well Tara, you should suck it up and do it.  So the idea is that today I’ll wrap up these backgrounds and tomorrow a nice full day of shooting!

Between these 3 shoots and the 3 shoots I did with a photographer recently that are still unedited, I have easily enough shoots for the end of the year but I’m gonna try to keep my momentum up with shoots before it gets too cold.

I also have a few other things I’m working on but I won’t make any announcements until I have something to show.

I’ll report back in a few days.  And no, if you’re wondering, I don’t have anything terribly fantastic planned for Halloween.  I mean, you know me, I don’t need an excuse to dress up at all.  I do costumes year round, and since I don’t really club like I used to, I’ll probably just throw something on and head to a house party.



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When i see things like this I want to kill myself and I don’t know what to do.

This sums up my life pretty well.
This is my tax bill.  Basically what happened last year is that I do not pay into taxes quarterly because I am barely getting by as it is.

Then last winter we had that 7 feet of snow winter, and working at the Satin Doll during those winter months was a huge waste of time.  I clearly recall that we had like 5 or 6 weekends in a row when we had snowstorms, which meant that no one came to the club, so whatever money momentum I had during the fall got all evaporated during the spring, so I owed taxes.  I paid some at the time, but left quite a bit to still pay.

I went on a payment plan but $200 a month is still a huge burden.  And now it appears that it’s like just money going down the toilet.  Although it says I paid “$157″ here, my payment was clearly $200 according to my bank records.   So basically 1/4 of that $200 payment went into a black hole.

Then it appears they charged me $153 failure to pay penalty, and then $75 interest charges, which means after paying $200, my bill is now actually over $200 higher than it was even with the payment!

I don’t know what to do.  I just see this and it saps away all my will to live. I just want to literaly hang or shoot myself.  If I had $2541 lying around I’d pay this to keep it from growing. If i could fuck one person for $2500 or 5 people for $500 each I fucking would, and I probably will have to.  Really, when this shit is hanging over my life, all morality of being an escort of a sex worker really goes out the window.

I don’t know what to do and it’s not like I really have family reserves to draw open. My family is like dirt poor and even though I probably have that rich uncle somewhere, last time I saw him, he didn’t even know I was trans and was trying to convince me to go to Bible study, so yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

I can’t continue under this avalanche of bills that grow bigger even when I pay them.  Tried calling the IRS 3 times and never got through to a real person.  Gonna try again Monday but I think I just want to pop a bunch of pills and sleep forever instead.


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Gathering my nuts.

Like a squirrel, for the winter that is.  Geez you people, your mind is in the gutter!

So you probably haven’t heard from me in a while, and it wasn’t supposed to be like this, but I’ve had a bunch of ups and downs the last month or so.

Things have been pretty rough business wise for my website, I will admit.  And then there was all the trials and tribulations about getting to Montreal Fetish Weekend.  I’m preparing a different blog post just about that, but I’m gonna table that one for now and just speak as to what’s on my mind and what’s going on with me.

So, yeah, website revenues aren’t what they were, plus back in April the Satin Doll closed so making ends meet since then has been challenging.  Thankfully there is webcamming, and I can be found on either www.streamate.com or www.chaturbate.com depending on which one suits my mood.  I tend to broadcast on Streamate if I want to have intimate one on one camshows with fans, and go on Chaturbate if I’m a bit loose and lazy with my performance and just want a lot of attentions.  Each one has their pros and cons which maybe I’ll go into at a later date.

So a big part of what I have been up to this winter is preparing lots of attractive nooks and corners of my house to be wonderful cozy spaces to broadcast camshows from.  I’m doing this because my studio building is one large room and when winter finally comes to be, it gets fairly hard to heat the whole place.

So I have done a lot of room painting.  I have painted many rooms in my 250-year old house but for some reason (and this is somewhat telling about my love life), my bedroom had been unfinished.

Turning it into this:

with the inspiration for the room (and canopy bed) being this:
And then another room I have, my sewing room/second bedroom is slowly being transformed into the Hello Kitty bedroom.  Starting from this:
Lots of ancient wallpaper, yuck.
But slowly turning into this:
There’s obviously still  a lot of work to do, and I have already been picking furniture to re-upholster and decorate the room with.  This roadside find is looking smashing in pink stretch velvet. Before:
After: (actually “during” as it’s not quite done yet.)
I even painted and fixed up this chair to go with it.  In both cases, both pieces had some wood missing, and I had to use plumber’s epoxy to fill in the gaps, then white paint makes it invisible.

Some of the inspiration for these pieces comes from pictures of rooms like this:
And while I may never live in a house this grand, I can do my best to make my house as much of a dollhouse as possible, because you know, I’m a living doll.

Which brings me back to some of the “downs” part of the ups and downs.  September was a tight month for me financially, and even though I was finally achieved that magic number of three shoots per month, a few credit card merchant renewal fees really ate into my livelihood.  I had to ask people for money to get me to Montreal and to get by.

My goal forthcoming is to get myself going on a Patreon sort of thing, and really start working that angle.  The economics of producing porn have changed, and the economics of being an artist and financing that art has also changed.  So I’m trying to figure out that right now.

Now webcamming indoors this winter (which I hope is lucrative) is only one part of it.  Let’s be honest, I gotta make some changes to my site, and also to my image.   That’s coming.  It’s just that stressful times often make me forget about all the things that I have accomplished.

Case in point.  Last weekend I had guests in the form of two Canadians who are making a film about my life.  They stayed the weekend filming some of my day to day doings in being creative.  Sadly they came at a low point in my life where I’m worrying far too much about how I’m going to pay the next bill, which clouds my clarity about what I should be doing.  When you have 3 or 4 unfinished projects, it’s hard to pick which one to finish since you don’t know which one will actually turn some sort of profit.

I confessed to the film crew that I was at this low point, and that as much as viewing the footage to the unfinished Uranus Needs Shemales made me wonder if it was all wasted effort, it also reminded  me of how much I have accomplished, and that it would be a shame not to finish it and share it with the world.  Watching it I even felt embarassed to be a porn star.  It’s not a good place to be if I look back at the last 15 years of my life, where I’ve dedicated myself to becoming this sex object.  Now is not the time to waver on my goals, because the artistic result will be wishy-washy.

So where is UNS as far as completion?  Well, there is one Victorian sex scene I want to shoot, which is supposed to take place in 1880′s Paris.  It’s actually a virtual sex fantasy scene and I had some pretty grand plans about how I was going to shoot this, but time and time again, fates conspired to make this tougher than I thought.

A year ago last summer I started landscaping my yard, yep, I rented a Bobcat and went to town.  Trouble is, after I moved a bunch of dirt around, it didn’t rain for like 3 months and grass never grew back until the following spring.  So that window came and went.

Then this summer got away from me, and part of the set I want to build includes a ballustrade wall.  I have gotten as far as buying a mold specifically for making these:
And it took 3 tries to get it right, and the plan is to make like at least a dozen of them. If you’re asking why I’m casting them in cement myself instead of just buying them, that’s because it’s $70 per column pre-made, and it was only $65 for the mold, and concrete is like $3 a bag, so it’s far more cost effective to buy the mold and go to town with it.  When I say my film has a shoestring budget, I really mean it does.

But, alas, the fact that I got behind in the Parisian gardens set just at precisely the time that my autumn window of  “sometime-between-too-hot-outdoors-and-too-cold-and-the-leaves-have-turned”, well, that window came and went and I have little choice now but to try to simulate outdoors on an indoor set, and shoot this scene this winter.

Which might be a better thing anyway.  When you are going to have two male actors and a camera person and you’re trying to schedule it all and you could get all the stars alligned just to have it rain on that day or be 35 degrees out- well, fuck that.  I’m just gonna shoot it indoors, though now I’m going to have to make fake plants (perhaps there’s a place where I can rent that stuff??)

So that project remains unfinished.  And when I was showing the film crew my work on UNS, I noticed that I have pretty much 75% of the production finished for my next DVD “Transsexual Pinups #4″, just sitting in Final Cut Pro and I basically forgot it even existed.

So yeah, DUH, STUPID TARA, you should at least finish that DVD because DUH, that’s money that will come in because believe it or not, people still order DVDs and that’s a nice little windfall.

All this being said, I think that maybe, just MAYBE I have A.D.D.  What do you think?

And of course, this is not even to mention that repairs on the floor in my house suddenly leapt to priority #1 last week when it got cold and holes in the floor were like leaving a door open in the winter.

Basically an old bathroom and leaky pipes and floor had attracted rot and carpenter ants to this part of the house, so I tore that all up and had to replace/sister a few of the joists as well.  Not particularly expensive if I do it myself, just time consuming if I wasn’t able to plow through it and focus.
Thankfully I was able to FOCUS on it and for 2 days straight I had them ripped up, replaced, and best of all, all the rotted debris, burned in the firepit so it’s gone gone!

So now everything is solid and I also built a nice trap door under this which gets into the crawl space so it’s just like in those old WW2 films where I could hide a whole family of jews from the Gestapo.  It really does look like that now.

Anyway, moving right along, oh did I mention that I got comandeered into doing a roof at my mom’s house?  Well, essentially they’re dirt poor and the fact that no one has done the roof shingles in 25 years means the roof is leaking (mostly from ice dams in that last terrible winter).  Since I’m handy and they are poor, if I don’t do it, it won’t get done.

So yeah, fun fun fun. And I probably have to replace some of the wood underneath, and who knows I’ll probably fall and break my neck or my back and corner the market of quadroplegic tranny porn.  But I’m taking it slow, as they’re getting the job they paid for.

So basically, parts of my life really fucking suck.  But yet I still manage to clean up nicely and look great on camera still after hanging off a ladder all afternoon.

It’s really hilarious when people comment on my fit physique and ask if I work out in the gym.  Ha ha.  No, I DO SHIT.  Working on two old houses and building sets and just generally being neurotic will keep me in great shape.  Maybe if I’m lucky this winter, I can sit down and eat ho-ho’s and get a butt and some baby fat going.

So what does this all mean for my next shoots, oh my fans so eagerly waiting for the next shoot to grace my site?

There are 3 shoots I shot with a photographer that are “in the can” as they say, but I’m not sure who’s working them up, whether it’s him or me.  And for Montreal Fetish weekend I made two brandy new outfits, perhaps you’ve seen glimpses of them.
There’s this thing which came out amazing, though the only concept I can think about it some sort of kinky Dr Seuss thing ( “I will do that slut in the butt?”). And then this other one, which was wonderfully captured in Montreal by “Rogue Master”.

As usual, I need to put together some kind of concept to go with these, and I really want to come up with something different for these, but what it will be, I don’t know.  I also made this great dress which is now like my favorite thing in the whole world to wear.  I’m definitely embracing my inner Stepford Wife.

Oh and by the way I also have like 4 brand new wigs I have yet to use in shoots yet, AND I bleached my natural hair too.  For those of you wondering what my natural hair looks like, here it is in all it’s craptastic glory.  Yeah, I know, it’s on my list of things I gotta fix, and that’s a topic for another time.
I’m getting mighty bored of the painted backgrounds in my studio.  I’ve used the pink and white striped/pink and red striped backgrounds a lot, but I need to switch it up because I’m easily bored and when I’m bored, I’m not productive.

And these walls are currently being re-painted too, which means that hopefully in about a week I’ll be back to doing new shoots.

So what will be next for me?  As I juggle everything else, I think the next thing you can expect is some kind of website re-fresh, and maybe even that upscaling of the older sets project I talked about for a while.  I need to regain momentum on my site above all, because that will spurn me on to finish projects.

Or it might be something else entirely that I hadn’t planned at all. I have no idea what is next.

And if you made it all the way through that post to read this, thank you.


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Like.. as if!

As I barrel through all these recent shoots I’ve done over the past months (and Montreal Fetish Weekend spurned me on to make a slew of new outfits I have yet to shoot in too), I had banged off this one, my own interpertation of the character Cher from the movie Clueless.

Actually the inspiration to make this outfit in the first plaece (I made it for the Halloween party at the Satin Doll), was the Iggy Azelea video but let’s not split hairs…

It was a simple matter to erect the school room set, voila! instant easy shoot.
So yeah, there’s not a whole lot I can say about this shoot, just that it was a throwaway shoot that ended up being hawt, hawt, hawt.   The whole set is about 153 pictures and just went up right now, actually getting me FINALLY back to a 3-shoots a month schedule!


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You know, if we just called it a “gearbox” from now on, that would solve a lot of problems…

So every day as a transwoman, you go through life thinking we’ve made great strides in aceptance by society, and then you get walloped back by reality, and what the status quo really is.

As some of you may know, I fiddle around with cars, so I am sometimes involved in car subcultures and go to car shows, talk shop, stuff like that.  And before you scream that this is somehow unladylike, sorry folks, its sorta in my blood, and I don’t feel its a hobby that is mutually exclusive to one gender.  Plus, what you drive also makes something of a difference, because there’s a world of difference between one car subculture and another.

Oh and by the way if you’re wondering where this all comes from, my dad was a mechanic, and a hoarder, and even if his collection was mostly junk, it was damn interesting junk.  And yes, I would kill for some of what he once had.  Tales of the $50 Auburn boat-tail Speedster that why oh why didn’t you just lock this in a barn so I could discover it now are pretty common, and I could fill a whole chapter in a book on my relationship with interesting cars, sadly nothing that nice has survived to my time.

My dad’s thing was air-cooled VW’s, and as I grew up I got into more interesting stuff as I found the bugs a little lacking.  I was more attracted to unloved, oddball cars.  My first car purchase was a 1970 Citroen DS, and then my first actual car (as in the first car I drove that I ever registered) was a ’72 Saab 99.  Actually, I still have it.

He’s gonna need a little TLC to get him back on the road.  But actually this isn’t about this car, well, it was another Saab that I’m driving, and well, it isn’t about cars at all.

So what I’m driving now is silver Saab 900 turbo from the 80′s, which was still interesting enough to bring it up to “Swedish Car Day”, up in Boston MA

Now when I go to these shows usually I have more knowledge about wwhatever car I  know about, than the average girl, so sometimes that gives me away as being trans.  And I’ve gotten to the point where I sorta don’t care anymore, though I get that whole “wow! a girl who knows how to fix cars! ” reaction from guys, to which I have a sheepish grin to that “there’s a reason, and they have no idea”, but actually, this story -which I will get to eventually- isn’t even about that.  In some car subcultures, I’m pretty out, in some I’m not.

I’m pretty active in the French car subculture, which is one of the most inclusive comminities to people who live alternative lifestyles.  Because when you have this car is in your collection, theres really very little crossover with the Mustang and Camaro guys.

Ironically, since I don’t know much about or care about muscle cars, I could probably blend in at those shows if I play the whole blonde bimbo look, you know, like this:

Which of course could be fun, but nah, I’m here to discuss the nuances of why the ’79 Saab 900 was pretty unique and why the 81′s sucked and why they didn’t get good again till like 1985 or whatever.

But this isn’t even about that.  It’s about sometimes the pitalls of blending in.

You see, I didn’t catch the beginning of this conversation that I heard about 20 feet away, but I’m going to guess that the word “tranny” was spoken.  Saabs have a unfortunate reputation for their transmissions being well,  fragile, but I can only guess that someone said “tranny” to this guy.  Anyway, all I hear and see is:

“Oh yeah, I’m a trans- gender, I used to be a woman!” (lots of laughs)

Now I suppose I can take a “trans” joke here and there, and almost expect cis people to make disparaging remarks about things they don’t understand.  But it was the way it was said, and the absolute certainty that this guy had in knowing that there weren’t any actual trans folk around.  And I’m pretty  sure that this joke didn’t come about because people knew there was a trans person in their midst.  You can crack jokes about this thing that you’ve seen on the TV, which you assume doesn’t really exist in the real world, right?  It’s like it’s just that Caitlyn Jenner thing in Hollyweird.

Let me describe it better to you this way.  If you’re a white personand you at a party with mostly white people and then some friend of yours drops the n-word bomb and goes off on some racist rant and your jaw hits the floor and you’re like I don’t know this person who the fuck invited them?  But hey, we’re all white, we all think the same, right?  What.  An Asshole.

So, this guy -who just so you know, was not actually a transman- just assumed he can crack a transphobic joke and everyone will laugh along with it because we’re all non LBGT people here I guess.  I’ve noticed that public jokes shaming queers pretty much don’t happen any more, because, you can’t really tell someone’s sexuality from looks- (though when I was growing up in the 80′s, limp wrists and wearing yellow on Thursday were dead giveaways!).  So obviously if there was a trans person within a mile, obviously it would look like Danny Devito in a chiffon dress, right?

I wanted to say something, oh I so had so many things on the tip of my tongue.   Or on the tip of my knuckles because I wanted so much to punch the asshole.  I really, really really kept it in.  The sane thing I wanted to say (but of course  you think of long after) would’ve been something like “Excuse me? Was that some sort of a dig at trans people? What, you think there aren’t trans people out there, you’ve probably had conversations with many of them and never even realized it.  You think it’s easy being like this, with assholes like you out there?”

But that was not to be.  Later on I paid more attention to him, noticed the ‘MERICAN FLAG t-shirt he was wearing, and caught snippets of conversation between him and the people he was with (judging from their ages, likely his son and wife or daughter and husband).  There was “blah blah blah, I can’t believe so and so voted for Obama”, and then something about Hillary and the email scandal and it’s going to be big, blah blah, all this time, never making any eye contact with him, but I was giving him the hairy eyeball.  It was pretty clear this guy got all his news from Fox News, and sadly those people are beyond help.

And I’m just thinking, you know, if I ever thought of not being a liberal, file that under never gonna happen.  Later on I pretty much figured out why guys like this are so transphobic.  Mostly its because to them, women are seen as mostly things for fucking, not actual people, and God forbid that his wee wee twitch when seeing a pretty girl and Oh! SNAP!  Thats not a real girl!  You HOMO!!  You’ve just been Punk’D!!  HAR HAR HAR!

Well, at least that’s my best guess as to why cis-normative people are transphobic.  Fuck these guys.  And in the next car show?  Well I was actually thinking of sending out a hint by wearing a low cut t-shirt with a iron-on of a car transmission, with the label “GEARBOX”.

So, we got a long long way to go.  And this happened in nice liberal Massachusetts. These types are the 30% minoritiy here, in other parts of the US, they’re the majority and people like us get killed by people like him.  What would you have done?


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It’s taking longer than I thought.

Well I’m back from Montreal, but I’ll write a seperate report about that.  My phone (that has my pictures on it) can only communicate my Macbook, which has a dead power supply, so I have to wait a few days until my new power supply comes and be able to power that up again.  Also, I can’t do camshows until then.

But I got back on Tuesday, and then collapsed in exhaustion in front of the TV for about a day and a half, and since then, I’m editing pictures from the Valkyrie set.

The original plan was to have one of these new sets up onto the website before Montreal, but of course, I had to rapidly shift gears as once I finished these 6 or 7 sets, I realized I had left little time to make outfits for Montreal, which of course needed to be done.

So now that I’m back I’m back onto editing photos, and I confess, it’s something I don’t enjoy as much as I used to.  Shooting photos is pretty fun, but I think I can say without doubt that it takes about 4 times longer to edit photographs than it does to shoot them.

It takes roughly 3 to 5 minutes each of fiddly editing in Photoshop to make my pictures work (and some shoots need more work than others, in the case of Valkyrie, it was getting hot under those lights, so there’s a lot of sweat to deal with).  Multiply 5 minutes times roughly 190 pictures, and add to that the complete boredom of doing them (since I’ve been doing this for fucking 15 years), and even with the help of pre-set actions, its a good 3 or 4 days of editing per set.

And just to think of how long it would take if I were to really put each one through a higher level of scrutiny, but what I need to do is the minimum to maintian the quality level you all come to expect.  And no, theres no magic button I can hit on the computer to fix them all, I’m already doing that anyway with a preset action of about 20 steps that bumps up the contrast and brightness and adds a little fog filter to them.

So its going to be another day or two before “Steampunk Valkyrie” goes up, and then I’m going to quickly pick whatever set seems to need the least amount of touch-up to go on the site.

Gonna go to bed now before my eyeballs burst into flames.


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And yet here’s another shoot on the way.. “Dainty Doll”?

So in the big rush to do a bunch of shoots in the break between heat waves, I did a new set in an old outfit (from like 2007) which was called “Dainty Dots”.  Since the new shoot is far more doll-like, I guess I might call it “Dainty Doll”

I think I’m really pushing the  bimbo perfection with this shoot, and shows how, like “Picnic Fuckdoll”, all my old outfits could benefit from a tweak here and there, framing my new tits and cinching in my waist ever so slightly further…

One thing I tried to do while shooting this set, is I broadcast the photo shoot live on chaturbate.   Now I’m on a few different webcamming sites, and this was just a test to see how much of a pain it would be to try to do live photo shoot shows.  Sadly, like all the webcamming sites, no matter what you decide to wear, someone wants you to wear something different.  So these shows are sorta “you get whatever I decide to wear”, and you’re basically peeking in on me and my shooting process.

So, I got a lot of good shots in this set, so I have no idea how many the final tally will be.  Since I’m at Montreal Fetish Weekend right now, whatever set it next will have to wait until I come back.  I wish I had gotten this one or Steampunk Valkyrie up before I left, but it was the sort of thing where now that I had done so many shoots, I had taken time away from the outfits I had to make for the event.

I’ll do a seperate report on Montreal, right now I’m just getting settled in, and of course, there are still outfits to finish while I’m up there.


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Steampunk Valkyrie, finally.

Well, remember how I said I got four shoots done about a week ago?  Well, I showed sneak peeks at three or them, and I haven’t see the fourth one yet, and one of them came out already as “Boating Bimbo”

Well, during that time we were having a bit of a heat wave, enough of one that it made it very hard to work under hot lights in my studio (though I recently discovered that you can run only the strobes and not the modelling lights, but it’s hard to see what you’re shooting when you do that), so my studio work had to wait a little while.

We just had a 3 or 4 day stretch of decent dry days and nice, cool 60 degree nights and I took advantage of that, and got another 3 shoots done in my studio in like 2 days.  One was a bit of a throwaway, another one a new twist on an old outfit that looks fantastic and the third one a long awaited shoot in a new outfit that even though it might be the most uncomfortable thing I ever made, might have produced some of my best pictures so far.

In other words, I have been PROFUCKINGDUCTIVE lately. Which is good, because I think what I need most is people to JOIN my WEBSITE and it’s best that they know that there’s a floodgates of stuff on the way (So yes, join my website, like now, because this is the month I get hit with my Visa merchant renewal fee so it’s a really tight month for me)

So I’ll talk about the other two shoots seperately, since I think it’s better to make lots of shorter blog posts than mega posts that cover multiple shoots.  So here’s a sneak peek at “Steampunk Valkyrie”

Bits of this outfit were done years ago, and were actually the outfit I wore underneath this one for my “History Of Burlesque” fan dance performance.  But there was always going to be more to this costume, and I finally got to make it for Pennsic about a month ago.  But damn, this thing is sharp and pointy and uncomfortable as all hell.  So this shoot was something of a crap shoot since as the shoot wore on, the outfit wore down on me a lot.
Oh, and that hair kept getting caught in the outfit, and I couldn’t reach it with my hands to brush it away!  So I tried to push it away with the sword blade and also the wings would cut off the circulation to my hands so that made them look a  bit more….um.. veiny than I’d have preferred.  So I still have some selective editing and photoshop work to do to fix the issues with it.  Really, though, I should’ve made some sort of armored gloves, but if I did that, I’d probably take another 2  years to finish the outfit.  Sometimes you just gotta STOP WORKING ON THE DAMN THING and just get on to the next project.
Keen eyed observers will note that I “borrowed” those gears and pulleys off of that Jules Verne Sex Machine I made a while back.  Don’t worry, I can just always screw them back on the thing.  I mean, pretty much my whole life is held together with drywall screws when you get down to it.  I’m pretty skilled with a Makita.

So anyway, the outfit of course slowly came off during the shoot (well, parts of it broke off, but I can always fix that later).   Which of course is good since you all want to see the naughty bits anyway, right?
Sword and Magic Dildo!!!

So I don’t know if this one will be the next shoot or sometime later, but I’ve got so many shoots in the can I’m not sure which one to edit first!

Pretty much everything about this outfit is handmade or hand-modified, from the earrings to the shoes, and the material? Well, it’s this kind of flexible plastic/heavy vinyl that I can’t really describe and I can’t for a minute figure out what you’d use it for otherwise.  It was the material I used to make the Dildroid outfit for UNS.

So after 3 nice nights, the hot weather has returned, but my plan is when it comes back again in September, I will essentially have a good 3 or 4 months until it gets too cold to effectively heat the studio, so it seems prudent to basically get a lot of stuff done then, even if I end up spending all winter editing the photosets.  And that work DOES include UNS, and actually geting these shoots done frees up studio space for some of the sets I need to build to finish that project once and for all.



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